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Campervan hire in Iceland

Hire a camper in Iceland and explore the Island

The country

Iceland - a volcanic island in the northwest of Europe. This island seems so far away and yet so close. Not only the impressive horses feel at home in Iceland. No, the camper in his campervan has also discovered nature and tranquillity for himself.
This beautiful island also has a lot of water. There are large waterfalls and lakes here. The waterfalls in Iceland are even among the most energetic in Europe!
The island in the North Atlantic was once not very overgrown. Flora and fauna were adapted to the circumstances. But the population did something about it. So today you can hardly take your eyes off the surroundings and the animals.
One of the greatest natural wonders can also be observed from Iceland. If you want to hire a campervan in Iceland, look for a secluded spot at dusk. Park the campervan and marvel at the fabulous dancing northern lights.
It is also worth mentioning that Iceland has beautiful and impressive glaciers. Due to global warming, these are also dwindling, but they are still majestic to behold. The largest glacier in Europe is in Iceland!
You might think that you don't need a swimsuit in Iceland. This is far from the case! The towel should be ready in the caravan. Because — Iceland is also called the land of hot springs. Some are man-made, but the water in them is of natural origin.
The land of opposites - the fire and the ice!

The season

Iceland has a cool oceanic climate all year round. When hiring a campervan in Iceland, make sure that heating is available. The north of the region is the driest. Consider renting a gazebo to sit outside in front of your campervan at any time.

The months differ as follows:

From mid-June to the end of August is high summer. These months are particularly suitable for renting a campervan. The temperatures are between 7° degrees and 15° degrees. Tourism comes alive during this time. So you have many excursion possibilities during your trip with the campervan.
Autumn starts in September and goes until November. During these months, the temperatures are somewhat lower than in summer. It gets dark sooner in the evening. The advantage of renting a campervan at this time is that most of the tourism has already left the island. This gives you even more peace and quiet in nature.
Winter is from November to April. But even in winter, temperatures rarely drop below -3° Celsius. Hiring a campervan in Iceland at this time of year means that you can do numerous winter sports. The chance of seeing the northern lights is also very high here.
From April to mid-June is spring in Iceland. These months are ideal for renting a campervan if you want to watch nature awaken. However, you should be aware that the highland roads are not yet accessible by camper, just as they are in winter.

Routes and special destinations in Iceland

Hiring a campervan, especially in Iceland, means that you can travel very flexibly. The places you can rent are always available in sufficient numbers. So you can travel with your camper without having booked in advance. Renting a caravan also has the advantage, especially in the autumn and winter months, that you always have your home with you. Because as soon as the summer is over and the tourists leave the island, many hotels and restaurants close. The main advantage of Hiring a campervan in Iceland is that you can enjoy togetherness during the romantic and cosy hours, especially when the northern lights are visible. Once you are ready to rent a campervan, you can start planning your trip.

Here is a suggestion for exploring the entire island by campervan:

This route takes you once around the island. Iceland is not so big that you need different routes. The important thing is that you can explore the whole island with all its sights.
The highland roads, which are difficult to drive on in a campervan, are not included here. Not every campervan, not every driver and not every season is suitable for driving a camper. If you would like to take such a route on your trip, you should check the weather forecast on site.

1. Reykjavik

This is the capital of Iceland. The best thing to do is to park your campervan outside the city. There is a well-signposted park and ride area. From there you can easily get to the city centre by bus.
The town captivates with its charm. There is a large shopping mile where you can browse in a wide variety of boutiques.
Only a few minutes away from the capital, the first absolute sight awaits you. The volcano crater amazes campers as soon as they arrive in Iceland. Because here you go up in a gondola. If you want to experience an incomparable adventure, you can then descend into the volcanic cave from a good 120 metres!

2. Hellnar

This small, tranquil place is part of the Westfjords, a peninsula in Iceland. Here you have a wonderful view of nature and a wide view over the lands.
It is not unusual to be greeted by a "flying penguin" on arrival. For this is where these birds, that are part of the parrot family, come ashore to breed. Renting a campervan and exploring this area of Iceland is a real dream. So, you can watch the birds, which are dressed like a penguin and have a bright beak, from your campervan with binoculars.
This is also a beautiful spot to see the northern lights in the dark. Iceland has a very low level of light pollution. So, you can watch this spectacle of nature from your campervan when the sky is clear.

3. Brekkulækur

It is not even a town. More like a small settlement. But here you can see what it means to hire a campervan in Iceland. For here you will find a sensational horse farm with the typical horses of the island, the Icelanders. If you dare, you can take a guided tour with these gentle and playful animals and thus get in touch with horse and nature. The camper van can be parked at the farm.

4. Akureyri

This is the second largest town in Iceland. There is a wide range of great campsites where the campervan can be parked.
It is worth hiring one of the guided boat tours here. Because there you get the unique chance to experience whales almost within reach. The large sea creatures love the cold water off the coast.
In addition, you can visit many sights from the place. It is worth renting an off-road car and driving to the sulphur lake of Askja. This is not an easy route to take, but it is worth the journey. Once there, you will be overwhelmed by a lake with partly turquoise shimmering water. You can also see smaller waterfalls.
The advantage of hiring a campervan in Iceland is that you can manage your own time. So, you certainly need a little more in this beautiful place. For another hit is the excursion from the campervan to the natural bath of Mývatn. Here you can relax optimally in a warm spring and let the fresh air and the surroundings take effect on you.

5. Fáskrúðsfjörður

This small settlement is situated right by the water. It serves as a starting point for great sightseeing. You will find beautiful campsites for your camper van in the middle of untouched nature. As the village has a partnership with a French town, it is worth visiting the French Museum.
Looking inland, you can already see the mighty glacier. It wants to be explored. A guided bike tour is ideal for this. You can rent a bike at the campsite. But you should not be without a guide. It is easy to get lost in the terrain.
Vatnajökull National Park is also not far away. Here you can take a long walk through the beautiful nature of Iceland. To fortify yourself after the round, there is a small restaurant in the village. This way you can get an insight into Icelandic cuisine.

Good to know about Iceland

Renting a campervan in Iceland involves travelling. The usual way is by plane. There is an airport near the starting point in Reykjavik that brings tourists to Iceland from all over the world.
Renting a campsite has become indispensable in Iceland. In the past, you were still allowed to camp in the wild. But now so many people travel around the country in caravans that the government has banned it and also imposes heavy fines for non-compliance.
Alcohol is expensive in this country. So if you want to have a drink in the evening, it is advisable to buy something directly at the airport. This is rarely available in supermarkets in the towns, or it is very overpriced.
The currency in Iceland is the króna. It is therefore advisable to exchange some of your money before entering the country. But technology is also advanced in Iceland. You can pay almost everywhere with your credit card.
Caution is advised when choosing roads in Iceland. Although there is only one main road around the beautiful island, Ring Road No.1, there are small ones branching off from it. The so-called F-roads are the highland tracks. These should only be driven on with four-wheel drive vehicles. In winter, these roads are closed.
Icelanders believe in trolls and magic. It is not uncommon to see stones stacked on top of each other. Adding to these towers brings good luck. People are asked to add a stone.
If you stop at a deserted rest area, you will often find a tightly closed plastic box. This is how Icelanders try to express their hospitality. The boxes often contain non-perishable food and homemade jam. For a few króna you can take this with you. On the other hand, binoculars are often available to borrow!
Renting a campervan in Iceland is a journey through nature that becomes an unforgettable holiday!

You can find further tips for your trip to Iceland in our blog article: Tips for a Campervan trip to Iceland