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RVs in Cologne

Rent RV and explore the Rhineland

The Rhine metropolis of Cologne can look back on more than 2,000 years of history. World-famous sights such as Cologne Cathedral, multicultural events and interesting cultural offerings make this city of over a million inhabitants an exciting destination for young and old at any time of year. The lively city on the banks of the Rhine is the home of the Rhenish carnival. Germany's fourth largest city is cosmopolitan, colourful and flashy. But there are also quiet places and extensive green spaces to discover in the lively metropolis.

Pick up your RV and go!

If you rent RV, you are flexible on the road during your holiday. With a campervan or motorhome, you can also easily reach more distant destinations independently of the public transport network. Exciting excursion destinations such as the Phantasialand amusement park or the Neandertal Museum are also within easy reach with a campervan.

The Kommern open-air museum southwest of Cologne and the historic Falkenlust hunting lodge and Augustusburg castle in Brühl are also worth a day trip. Holidays in a campervan are a close-to-nature and uncomplicated way to travel - and perfectly suited for families with adventure-hungry children.

And should the sun hide behind a few clouds, big and small Cologne holidaymakers can spend a relaxing day in Cologne's museums. A visit to a museum can also be very exciting for the youngest, because there are brave gladiators and lightning-fast racing drivers to discover here. For example, in the German Sports and Olympic Museum on the banks of the Rhine or in the Museum König. And in the Chocolate Museum you can even have a nibble now and then.

Colourful events for your Camping Holiday

Are you toying with the idea of renting RV? That's an excellent idea!

At any time of year, the Rhineland city is the venue for multifaceted events and colourful street festivals. The best known is probably the Cologne Carnival, which is celebrated here loudly and colourfully with street parades. The open-air event Kölner Lichter or the summer cinema in the Rheinauhafen provide variety during the warm season.

And during the atmospheric Advent season, a wide variety of Christmas markets in the Cologne city area invite you to visit them, from the Fairytale Christmas Market on Rudolfplatz to the Harbour Christmas Market and the Angel Market on Neumarkt.

RV rental in Cologne - what will the weather be like?

The metropolis of over a million inhabitants is located in the Cologne Bay on the southern foothills of the Lower Rhine Lowlands. The geographical proximity to the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean characterises the climate. Moderately warm summers and mild winters make Cologne an interesting destination all year round.

Geographically speaking, the city of over a million inhabitants is located in one of the most densely populated regions in Europe. But just a few kilometres from the city's gates, for example, stretch the Bergisches Land, the Eifel and the Rhein-Erft district with its charming, historic towns.

Various local recreation areas and clear bathing waters in the surrounding area invite you to summertime bathing fun. And along the banks of the Rhine it is also wonderful to relax in the warm months. Especially in front of the quaint pubs, you can sit comfortably in summer and watch the hustle and bustle in the characterful old town.

The cool season is a great time to explore the city's many museums and cultural sites. If you rent your vehicle in the Rhine metropolis in the low season, you can explore the city's sights at your leisure away from the tourist rush hour. July is considered the warmest month in Cologne. In December and January, temperatures can also drop below freezing every now and then. You have to expect precipitation in Cologne all year round.

But thanks to the wide range of experiences for all ages, both young and old will never be bored in this city of over a million inhabitants.

Special features of the charming city to discover by RV

The well-known Cologne band Höhner should know: 'Hey Kölle - Du bes e Jeföhl', is the title of one of their best-known songs. What is it that makes this city so special?

Anyone who visits Cologne gets to know the 'Kölschen Klüngel'. In the lively cathedral city, the word 'Klüngel' has a thoroughly positive ring. People help each other, look out for each other and 'one hand washes the other'. Cologne people have a reputation for being open, uncomplicated and helpful.

Kölsch, the type of beer brewed in the city, is (allegedly) the favourite drink of the people of Cologne and is served, for example, in the quaint Old Town pubs. The Cologne saying 'Kölsch is the only language you can drink' makes it clear: you make friends quickly in Cologne over a Kölsch.

And what tastes best with a cool Kölsch? A Halver Hahn! This is a typical Cologne snack, namely half a rye roll with gouda cheese and spicy mustard.

Along the riverbank, affectionately called Father Rhine by the people of Cologne, stretch the Rhine meadows. During the warm season, the extensive green space offers the opportunity to picnic with a view of the Rhine. In the cooler months, on the other hand, the Rhine meadows invite you to take long walks. Here you can watch the barges passing by in peace and quiet or collect shells.

In the Rhineland, many different languages are spoken in addition to German - and Kölsch, the regional dialect. You can listen to this unique dialect especially during the joyous carnival season and at the Volkstheater Millowitsch.

Freedom is Calling With a Rented RV

When renting a campervan, you can be sure that the vehicle is equipped with everything you need for your holiday happiness. All you need to do is move in with your personal belongings and hit the road. If you are still missing something, it might be worth visiting the camping market, for example at Porzer Caravan Holke.

Renting a campervan in Cologne already has a long tradition. Many families have been taking advantage of the opportunity to rent a campervan and start their holiday in Cologne for many years.

This way of travelling is pure freedom and full of adventure. It's fun for young and old alike. It is advisable to rent a vehicle online in advance - and your holiday happiness can begin immediately after your arrival in the charming cathedral city.

