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RVs in Germany

RV rental in Erfurt: Discover Erfurt with campstar

Erfurt is a beautiful city, the capital of Thuringia, situated in the middle of the Thuringian Basin. It has a lot to offer in terms of culture and nature. A few years ago, the Ega was held here. Erfurt's Ega grounds still exist today, so you can take a wonderful walk here. Erfurt is unique with its cathedral, the Krämerbrücke and the trams that run through the city centre. The surrounding villages are very rural. The most famous campsite in Erfurt is probably at the reservoir in Hohenfelden. It is beautifully situated by the water. The city has many exciting activities to offer, a zoo and numerous discos, but also exotic restaurants from all countries. A holiday in Erfurt is never boring. You can easily pick up your RV and drive it around the city. Perhaps there will be an exhibition or two at the exhibition centre during your stay. There is a synagogue in the city centre that houses a gold treasure. There are numerous small shops where you can stroll and shop. So renting an RV in Erfurt is a great idea for a fun camping trip.

Rent an RV and explore the Thuringian Forest

Not only Erfurt with its numerous sights is worth a visit if you want to rent an RV, but also the Thuringian Forest, with Oberhof, Suhl and Meiningen. These three towns are probably the largest in the Thuringian Forest. In Meiningen there is an old railway depot, which is very interesting on a guided tour. Suhl is where the Simson mopeds were manufactured. Here, too, you can take a walk through the town centre and choose a delicious restaurant. Even more beautiful than the cities, however, is nature. In summer you can drive your camper van here and go hiking, and in winter you can ski on the high mountains. The highest of its kind is the Inselsberg, which is a unique hiking area. Only a few kilometres from Erfurt is the town of Friedrichroda, for example, with its spa. There is also a miniature world in Ruhla near Erfurt, which is particularly interesting for young couples and families with children. Here you can see the most beautiful sights in Thuringia at a glance in handbag format. You can also visit the ski jumps in Oberhof, which are also only a stone's throw away from Erfurt.

Rent an RV and drive to Eisenach

In addition to the Thuringian Forest, Eisenach is also a suitable destination for an RV excursion. Many people only know the Wartburg, which rises majestically on a mountain. Back then, Luther wrote the theses on the wall here and even today you can learn all the information and historical background on a guided tour. There is also the Bach House in the city centre, which is well known. Inside is a museum that tells the story of Johann Sebastian Bach's life. The Hainich Nature Park is close by. It is the 13th nature park in Germany and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The forest is protected and is a wonderful place for hiking and RV holidays. All this is not far from Erfurt and can be seen by RV.

Rent an RV and enjoy a holiday in Erfurt

To the north-east of Erfurt lies Apolda, a small town that is inconspicuous among the highlights of Erfurt, Weimar and Jena. But it does have its charms. You could combine your RV trip with this town. How about driving to Apolda in the morning and visiting the GDR Museum there. In the GDR Museum you will find wonderful artefacts from a bygone era. The GDR has not existed since 1990 and you can experience it up close here. It's almost like Goodbye Lenin - who doesn't know the legendary film? Every year in February there is a great carnival celebration here near Erfurt. You can choose Weimar as your connection to Apolda. The town is a jewel. You can park your RV just outside the town, near the railway station, and walk into town. Of course, there are buses, but the city centre is within walking distance of the station. Weimar is not a big city, but it has a lot of charm. The Anna Amalia Library is the most famous book collection in Germany, but unfortunately it fell victim to a fire many years ago and many books were destroyed. Goethepark is right next to it and you can take a walk along the Ilm. The Ilm is a small river that flows through Weimar and Goethepark. There is a suspension bridge, the Goethe House and the Shakespeare Monument. Benches stand idyllically in the shade of the numerous trees. With a good book in hand, you can enjoy your RV holiday.

Rent an RV and travel to the Werra

Getting a breath of Werra air and renting a canoe are two options you can experience on your holiday in Erfurt. A trip to the Werra is not too far and can be very idyllic and beautiful. You can rent canoes, kayaks or pedal boats at every corner. The river is very well developed for tourism and you can see many castles, palaces and idyllic villages on your round trip. Park your RV today and take to the water in your kayak. You can rent the boats from April to October and spend the day in the middle of nature. Here you will not only find lush green meadows, but also fields, small villages, rocks and herons. Flora and fauna form a special contrast. In many places you will also find a suitable campsite for you and your RV downstream. You can stay overnight in comfort. Be sure to take your RV on a trip to Creuzburg Castle, which dates back to the 12th century. The Werra Bridge here also has a special flair.

General information on RV hire in Erfurt

Renting an RV in Erfurt is easy because the campstar station is right next to the railway station. So you don't have to walk long and you can get there very quickly to pick up your motorhome for your holiday. However, the RV should be reserved and booked beforehand. Once the payment has been made, you just have to get in and go. The vehicles are spacious and you will find plenty of room in a small space. On an RV trip, you live the life of a minimalist. Everything is where it should be and in a small space. It's very easy to get to the campstar station by train, as many ICE trains and ICs from smaller towns leave from Erfurt. So you are very central. There is also an airport, but if it's too far to travel by train, you can also use it, although it is located a little outside the city. When renting an RV, you have the advantage of having the accommodation and the car at one price. You are also very flexible.