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RVs in Malmö

RV rental Malmö: Discover Malmö with Campstar

General information and geography

With a population of around 300,000, Malmö is Sweden's third largest city after Stockholm and Gothenburg. Malmö is located at the southernmost end of Sweden on the Baltic Sea coast and is connected to the Danish capital Copenhagen via the Øresund Bridge.

If you plan to rent your motorhome in Malmö and make a round trip, you are extremely flexible in your choice of accommodation during the trip. Of course, you will find campsites in and around Malmö, as in the rest of Sweden. As Sweden is an Everyman's Right country, you are also allowed to stay overnight outside campsites. You are not allowed to camp in the middle of nature with your motorhome, but you can stay overnight on the side of the road or in car parks as long as it is not expressly forbidden.

This flexibility is appreciated by many holidaymakers in Scandinavian countries. You can simply rent a camper or motorhome and enjoy your holiday without time pressure. You can be wherever you like at any time. This is the ultimate freedom of a motorhome holiday. If you book your motorhome well in advance, you can also be sure that you will get the model you want when you want it.

Popular destinations in and around Malmö

Renting a motorhome in Malmö is the ideal way to get to know southern Sweden better. For example, you can start a road trip from Malmö and return here after your tour. You can plan the stops you want to visit with your motorhome individually, depending on your interests and preferences.

Time is also an important factor when planning your holiday in Malmö (or Sweden in general) with a motorhome. If you want to explore the whole country

from Malmö, you should plan for several weeks. As the landscapes vary greatly from region to region, you should plan enough time for all areas to be able to enjoy nature in its wild originality. If you are only planning a two- or three-week holiday, a motorhome trip through the south of Sweden is a good option.

If you are travelling from Germany, a flight is the fastest way. But you can also travel to Malmö by train, boat or car. Once you arrive in Malmö, you pick up your motorhome at the agreed drop-off point and can start your well-deserved holiday straight away. You can spend the first few days directly in Malmö, where there are numerous well-maintained campsites. Ideally, you should leave your motorhome outside the city centre and explore the historic old town with its half-timbered houses by public transport or on foot. Alternatively, you can rent a bicycle and explore the city on two wheels. The seemingly endless sandy beaches west of the city are also worth a visit.

Heading north, you will continue along the coast in your motorhome through sleepy villages, across majestic bridges and the impressive fjord landscape.

Around three hundred kilometres further on, you will reach Gothenburg. Sweden's second largest city has a long history and offers its visitors numerous cultural highlights as well as a beautiful old town. It is also worth stopping here to explore the city and its impressive seaport.

In Gothenburg, we have the choice of continuing north with the motorhome or turning east. The way north leads, among other things, towards Oslo. If you want to make a detour to the Norwegian capital, you can easily combine this with your road trip through Sweden. To the east is Stockholm, which you will reach after about five hundred kilometres. The capital of Sweden is the cultural centre of the country and should not be missed on any trip. If you rent a motorhome here, it is also a good idea to park outside and use public transport to visit the various small islands in the city centre.

The way back to Malmö leads along Sweden's east coast and offers the visitor diverse landscapes and unforgettable views of nature, the coast, the wild sea with its rugged cliffs.

The "Turning Torso" can be seen

from afar as you approach Malmö. Sweden's largest skyscraper, with its intricate construction of steel and glass, spirals 190 metres towards the sky. The landmark of Malmö has long since become a visitor magnet and houses offices and flats. A view from the upper floors offers a unique view of the Öresund Bridge.

If you arrive in Malmö at the end of your holiday and still have some time left, you can even make a trip to Copenhagen via the almost eight-kilometre-long bridge. Renting a motorhome on holiday gives you this spontaneity and flexibility in your itinerary.

Good to know

If you are planning a road trip through Sweden and are thinking about renting a motorhome in Malmö, it is best to travel by plane. From Germany you can reach your destination in a few hours and from Malmö airport you can quickly reach the city centre or the place where the motorhome will be handed over.

On the road, you will find an infrastructure in Sweden that is comparable to that in Germany, and in some cases even more comfortable. Supermarkets are open every day, which is very practical if you start your holiday at the weekend. Food is slightly more expensive than in Germany. However, since Sweden joined the EU, the price differences have become much smaller than they still are in neighbouring Norway.

Petrol stations in Sweden are usually open during the day, but thanks to the petrol pumps available almost everywhere, your fuel supply is guaranteed around the clock. There is also no general toll in Sweden. Only in Stockholm and Gothenburg do you have to pay a city toll, which is higher or lower depending on the time of day. Especially during the peak hours around eight o'clock and sixteen o'clock, the prices are more than twice as high as at night.

Depending on your individual space requirements, you can rent a larger or smaller motorhome. When renting, you have the choice between the smaller van, a fully or partially integrated motorhome, depending on whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or as a family. Especially if you have children, it is a good idea to rent a fully or partially integrated motorhome, as there is more space available in these models. Whether you want to rent a motorhome with an alcove or without is also a matter of personal taste. As a couple, you can rent a manoeuvrable panel van, with which you can also navigate through city centres without any problems.

In conclusion, renting a motorhome is one of the best ways to spend your holiday in Malmö and discover the unique landscape of southern Sweden.