FAQs for Vehicle Rental

Get help with your reservation on campstar. Find out how to request and cancel a booking. Find out how to pay and how to handle problems that may occur.

The booking process

1. How do I find a vehicle for my trip?

To find an available vehicle, select your travel dates and your desired pick-up location. Once the selection has been made, the results will display the available vehicles matching your search criteria.

2. Am I going to receive a booking confirmation?

Yes. Upon completion of the booking, you will receive a booking confirmation via email containing the payment receipt and a voucher with your booking number. Your booking number will be the reference for any inquiries, or any further communication with regards to the booking.

3. How do I know which is the right vehicle for me?

We have a wide range of suppliers with various vehicle types. You may find more information about different vehicle types in the vehicle descriptions and pick accordingly.

4. What if the vehicle I want is not available?

Unfortunately, due to high demand during peak seasons, you may not always find the vehicle you are looking for. If this is the case, we recommend adjusting your travel dates or choosing another vehicle that may also be suitable for your trip.

5. An error occurred during the booking process. What should I do?

If an error occurred during the booking process, please inquire to the customer support team via email - info@campstar.com. We will investigate the problem and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

6. Is there a minimum age restriction for passengers to be permitted to travel in the vehicle?

Supplier terms and conditions may vary with regards to minimum age restrictions. Please read the supplier’s terms and conditions before selecting your vehicle.

7. As part of my journey, I will be taking a ferry crossing. What should I take into consideration when booking the ferry ride with the vehicle?

When booking a ferry for your journey, you should always be mindful that the vehicle you have booked may not be available on the pick-up day. You may end up with an upgrade within the same vehicle category. Thus, when specifying the dimensions of the vehicle for the ferry crossing, make sure that there is a margin for additional space.

Vehicle Pick-Up

1. Which documents do I need to pick up the vehicle?

For each designated driver, at the pick-up station, you will be required to present a valid driving licence, a valid ID, a passport for international travellers, a credit card and an international driver’s licence depending on the travel destination.

 2. Do I need a special driving licence for my trip?

Special licences may be required, such as a class B licence, a class C licence, international driving licence, commercial driving licence and/or possibly others. The guidelines may greatly vary depending on the vehicle, your pick-up location, or the regions you intend to visit or travel through. Please read the supplier’s terms and conditions for this information.

3. Are there any restrictions to where I can drive the vehicle?

Vehicles can only be driven on sealed or well-maintained roads. The supplier reserves the right to restrict their vehicles from certain areas due to poor weather conditions. Please see the supplier terms and conditions for details relating to the vehicle you are hiring.

4. Can I add additional drivers to the rental contract?

Usually, you can add additional drivers to the rental contract. However, they must be present at the time of pick-up and present a valid driving licence. Please read the terms and conditions, as each supplier has different policies and beware that additional fees may apply.

5. Are there any age requirement for hiring a vehicle?

Yes. Each vehicle category may have a different age restriction. This can differ between suppliers. Therefore, we highly recommend reading the terms and conditions of the suppliers and choosing the vehicle accordingly.

6. What kind of instruction will I be given about the vehicle and its appliances?

All staff members from our suppliers are trained experts with regards to the vehicles, the appliances, and how to use them. You will be provided with a manual and a demonstration of how to use the vehicle and its appliances. Every supplier has their own way to introduce their vehicle. However, we recommend you take your time and ask as many questions as possible to the supplier to ensure that you are comfortable and familiar with everything before departure.

7. How long does it take to pick up a vehicle?

The vehicle pick-up process takes at least an hour. Please plan your journey accordingly.

8. How old is the vehicle and how do I know in which condition it is in?

You may find the age of the vehicle in the vehicle description. The older the vehicle fleet is, the more used the interior will be. The suppliers ensure that the safety and performance of their vehicles is well maintained.

 9. Do the vehicles have different transmission types?

 Please refer to the vehicle’s description of the supplier to check the transmission and book accordingly. The transmission type is guaranteed depending on the vehicle you choose.

10. Am I allowed to leave my personal vehicle at the rental station while I use the rental vehicle?

Every rental station is different. Please check the terms and conditions of the vehicle supplier. Please beware that some suppliers may charge additional fees for this convenience.

11. Do I have baggage allowance?

Some vehicles have baggage allowances, but it depends on the type of vehicle you rent. Please read the vehicle description for further details.

