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RVs in Milan

RV rental Milan: Discover Milan with campstar

Milan is a large city in the north of Italy and perfect for RV rental. It is the centre of fashion, known for the Scala and the theatres where great plays are performed. If you want to rent your RV, you are in the right place, in the centre of power. Outside the city there is a lot of nature, wonderful lakes and the mountains in the north. The city itself has many sights to offer, wide streets and the Milan Stock Exchange. It is not only a tourist highlight, but also an economic one. You can rent an RV right in the centre and set off into the beauty of the northern Italian world. The drive along the narrow roads to Lake Garda is particularly exciting. It is the largest of the four northern Italian lakes. Of course, you can only swim here in summer, but in autumn and spring the region is ideal for long hikes and climbing the rocks around the lake. In summer, it's not as warm and tropical in northern Italy as it is on the Mediterranean, but you can take a sightseeing tour. Lake Lugano is also one of the most beautiful places in the region. Milan is in Lombardy and from here you can reach many small towns by campervan. Lake Como is also close by and offers not only water lovers but also sports enthusiasts a suitable terrain. Here you can rent a kayak or boat and explore the lake.

Experience popular destinations in and around Milan by RV

Renting an RV in Milan is something very special because you not only get to know the city, but also the surrounding countryside, without having to constantly change hotels. You always have your own bed and your flat with you, plus a rental car. With your camper van, you start to see Milan. You can park at a campsite just outside and take public transport to the city centre. In the evening, a visit to the theatre or opera is on the agenda, because you shouldn't leave the city without seeing one. Special highlights during your stay are the Milan Cathedral, which is printed everywhere on maps and books and is considered a landmark, and also the Viktor Emanuel Passage. Castello Sforzesco is a medieval castle in Milan with its art treasures in the museum and park, located in the northwest of the city. Milan's waterways, the Navigli, are especially beautiful in the evening. They were built as early as the 12th century and are similar to the canals in Venice. Especially in the evening, you can sit down in a pub and enjoy the view.

Rent an RV and travel from Milan to the Matterhorn

Near Milan you will find numerous sights in your RV. With a stopover at Lake Como, you can quickly reach the Swiss Alps, which are simply beautiful and a natural phenomenon. One of them is the Matterhorn behind the Swiss border. The Matterhorn is one of the most famous mountains in the world, not only because of its shape but also because the climb here is considered dangerous. It is just under 4500 metres high and a very popular tourist highlight. The Matterhorn is 190 kilometres from Milan, but you can visit it on your road trip with a stopover at Lake Como with your RV at a campsite. The city of Como is the main town on Lake Como and, with 83,000 inhabitants, is already a stately little town. The shore area is particularly beautiful, but beware of the swans. The historic town centre also invites you to stroll and linger. Typical Italian ice cream is a must here. The Tempio Voltiano is a beautiful landmark of the city of Como. The Duomo di Como with its blue dome is one of the most beautiful churches in the city. On the eastern shore, Funicolare is a funicular railway that leads to the mountain village of Brunate. Here you can park your RV and head for the lofty heights of the mountains. Once here, you can take a hike to Faro Voltiano, the beautiful lighthouse that stands high above Lake Como. If the sun is shining and the weather is good, you can even see Mont Blanc in France. Renting an RV and exploring the area around the Great Lakes is another highlight. Bellagio is another place worth seeing on Lake Como. The fishing village has been recreated in Las Vegas as a hotel. The colourful houses are beautiful and invite you to stroll through the town centre. The village has character and a lot of charm. The gardens of Villa Melzi are worth a visit, especially for amateur photographers and other visitors who come here to take a look.

Rent an RV in Milan and drive to Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano and its beautiful town of Lugano are always worth a visit from Milan. Here you can rent a boat and explore the lake or simply take one of the many excursion boats around the lake. The old town of Lugano is beautiful, with its colourful houses and narrow streets reflecting the image of a typical small Italian town. The most important building is the Sant Lorenzo Cathedral, which is located right in the city centre. If you like to learn about the history of the towns, the Hermann Hesse Museum in Montagnola is the place to go. There is also a caravan park in Lugano. Art and culture are the focus here, just like in the Capuchin monastery of Santa Maria. Behind Lake Lugano, the mountains rise majestically towards the sky and invite you to go hiking and climbing. Here you can test your fitness and get a taste of culture. For RVs, there are wonderful sites around the lake that invite you to linger and take a deep breath.

Good to know information about RV rental in Milan

If you want to rent an RV in Italy, you should first gather extensive information. In addition to the tolls that have to be paid here, insurance for the campervan is also very important. Milan is a large city with several train stations where you can arrive. There is a very good night train connection from Germany through Switzerland. Milan is also close to the Swiss border, so you can make some trips to the neighbouring country with your campervan. However, you should also talk to campstar and ask for insurance and an all-inclusive package. You can also travel by plane, simply by booking a flight from Germany to Milan airport. This takes only 1 hour by plane. Milan is centrally located and all major airlines fly to the airport. From there, you can take the train to the city centre and pick up your campervan. A campervan rental in Italy should be planned well in advance, but then nothing will stand in the way of your adventure and you can set off.