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Campervans in the Netherlands

With the campervan through the Netherlands

The country

The Netherlands is a trip worth taking for young and old in a campervan. Eternal space, the sea, the mudflats and lots of fresh air are associated with this country in the west of Europe. Here the world seems to be in order. The cows graze, and the windmills turn. But the Netherlands has much more to offer!

The Netherlands is also a real magnet for all those who want to combine tranquillity with adventure. Here, there are no limits to the ideas for an unforgettable holiday in one's caravan. It is also a lovely destination for the family's four-legged friends. They are equally warmly welcomed. 

Furthermore, the Netherlands is known for many things worldwide. Cheese production is very important here. There are also many colourful tulip fields throughout the country. The impressive windmills have long since become a landmark. You will find them on all postcards and souvenirs.

The Netherlands is also known for its many natural attractions. These are wonderful to visit and explore with your campervan. Renting a campervan is especially fun here, as it is not uncommon for the sights to be only a short distance away from the campsites.

The season in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, it is important to know about the often harsh climate when renting a campervan. The Netherlands has a maritime climate all year round. When renting, you should, therefore, pay attention to equipment such as air conditioning and heating.

The Netherlands is always in season. Here are the differences:

From March onwards, spring makes its presence felt. The tulips are in bloom and the frost rarely appears. Nature begins to bloom. This natural phenomenon is an absolute highlight every year. Campervan rental in the Netherlands thus includes a journey through the annual awakening of nature. 

In July to September, summer has arrived. The bath towel should be with you and the sunscreen applied. Bathing holidays are highly recommended during these months. Renting a campervan is particularly worthwhile at this time, as you can stop directly by the sea.

October and November are generally quieter months in the Netherlands. The big rush of the summer is over. Renting a campervan in the Netherlands at this time has the advantage that the motorways are no longer crowded. This makes it easy to plan a great road trip through the country in a campervan van. 

From December until around February, winter has arrived in the Netherlands. Now it is especially nice to go for hikes and walks through the rigid nature. The often rough wind by the sea and also the peace and quiet in nature have their charms and have a very calming effect. To warm up, there is then a hot chocolate in his cosy campervan.

Routes and special destinations in the Netherlands

Renting a campervan in the Netherlands, what does that mean?

Renting has many advantages. You are flexible in the organisation of your holiday. You can be here today and there tomorrow.

Renting also has the advantage that you can spontaneously stay an extra day in particularly beautiful places.

It also means that you are more independent. For example, you can prepare your breakfast in the campervan if you like.

Renting a campervan in the Netherlands also means that you can enjoy togetherness in a cosy atmosphere. 

When choosing the route and the destinations, the respective opening hours must be taken into account. Some campsites only open their doors for the summer. But there is also a large selection of sites for the campervan available for the other months. It is advisable to research this in advance. Especially the campsites directly by the sea rarely open in winter

Here are some suggestions for unique routes with a campervan through the Netherlands:

1. Gelderland 

Gelderland is located in the heart of the Netherlands. This journey by campervan takes you through pure nature. You come to rest. This route is also highly recommended for cyclists and walkers.

Due to the beautiful flat land, you can start long tours here from the campervan van by bike.

This tour with the campervan takes you through cities like:

  • Arnhem - Here you will find an open-air museum with historical architecture. If you prefer to look further into nature, you can visit the zoo of the small town. Here you will find both native and distant animals. The park with the beautiful Zijpendaal Castle invites you to take a walk.
  • Nijmegen - This is the dream of every cycling enthusiast. This is where the Via Romana cycle path begins. You can cycle all the way to Xanten. You can rent bicycles in the town.
  • Apeldoorn - This large city is particularly inviting for a stroll through the colourful alleys. Inside the town you will find a picturesque shopping street with everything your heart desires. The city also offers a romantic national park, the Hoge Veluwe.
2. North Holland

In the province of North Holland, a holiday by the sea can be combined with a city trip. You stop in the cheese city of the Netherlands with your campervan and the very next day you can enjoy the beach and the sea. This region also has a lot to offer in terms of history and culture.