12. What amenities are available in your motorhome?

Different vehicles will have a range of amenities that may be suited to different types of campers depending on the trip, the desired comfort level and the budget. Please read the vehicle descriptions for further details.

13. Are pets permitted in the vehicle?

It depends on the supplier and the station. An additional cleaning fee may be included in the rental price. Please read the terms and conditions of the supplier for further details.

14. Can I bring my bike?

Please check if your desired vehicle is equipped with a bike rack. Some suppliers may not permit e-bikes. Please read the terms and conditions before beginning the booking process.

15. Is smoking permitted in the vehicle?

No, smoking is completely forbidden inside our RVs. If the use has been detected during the drop off, fines may apply.

Vehicle Drop-Off

1. What if I am delayed when returning the vehicle?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may lead to delays. Unfortunately, there may be someone else picking up the vehicle after you. Therefore, it is important that you try your best to be on time. Please check the terms and conditions of the supplier regarding delayed returns, as penalties may be enforced.

2. What if I return the vehicle early?

There are usually no refunds for returning the vehicle early. However, we recommend checking the terms and conditions of the supplier as each one may differ.

3. Do you allow one-way rentals?

We provide one-way rentals to numerous destinations. To check if a one-way rental is available for your desired vacation spot, simply enter your preferred pick-up location in the search bar. Look for the option 'return to a different city' directly below. If this box can be checked, it means one-way rentals are possible, and the search results will include the return location. Our most popular one-way rental destinations include the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, just to name a few.

4. How long will it take to drop off my vehicle?

This depends on the supplier and the condition your vehicle is in when you drop it off. We estimate that the drop off process will take approximately one hour. If you have a flight or alternatives planned on the drop-off day, please plan accordingly.

Amendments and Cancelations

1. How do I cancel my booking?

To cancel a confirmed reservation, please send the customer support team an email along with your booking number. We will inform you if we are able to fulfil your request.

2. Do cancelation charges apply if I cancel my booking?

It will depend on when the booking was made and the number of days until pick-up. Please read the supplier’s terms and conditions for further details on the cancelation policy.

3. Can I change the pick-up and drop-off dates after the booking has been confirmed?

Currently, we do not provide amendments as a service. If you want to change your booking, please cancel it and make a new one. Cancelation fees may apply.


1. Do I need to pay a security deposit?

Yes. The security deposit may depend on the vehicle, coverage package and may vary between suppliers. Please read the terms and conditions of the supplier for further details.

2. When do I pay for the vehicle rental?

The payment is charged upon the completion of the booking process. However, additional fees may be charged at the station. Please beware of your supplier’s policies.

3. Do I have an additional charge for extra mileage?

This will depend entirely on the terms and conditions of the supplier, and the coverage package. Some suppliers offer unlimited mileage, but that is not always the case. If mileage is limited, additional fees may apply. We recommend reading the terms and conditions of each supplier.

4. Are the toll fees covered in the booking price?

Toll fees are not included. We recommend reading the rules and regulations of your travel destination.

5. What types of payment methods are accepted at the stations?

Generally, credit card payments are accepted. Please note that some suppliers may charge extra fees for convenience. Please read the terms and conditions of the respective suppliers for further information regarding the payment policy.

Accidents & Insurance

1. What should I do if I get in an accident?

In the event of an accident, report the event to the nearest police station with a list of names, witnesses and details of those involved. Please note that you must also notify the supplier within 24 hours of the event. Please read the supplier’s terms and condition for further details.

2. What to do in case of damage/loss with Allianz insurance? 

Damage to the vehicle or loss of the vehicle can happen. Loss or damage should be reported to Allianz Travel's Claims Department as soon as possible. Please forward your claims reports, including booking confirmation and additional supporting documents, to the Claims Department. For all steps, please refer to the Allianz terms and conditions document section 6 on damage and loss. 

3. Will I have roadside assistance?

Usually suppliers provide their customers with roadside assistance. Please read the terms and conditions of the supplier for further information.

4. Am I insured against damage/ loss to the vehicle?

All vehicles have a deductible. To give you a worry-free vacation, Camptar offers Allianz insurance to reduce the excess to zero. In case of theft or damage/destruction in an accident on public roads, the contractual excess of the motorhome will be reimbursed. Further information and conditions can be found in the Allianz insurance document

5. Do I need insurance while travelling?

We strongly recommend having the highest level of insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances. Please read supplier insurance policy.