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RVs in Reykjavík

RV Rental Reykjavík: Discover Reykjavík with campstar


Holidays with RV: rent RV, start your journey and discover Reykjavík!

Holidays with RV or camper are becoming increasingly popular. The number of camping fans is growing and with it the interest in campervan trips outside Germany. It is not necessary to buy a campervan especially for this purpose, because the simple and uncomplicated procedure from home or on site means that an alternative is becoming more and more popular and enthusiastic: renting RV. Why book a boring package holiday and get on a plane? Rent a campervan and explore the city of Reykjavík and the surrounding area on your own!


RV Holidays: Geographical Location and Climate in Iceland and Reykjavík

Reykjavík is the northernmost capital in the world and is located about 269 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle. The city owes its name to the hot springs in the area and a misunderstanding by the first settler, who mistook the fumes for smoke. The name Reykjavík is therefore nothing other than the Icelandic word for "smoke bay".

Around 129,000 inhabitants live in the city, which is located directly on Faxaflói Bay on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the largest city in Iceland and home to about 37% of the total population. It has most of the country's university faculties, a deep-sea port, several museums, a theatre and many other cultural facilities. The small lake Tjörnin is an absolute speciality, as it is located in the middle of the city and is one of the largest breeding grounds for water birds in the southwest of Ireland. The metropolitan region of Reykjavik, which has a total population of over 200,000, is also home to many beautiful nature reserves and cultural attractions.

Rent RV and explore the polar region!

Iceland is at home in the polar region. The island is located between the Atlantic Ocean in the south, the European North Sea in the east and the Greenland Sea in the north. The island is not far from the Arctic, but thanks to the Irminger Current and the warm Gulf Stream, it still has a rather mild and oceanic climate. Here in Iceland, there is neither freezing cold nor permafrost on the coasts - quite in contrast to the neighbouring island of Greenland.


Excursion with the RV: Popular sights and destinations

The city offers excellent opportunities for RV rental and for combining culture with nature. In addition to the unique landscape of the surrounding area, you will find many historical sights and attractions in Reykjavík's city centre, which are close together and therefore ideal for exploring on foot or by bike.

Directly above the city centre is the Hallgrímskirkja church, which can be seen from everywhere and is therefore easy to find. The observation deck, which is located at the top of the almost 75-metre-high building, gives you the best view of the entire city. The church is in normal use, so the tower may not be accessible due to a mass or concert. In principle, however, it is open every day except Sundays.

From this vantage point, you should also visit Reykjavík's main shopping streets, which are centrally located and easy to reach. Laugavegur, Bankastraeti, Austurstraeti, Laekjargata and Skólavördustígur give you a unique feeling of the Icelandic mentality and lifestyle. Icelandic design is very modern and is now known far beyond the borders. Many smaller shops like Kraum or Aurum invite you to browse. Discover the current trends and take a little "Iceland" into your own living room!

The residential area of the gods "Tingholtin", located between the city lake and Hallgrímskirkja church, is also worth a visit. All the streets in this area are named after Nordic deities and have colourful houses, beautiful gardens and impressive street art. Immerse yourself in the joy of life and lightness of the Icelanders!

The Nordic House is located south of the city lake. It is the only building in the city designed by an internationally famous architect and is also a stage for many exhibitions and concerts. Here you will also find a delicious restaurant where you can enjoy delicious local food.

If you continue south, your path will lead you directly to the sea. Walk along Aegissida Street and enjoy a magnificent view of the cool water!

If you want to experience even more nature, Reykjavík offers many green spaces and parks where you can relax and recharge your batteries. Nauthólsvík beach is also great for this. Here you can go into the water within the city limits and be within sight of the ocean at the same time, as there is a warm paddling pool and a warm relaxation pool on the beach.

There is also a lot to discover outside the city. Raudhólar and Heidmörk, the red and black hills, form beautiful and unique contrasts in the volcanic landscape. Heidmörk is also a nature reserve with many caves and secluded barbecue and picnic areas that you can easily reach from Reykjavík by campervan or bicycle.


Holiday with RV: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach ...

So goes an old German saying. On your campervan trip and holiday in Reykjavík, you will not only fall in love with the city, but also with the excellent local and international cuisine that Reykjavík boasts. The regional cuisine focuses mostly on fish, seafood and lamb. In addition to Icelandic restaurants, you will also find excellent Thai, Italian, Indian and Mexican places. Even Japanese and Ethiopian cuisine is represented and will spoil your palate with culinary delights.


Holiday with the RV

RV rental in Reykjavík

Before starting your journey, carefully check that all safety requirements are met. Check whether a spare tyre, warning waistcoats and warning triangle are present and in impeccable condition. One or two small kitchen or everyday helpers that you can personally add to the campervan equipment you already have will also provide relief and thus ensure even more relaxation.

You can find help and more detailed information on renting RV and choosing the right provider in Reykjavík easily on the Internet. This will create the ideal conditions for your dream holiday and make it a sensational experience! Holidays in Reykjavík - simply unique!


RV rental in Reykjavík - rent and go on an adventure!

When planning your trip, you will quickly realise that Reykjavík has a large number of sights, a unique landscape and a very special attitude to life in the far north of Europe. The city and its surroundings offer ideal conditions for a campervan trip, so that you can immerse yourself even more deeply in the city and the way of life of the Icelanders. See for yourself: rent your camper, take a holiday in Reykjavík and start your adventure!