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Campervans in Australia

Campervan hire Australia: Discover Australia with Campstar

Holiday with a campervan in Australia - the perfect round trip!

More and more people are consciously choosing a holiday with a campervan, camper or caravan, because this has several advantages: your trip can be planned individually, can be adapted to your personal preferences and requirements and offers maximum flexibility. Not to mention the unique feeling of freedom that accompanies you on your road trip. Campervan trips in your own country are trendy and in great demand, but exploring distant countries, cultures or entire continents is also becoming more and more popular. Exploring the country on your own, getting to know the country and its people and getting to know the charm and way of life of the respective holiday destination - the perfect prerequisites for a unique adventure and an unforgettable holiday. But which countries are suitable for your very special trip with a campervan, caravan or camper?

Besides European destinations, one continent has been offering itself for this kind of travel for decades: Australia! Everyone gets their money's worth here, because you will encounter a wide variety of sights and attractions on your trip. Huge cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne, breathtaking beaches like Whitehaven Beach as well as a unique and at the same time dangerous animal world and the joy of life in Australia will inspire you!

With a camper or campervan through Australia - facts and figures about the impressive continent

The sixth largest country on our planet is located on the continent of the same name in the southern hemisphere and is therefore also known as "Down Under". Australia also includes smaller island groups and the island of Tasmania. The capital of the country is Canberra, which was only founded in 1913 and now has over 395,000 inhabitants. On the entire continent of Australia, about 25 million people live and work on 7,700,000 km². The national language is English, which is also due to the history of the continent: Australia only gained complete independence from the English colony in 1931.

Australia is almost twice as large as the whole of Europe and is also called the land of diversity, because the unique animal world includes numerous species. Whether emus, koalas or kangaroos; whether crocodiles, dingoes or wombats: in Australia you can observe animals that you will never encounter again in the wild. However, "diversity" is also the best description for the landscape in Australia, because from famous coral reefs, the desert in the interior of Australia - in which the famous "Ayers Rock" is located - to swamps, eucalyptus forests and steppes, there is plenty to discover and marvel at.

The climate in Australia can be divided into four zones and differs enormously depending on the region. The Perth region and the area between Brisbane and Sydney have a subtropical climate, while the south and the island of Tasmania have more pleasant and moderate temperatures. In the interior and the centre of the continent, the desert influences the climate. Tropical dry and rainy seasons are experienced in the north of Australia, where most precipitation falls between November and March and cyclones often form. The best time to travel to Central Australia is between May and October.

With a campervan through Australia - the best route

Are you curious? Below we present one of the best routes across the continent and the country of Australia. Let us take you on our journey and dive into adventure with us!

Australia: Sydney and the Sunshine Coast

On your 11-day campervan tour, you will cover around 2,900 km after renting and visit the most beautiful sights and highlights along the east coast. Rent a campervan in Australia and off you go! The following places are recommended as stopovers on your route:

- Sydney: Rent your camper here!

- North Narrabeen

- Hunter Valley/Pokolbin

- Port Stephens Coffs Harbour

- Emerald Beach

- Tweed Heads/Coolangatta

- Brisbane

- Hervey Bay/Torquay

- Fraser Island

- Rockhampton

- Jubilee Pocket/Whitsunday Islands

- Mission Beach

- Cairns

Campervan Hire in Australia

You start your road trip in the cosmopolitan city of Sydney, where you also pick up your campervan. You can book your campervan in advance easily and conveniently online via the Internet and thus save valuable time on site, which you can then use for your unique holiday. Sydney will inspire you with its countless possibilities. The world-famous opera, the Chinese quarter - also called Chinatown -, the botanical gardens or even a harbour tour: there are hardly any limits to what you can do here. Another highlight, the dreamlike Narrabeen Lagoon, invites you to relax on its shore in the middle of the city. Would you like to learn more about Sydney's history and culture? Book a city tour in advance to visit the best sights and attractions.

On day two, your route takes you from North Narrabeen to Hunter Valley, also known as the heart of wine growing. Here, over 100 wineries in the country's oldest region await you in a picturesque and romantic setting! Sample the various tasty drops and indulge your palate with a delicious cheese platter before continuing your drive to the excellent campsite in Port Stephens to enjoy nature and wind down for the evening.

Freshly refreshed, you will set off on your journey to Emerald Beach on day 3. You should definitely plan a short stop in Coffs Harbour, because a true picture book panorama awaits you here: a historic wooden jetty and the charming waterfront promenade will inspire you! Once you arrive in Emerald Beach, one of the best campsites in the country awaits you, because right in front of your campervan you will find one of the most breathtaking and beautiful beaches in the region. If you like to be active, you should definitely use the existing hiking trail, because the view is worth it!