A little more time should be planned for this route with the campervan, as many sights and places can be explored.

This tour with the campervan takes you through cities like:

  • Amsterdam - The capital of the Netherlands. Here you can marvel at the countless canals. You can also take a boat trip on the canals. The many squares in the city are a wonderful place to linger. You can soak up the magical atmosphere of the city over a cup of tea.
  • Alkmaar - This is the so-called city of cheese. This is where all the fine-tasting Gauda and co. originate. The spectacle at the weekly cheese market on the square in the city centre is not to be missed. This is an absolute highlight of the region and is visited by many nations. You have the opportunity to taste all kinds of cheeses.

It is also a very historic town with many beautiful half-timbered houses to admire.

  • Volendam - This old fishing village seduces with its maritime charm. Here you can enjoy freshly caught fish in one of the classic restaurants.
    An interesting boat trip also starts from here. The Volendam Express takes you up the peninsula to the village of Marken.
    Renting a campervan has the advantage that you can store your belongings in it. You can park directly at the jetty and climb onto the boat in comfort.
  • Zandvoort - This place is not called "Pearl by the Sea" for nothing. Campervan rental in the Netherlands completes the holiday right here. You'll find kilometres of long white beaches with gorgeous dunes. This is an absolute classic. Even for the locals, it is often the first place to go when planning a beach holiday.
3. Limburg

This region lies in the south of the Netherlands. Renting a campervan takes you through sometimes even hilly landscapes. Here you will also find wineries that produce high-quality wines. Here, too, you can't get enough of the distinctive nature.

This tour by campervan takes in cities such as:

  • Roermond - Here you can soak up the listed old town. If you want to rent a campervan, you can park it in one of the park and ride lots at the gates of the city and tour the city without a care in the world. You can also take postcard-like photos of many of the cathedrals here. The Meuse lakes invite water sports enthusiasts. Here you can rent anything that moves on the water!
  • Valkenburg - This is a smaller municipality that nevertheless has a lot to offer. The old caves are particularly worth mentioning. The municipal grotto stretches below the village. You can enter and explore them!
    Wellness lovers will also get their money's worth here. In Thermae 2000, you can relax in a cosy 32° water temperature. The spa is famous for its 40,000-year-old water.
  • Maastricht - This arty town has flair. Here you should visit one of the many museums and art exhibitions. The unique museum called Bonnefantenmuseum captivates with modern art.
    This town has also gained a very popular place of pilgrimage through the basilica. Here the treasury is still well filled.

These are just a few of the sights and great places to visit in the beautiful Netherlands. Once you are there with your campervan, you will be fascinated by the splendour of the Netherlands.

If you want to rent a campervan, it's also great to combine the tours and tackle a big trip through the entire Netherlands by campervan!

Good to know

Renting a campervan in the Netherlands means travelling to the beautiful country in advance.

Probably the easiest and fastest way would be to travel to the Netherlands by plane. There are airports in the big cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

But travelling by train also has its advantages. Here you can start your journey to your holiday destination in a cosy atmosphere. You sit back and enjoy the view!

On the motorways, things are relaxed. You can drive up to 130 km/h with a campervan. On dual carriageways, the speed limit is 100 km/h, and in towns only 50 km/h. Of course, it depends on how heavy the campervan is and whether there is also a trailer. 

Camping is very popular in the Netherlands. The infrastructure in the Netherlands therefore offers very good opportunities for camping. This is known beyond the country's borders. When you rent a campervan, you should therefore also make sure you have a pitch.

The Dutch are also known for the fact that they like to travel a lot by bike. So you don't need to take your own with you on holiday. In the Netherlands, you can rent a bicycle in almost every town.

Renting a campervan in the Netherlands is never regretted. A trip with a caravan through the beautiful Netherlands will be an unforgettable holiday!