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Campervans in Finland

Campervan Hire Finland: Discover Finland with Campstar 

General knowledge 

Travelling through Finland by camper is a unique experience. Renting a camper, a caravan or a campervan in Finland offers you many possibilities to explore the beautiful country of a thousand lakes. In fact, Finland has not just a thousand, but over 188,000 lakes. Many of them belong to the Finnish Lake District in the south-east of the country. But Finland offers its visitors not only inland waters, but also a long coastline along the Baltic Sea. With its hidden, small bays and offshore islands, the so-called archipelago coast, which has its origins in the Ice Age, is worth a visit at any time.  

A special feature of Finland is very common in all Scandinavian countries and interesting for many campers. The Everyman's Right allows not only every inhabitant of Finland, but also tourists to enjoy and also use the wonderfully unspoilt nature. If you are planning to rent a campervan in Finland, you do not have to rely on campsites. There are many beautiful campsites in Finland, but thanks to the Everyman's Right, you are flexible in your choice of accommodation with your campervan. You can decide on the spur of the moment whether you want to rent a site or spend the night in the great outdoors.  


Finland has a cold temperate climate, which varies greatly from region to region. The more densely populated south, where the capital Helsinki is located, is much milder than the north. The influence of the Gulf Stream, the proximity to the Baltic Sea and the numerous inland lakes result in a continental climate with warm summers and cold winters in the southern and south-eastern parts of Finland. Rain is also common in Finland, with an average of 15 days of rain per month. The north is colder overall, but is protected from the strong winds and storms that come from the open sea by the Scandinavian mountains. 

In winter, you can marvel at snow-covered winter wonderlands all over Finland, even in a campervan. Even in the south there is often snow until April. Ski resorts with lifts and cross-country ski trails are mainly found in the north of the country, where the snow cover remains closed until May. 
An incomparable natural spectacle that you can admire in Finland is the aurora borealis, the northern lights. You can see them best in Lapland, in the Kilpisjärvi and Utsjoki regions on an average of five nights a week. The further south you go, the less likely you are to see the Northern Lights. From Helsinki they would theoretically be visible, but due to the city's light influences this is hardly possible in practice. The greatest chance of seeing the Northern Lights is in the periods February to March and September to October.

Depending on the time of your holiday when you plan to rent a campervan in Finland, you will have the opportunity to experience the various festivals and holidays that are celebrated in Finland. Particularly important holidays are the Vappu festival on the eve of 1 May, Midsummer's Eve on 21 June and National Day on 6 December. Christian holidays such as Easter and Christmas are also celebrated in Finland.

Popular destinations in Finland 

A trip through Finland in your campervan will take you through very different landscapes. The never-ending beaches in front of the azure sea along Finland's archipelago coast in the south and east invite you to swim, hike and boat in summer. A stroll through the sleepy coastal villages or a picnic at one of the picturesque lighthouses are inviting reasons for a short stopover on your journey.  

In the southeast, the lake district, rich in forests and moors, attracts visitors with its impressive flora and fauna. Emerald green forests alternate with deep blue lakes, gentle hilly landscapes and, together with the numerous rivers, form an unforgettable labyrinth through Finland's unspoilt natural landscape.

The closer you get to Lapland in northern Finland, the colder and harsher not only the climate but also the landscape becomes. North of the Arctic Circle, large tundra areas dominate the landscape. Numerous national parks have been established here to protect the unique flora and fauna. Birdwatchers can discover a great variety of birds of prey, songbirds or wading birds here. In the north of Finland, the chance of catching a glimpse of the numerous wild animals also increases. Reindeer are mainly found far north, while moose can be seen throughout the country. Large predators such as brown bears, lynxes and wolves are very rare even in the almost deserted landscapes of Lapland and stay away from people. Many national parks offer specific bear tours that you can join to photograph a brown bear in the wild. 

During the polar night in winter, the sun is not visible in Lapland for more than 50 days. In summer, during the midnight sun, you can experience the white nights from May to July, when the sun doesn't fully set for more than 70 days.  

A very special destination in the northern part is the city of Rovaniemi, also known as the Gateway to the North. Located just a few kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, it is an important shopping centre for the surrounding villages and the residence of Father Christmas. Santa's Village was opened here in the 1980s, where visitors can meet Santa all year round. The attraction also includes Santa's Post Office, located a few kilometres north on the Arctic Circle. At the post office, letters sent to Santa by children from all over the world are answered.  

