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RVs in Rheine

RV rental in Rheine: Discover Rheine with campstar

Rheine is a small town in northern North Rhine-Westphalia. It is located in the Münsterland region and has a lot to offer its guests and RV enthusiasts. Of course, there are numerous museums, the beautiful river Ems, which flows into the North Sea and a nature zoo, where the penguins have found their home. When you rent an RV, you have the opportunity to see these beautiful sights of Rheine before your trip continues into the surrounding area. From the forest hill you have a wonderful view over the town with its town church and the historic market square. Numerous tributaries flow into the great Ems, which makes its way through the city from south to north. From the bank you can see the town church and the town centre, as well as the Ems weir, which is perfect for numerous canoeists who rent their boat here. It's the only way they can get down the river towards the North Sea. There are some historic buildings that characterise the town, such as the Bentlage monastery/castle, so called because it has served various purposes over the years. The Gottesgabe salt works are also a highlight of the town, in the middle of a pretty park. The Falkenhof is home to the local town museum. Here you can find out about the history and attractions around Rheine. For cyclists, there is a railway cycle path that leads from Rheine to Coesfeld. As the Münsterland is not very hilly, the cycle path is a lot of fun and you will discover a lot of the region's landscape. Renting a campervan in Rheine is a great thing to do.

Rent an RV and explore the area

The Haddorf Lakes are a wonderful holiday experience with an RV near Rheine. This is because there is a great and quiet campsite here. Surenburg Castle is also located in Riesenbeck in Münsterland and is a moated castle. It is said to have existed since 1400, according to some natives of the town, but it is not known exactly. The park around the castle invites you to linger. You can park your campervan near here and find a cozy place to make coffee. This is how a well-balanced and beautiful holiday begins. Around Rheine there are numerous lakes with beaches and recreational areas. But there are also two small rivers, the Hemelter Bach, which you can cycle along, and the Dreiwalder Aa, which is 36 kilometres long and flows into the Speller Aa. The area around Rheine is characterised by a lot of nature and green meadows. The lakes are mostly quarry lakes and have been turned into local recreation areas. You can also have a barbecue here.

Rent an RV and drive to Oldenzaal and Enscheede

Beautiful Holland is not far from the city of Rheine. You should definitely visit the two towns of Oldenzaal and Enscheede with your RV. Het Hulsbeek is a beautiful little lake with a beach that is close to the town. Oldenzaal is a chic and typically Dutch small town. The houses are almost all without curtains, small suburban houses and the city centre offers occasional historic houses and the St Plechelmus Basilica. There is also a campsite for RVs near the town. Further south is Enscheede, which is much larger than Oldenzaal. If you like shopping, you've come to the right place, because in addition to outlets, there are also small shops in the town centre. This is also typically Dutch. The town hall and de grote Kerke form the centre. There is a city museum and the oldest public park in the Netherlands. With an RV, you can look for a suitable place outside the city centre. From Rheine it's about 70 kilometres.

Rent an RV and head for Münster

The city of Münster is well worth a visit. It is a cycling city, not least because of the students. You can rent one during your RV holiday. A bicycle replaces the car for some people, because the flat city is very easy to cross by bike. On a city walk or a bike tour through the city centre you will see many architectural highlights. For example, the Prinzipalmarkt with the Lambertikirche or the Erbdrostenhof on Salzstraße. The Zwinger on the Promenade is considered a fortress and the Buddenturm is also well worth seeing. Münster is a city steeped in history and not too far from Rheine, so you can easily reach it by RV. You should park your camper outside the city and hire a bicycle. Münster has many churches. Park your RV just outside the city and take a walk around and enjoy the old architecture and beautiful buildings that adorn the city. St. Mauritz Church with its pointed grey tower lies idyllically in the countryside. In the city centre, St Paul's Cathedral towers majestically. At Münster's harbour you can linger and take a look at the Kreativkai, with all its colourful houses and moored boats. A holiday in Rheine and the surrounding area with an RV can be very spectacular.

Rent an RV and drive from Rheine to Osnabrück

Osnabrück can also be combined with a holiday in Rheine. Drive your RV there to a beautiful campsite close to the city and enjoy a day in the lively city centre. Osnabrück's town hall is ancient and looks very rustic on the large market square, and St. Catherine's Church is also a highlight of the city. You can climb the tower and have a wonderful view over the whole city. In total, the panorama of Osnabrück includes 5 church towers. The cathedral is also worth seeing and can be visited from the inside. The RV can be parked on the outskirts of the city. There are some large car parks for this, but there is a charge. The Nette is a river that flows through Osnabrück. There is a beautiful old mill here called the naked mill. The Bürgerpark is also very nicely laid out. When renting an RV, a trip to the big city should be on the plan, because there are all kinds of things to see and experience here. Like every larger city, there is a zoo here, with wild cats, cheetahs and other rare animals that have found a home here.

General information about RV hire in Rheine

The town of Rheine is not far from the Dutch border, so if you want to cross it with your RV, you should get some additional insurance. Otherwise, you could have problems in the event of an accident abroad, even though the Netherlands is part of the EU, they have their own laws. You can get to Rheine by train. The station is a good transport hub in Münsterland. Regional trains arrive in Rheine from Osnabrück and Münster. You will find the campstar station near the train station. Your holiday in Rheine can start from here. Münster airport is also only 24 kilometres away. If you fly to Dortmund, you still have to cover about 90 kilometres to your destination. Renting an RV in Rheine is therefore always super easy and the rental station is conveniently reached by car and public transport.