Only a few kilometres away is the popular surfing paradise of the Gold Coast. The town of Coolangatta has first-class nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Music lovers will also get their money's worth here, because live music is very important here! The region is also ideal for exploring the hinterland.

Those who like to stroll should definitely make a stop in the city of Brisbane the next day. The huge range of shops, the colourful streets and the Chinatown Mall will immerse you in a whole new world.

One of the absolute highlights awaits you on the seventh day of your road trip: Fraser Island. Here on the largest sand island in the world, endless beaches, clear lakes, rainforests and colourful sandstone formations await you! Book a sensational day trip that will take you to the best highlights of the island and will be an unforgettable experience!

The Rockhampton region, which is the next stopover, impresses with its original Australian flair. Rockhampton used to be known for gemstones, but today it is also home to numerous herds of cattle and crocodiles on impressive crocodile farms. The Aboriginal Cultural Centre is also close by and lets you immerse yourself in the past and the life of the continent's indigenous people.

Another highlight of your campervan trip awaits you on day nine. Your campsite, located on the corner of Ferntree Road in Jubilee Pocket, offers you the ideal starting point for day trips to the most beautiful islands on earth: the Whitsunday Islands in the Great Barrier Reef. Here you can not only relax on dreamlike beaches, you can also marvel at the unique wildlife of the continent. You can spot kangaroos or even wallabies at almost every corner! You will have only one problem afterwards: You will never want to leave this fantastic and paradisiacal piece of earth again!

On day 10, a series of four beautiful and picturesque coastal resorts await you. They are situated on a 14-kilometre-long sandy beach and invite you to relax and stroll. A special feature of this region is a small castle, which lies in the middle of the rainforest and offers a backdrop like in a film. Your excellently equipped campsite is also located on the edge of the rainforest and offers a great view of Dunk Island at the same time.

On your last day, you set off on the final leg from Mission Beach to Cairns. Here you will drop off your campervan before your return flight and prepare for your return journey. You can use the remaining time to soak up the unique charm of the country one last time. We are sure: this campervan trip will remain in your memory!

Campervan rental: the best campervan stations in the country

Campervan Hire in Australia: The East Coast

The most popular destination of the continent is the East Coast, which attracts and inspires thousands of tourists from all over the world every year - especially travellers with a campervan. The east is not only home to the country's largest cities, but also to countless attractions, highlights and sights that await your visit and that you can easily reach with a campervan. The cities of Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, the Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney as well as Tasmania offer great camper stations as well as numerous providers who will help you find and rent the perfect campervan for you.

Campervan hire in Australia: the West Coast

The West Coast may be less densely populated, but there are plenty of sights worth travelling for here too. They are often several hundred kilometres apart, but this is also ideal for your campervan trip. Because as the saying goes: the journey is the destination. During your road trip, you can enjoy indescribable scenery and beautiful views of spectacular nature again and again, which make even the journey to the chosen sight a highlight. You can easily find your suitable campervan at one of the excellent providers in Alice Springs, Broome, Darwin or Perth, or you can rent in advance via the internet.

With a campervan through "Down Under" - Good to know!

Renting a campervan in Australia - but what is the right way to behave in road traffic? In Australia, traffic drives on the left - so you overtake on the right. The road signs will help you find your way around, because we Europeans are a little confused at first about the different way of driving. All distances are given in kilometres, as are the speed limits.

Australia has countless lonely regions - even outside the outback - where there is no possibility to refuel. Therefore, be sure to keep an eye on the fuel gauge and always make sure you have enough water! We recommend that you keep a spare jerrycan of petrol and between 3 and 5 litres of water per person per day in your vehicle.

The long roads often go straight for many kilometres, which can quickly make you tired and inattentive, but unlit and unsecured stretches and roadsides or kangaroos and other wildlife can also be very dangerous at high speeds. So regular and extensive breaks are a must for every road trip to prevent microsleep and to be able to drive highly concentrated.

If you want to enter Australia, you need a passport and a valid visa, which you can apply for online in advance. Detailed information on how to apply and the different visa types can be found on the internet.

The cost of living in Australia is high: it is about 1.5 times higher than in Germany, which you should definitely consider in your budget planning. It is also advisable to familiarise yourself with the conditions in Australia in advance. This includes not only things like the currency and payment options, shopping facilities and booking campsites, but also how to deal with ocean currents, the strong sun, extreme heat and how to deal with poisonous snakes, spiders and other creepy-crawlies native to Australia.

Campervan hire in Australia - Paradise on the fifth continent

So you quickly realise: Australia is definitely worth a trip and an unforgettable experience that you will remember forever. The endless expanse, dreamlike beaches, unique animals as well as the combination of indigenous people and modern cosmopolitan cities offer you a diversity like hardly any other continent. Rent a campervan, embark on the Australian adventure and let yourself be enchanted!