You can put together your own tour according to your mood. There is no need to rent a fixed accommodation, because you always have your place to sleep with you. Renting a campervan in Cologne combines numerous advantages for you: cultural enjoyment and big city experiences as well as nature enjoyment in the nearby surrounding countryside make your trip a special experience.

These destinations are worthwhile when renting RV in Cologne

You rent a fully equipped vehicle and are now planning a varied road trip with a campervan around the Rhine metropolis? Then you can look forward to sporting activities, enjoying nature and cultural highlights.

Upstream from the Rhine, i.e. south of the city, lies the charming hiking paradise of the Siebengebirge. The Bergisches Land in the east attracts visitors with its multifaceted excursion destinations - and the delicious Bergische Kaffeetafel with waffles warm from the oven. And the historic castles in the charming Rhein-Erft district southwest of Cologne are an ideal destination for cultural enthusiasts.

In the town of Waldbröl, only 60km from Cologne, the Panarbora Nature Adventure Park invites you to visit. At lofty heights, unforgettable experiences await you on the tree-top walk. The adventure playground offers all kinds of opportunities for the youngest to romp around.

A trip to the Henrichenburg ship lift on the Dortmund-Ems Canal is exciting and educational for both young and old visitors. A water playground and various ship tours round off the offer in a successful way.

Wet, cold and fascinating - that's the stalactite cave in Wiehl in the Oberberg district. Over a length of about 1.5km, you can marvel at impressive stalactites and stalagmites in the depths of the earth here.

Stay overnight in the heart of the city with RV

The campervan port is located directly on the banks of the Rhine. Located in the Riehl district of Cologne, it offers space for around 60 vehicles. Campers and campervans are very welcome here. Unfortunately, it is not permitted to spend the night here in a tent. The direct view of the Rhine and the passing ships make this night's lodging something special. Thanks to numerous green spaces all around, travellers with dogs also feel completely at home here.

The location of this night accommodation is also extremely convenient - for example, you can easily reach Cologne Zoo and the Flora on foot.

During the warm season, from April to October, a cable car runs across the Rhine. You can also reach the stop easily on foot and the ride in the small, swaying gondolas over the impressive Rhine River is an adventure for the whole family. Close to the cable car terminus is the Claudius Therme wellness paradise with sauna facilities and the Rheinpark with dancing fountain. Lively concerts are held here regularly.

Good to know: The cathedral city at a glance

Cologne is easily accessible by RV, camper or caravan from all directions. As the most important supra-regional transport hub, the charming cathedral city is excellently connected to the road network.

For example, a network of no less than ten motorway axes, namely the A 1, A 3, A 4, A 57, A 59, A 555 and A 559, flow in a star shape into the Cologne motorway ring. In addition, several federal roads also lead into the city area.

In the Cologne Low Emission Zone, only vehicles with a green pollution zone 4 sticker are allowed. Cars with a yellow sticker are only allowed under certain conditions.

As a city with over a million inhabitants, Cologne naturally also has an international airport, Cologne/Bonn Airport. It is located on the eastern outskirts of the city in the Wahn district.

The Rhine metropolis is home to far more than 1 million people. When renting a Campervan in Cologne, the question of parking space can sometimes be a little difficult.

Campervan rental and parking fees for a sightseeing trip can vary greatly. The easiest way to park your Campervan is in a multi-story car park or a Park + Ride car park on the outskirts of the city. From there you can easily get to the city centre by train. For example, the Park + Ride car parks at Zoo or Stammheim are ideal.

When renting a campervan and going on a city trip to the Rhineland metropolis, there is a large selection of attractive campsites ready for you to stay overnight. There are also several hundred camper van pitches in the greater Cologne area, which offer a relaxed night's sleep as well as uncomplicated unloading and provisioning. Dogs are also welcome guests at most sites. Often there is also a restaurant and a playground for the youngest guests at the campsite.

Start your RV Adventure in Cologne

No matter whether you are travelling with a camper, RV or motorhome: Every now and then your vehicle needs a little petrol. Refuelling a campervan is similar to refuelling a car. However, it is important to consider the height of your rented vehicle. By the way: If you ask nicely, you can usually fill up your fresh water tank at the outside water tap of a petrol station.

Your road trip around Cologne starts in the lively cathedral city. Along your tour, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Rhine again and again. You can also look forward to romantic castles, playful half-timbered houses, extensive forests and gnarled vineyards.

After an extensive sightseeing tour in the cultural metropolis of Cologne, you could take your campervan or motorhome to the nearby Eifel region, for example. There, near the Belgian border, the town of Monschau with its medieval alleys invites you to visit. Visible from afar, Monschau Castle towers high above the small town full of character. And the neighbouring Eifel National Park beckons with varied hiking tours at the pulse of nature. At the gates of Monschau, you and your campervan can relax on the campsite in Monschau Burgau. A small train takes you comfortably from here to the centre.

The tour continues to Marburg. Picturesquely situated on the banks of the Lahn, this city fascinates with multifaceted sights, such as the Spiegelslustturm. Events with a cultural focus are held here regularly. Situated at the highest point of the city, you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view from here.

In Marburg, by the way, you can park your campervan free of charge in the Georg-Gaßmann-Stadion car park within walking distance of the city centre.