You want to see a lot of the country, but don't know exactly which places you want to stay longer and where not? Then renting a campervan in Finland is ideal for you. This way you are flexible during your whole trip, you can set intermediate destinations and choose the places you really want to see, and just drift in between.  

If you want to experience not only nature, but also some culture and city life, you can start your tour directly in the capital Helsinki. You can rent a campsite for your campervan just outside the city and explore the city by public transport. Some of the most famous sights in Finland's capital are the Rock Church, which was built by blasting a 12-metre-high granite rock, the red-brick Orthodox Uspenski Cathedral and Helsinki Cathedral. The zoo and botanical gardens are also popular destinations. 

Further east, your camper van journey will take you to Turku. The oldest city in Finland welcomes its visitors with a view of the medieval Turku Castle, which you can also visit. The city's landmark is Turku Cathedral, which is located in the historic city centre. 

From Turku, you continue your journey north along the unique archipelago coast. The deep blue Baltic Sea is always to the left of your campervan. The numerous islands off the coast form one of the largest archipelagos in the world. In summer, the region is one of the sunniest areas in Finland and the clear sea invites you to swim. In the city of Oulu, you can already get in the mood for the new landscape that welcomes you as soon as you leave the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia behind you on the border with Sweden. You will cross the gateway to the north, the city of Rovaniemi, cross the Arctic Circle and find yourself in the endless expanse of Lapland. If time and your itinerary allow, you can explore the various national parks in Lapland and spend some relaxing time in the silence and seclusion.  

On the way back to Helsinki, you will cross the Finnish Lake District and the hill country from north to south. The numerous lakes invite you to go boating and relax on the shore. You should plan a few days here to round off your campervan road trip. You can rent a place at one of the campsites or make use of the Everyman's Right and find a nice place in nature. Here, too, you have the opportunity to go on a photo safari in the forest areas of the national parks to see one of the rare brown bears. Canoe trips on the lakes are also popular excursions that are offered in many places. You can either go on a guided tour with a local guide who can also tell you a lot of interesting facts about the region, or you can go exploring on your own and become one with nature in the silence. 

Another highlight that should not be missed on your trip with the camper is a visit to a Finnish sauna. The scent of fresh birch twigs, the heat in the small wooden hut, the hot steam after the infusion and the subsequent mental and physical relaxation, these experiences should not be missed, they round off every holiday perfectly. 

Back in Helsinki, you can spend a few more days in the city or the surrounding area, buy souvenirs and slowly say goodbye to Finland before you hand in your campervan and fly back home.

Good to know 

If you are planning to rent a campervan in Finland, there are some important things you should know in advance. It is crucial for your planning that you think about the main points of your trip. Which cities, which national parks do you want to visit? Is a relaxed holiday with your campervan important to you, or do you want to see as much as possible? How much nature, culture, peace and entertainment do you expect? Do you want to rent pitches at campsites or stay in the middle of nature? How would you like to travel to Finland? By ferry or plane? Or do you prefer to drive your own car? Are you travelling alone, as a couple or as a family with children?  

It takes about 30 hours by ferry from Germany, and only a few hours by plane. Because of the long distances, domestic flights are also very common. If you are only planning a short trip with a campervan to the far north of Lapland, you can fly from Helsinki to Vantaa, for example, rent a four-wheel campervan there and experience the original, wild side of Lapland. Later, you can fly back and rent another campervan in Helsinki to explore the southern part of Finland. 

Once you have made these points clear, you can rent your campervan and start the best weeks of the year in Finland. Refuelling and shopping in Finland is just as easy as in Germany. Prices are slightly higher than in Germany, but not by much. In Finland you also pay in euros, so you don't have to change money before your holiday.  

The roads in Finland are not toll roads and at least the main roads are well maintained. If your plans take you to remote areas, it can be an advantage to rent a campervan with four-wheel drive. Which campervan you choose for your tour of Finland depends entirely on your personal needs. Whether you want to rent a van or a fully integrated campervan depends primarily on your individual travel plans.  
The flexible options offered by Campstar will make your campervan holiday in Finland a personalised and unforgettable experience!