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Campervans in Portugal

Campervan hire Portugal : Discover Portugal with campstar

General knowledge about campervans and Portugal

Portugal is a small country on the Iberian Peninsula. It is very scenic and it is worthwhile to make a round trip here with a campervan. Portugal is very rough in some places, like the southern Algarve, which stretches along the Atlantic Ocean. From the Spanish border to Sagres in the west of Portugal, the coast is very rugged, but you will find many campsites in the middle of nature. If you're lucky, you'll get a delicious bratwurst at the westernmost point of Portugal, the last one before America. The hinterland is mountainous and your route will take you through small towns and villages, but also through breathtaking forests, beautiful valleys and green landscapes by campervan. In the south, far below you, you see the azure sea shimmering. A sea that stretches all the way to America. The sparkling Atlantic offers beautiful sandy beaches, small white houses hugging the coast and small towns with nice shopping and cafés. This is Portugal as it laughs and lives. Small towns such as Lagos, Albufeira and Portimao offer the heart of the coast. In the towns and in the hinterland, there are plenty of camping sites and facilities for your campervan. Campers will find every opportunity here.

Climate when renting a campervan in Portugal

The climate in Portugal could not be more different. In the mountains the climate is often harsh and cold, and even in summer it is refreshingly warm. On the coast, on the other hand, the wind is always a bit rough, but in summer you can swim there and really enjoy your holiday with a campfire at night in the caravan. Of course it cools down in the evening, but during the day the sun can often be very hot. Then it's time for a swim, on the rugged Algarve coast. Here there are beautiful sandy beaches, unique waves and, on top of that, the various rocks that jut out of the water. There are numerous cliffs, but also shallow sandy beaches that invite you to swim. The sea is a little colder than on Spain's south coast, for example, because here you are on the Atlantic, a huge ocean, and it doesn't heat up as quickly as the Mediterranean or the Black Sea, even in summer. In winter, on the other hand, the Algarve sometimes has a lot of rain, but it's not really cold either. Temperatures stay around 15 to 20 degrees. But then you can't swim here, because the water cools down very quickly. However, if you go further north, towards Porto, you will find yourself on the Green Coast, which becomes the Costa Verde in Spain, and it doesn't have its name for nothing. It rains very often here, especially in spring and early summer, and of course in winter too. You can also rarely go swimming here, because the Atlantic is rough and cold, often into the summer. However, there are numerous sandy beaches around Porto and they are very suitable for sunbathing. In the centre, around Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, the weather is mostly mixed and can be very mild despite the winter. In December, temperatures in the capital are also around 15 to 17 degrees. Of course, it can also get a little colder, depending on the low pressure area. In summer, Portugal is at its best. Then many people are on the beach, enjoying the sun and the warm days. There are numerous city festivals and there is always something going on in the harbour. The big city festivals in Porto and Lisbon take place in the summer months, and the big pilgrimage to Fatima in May is also very attractive. On Madeira there are many flower festivals throughout the year. The fish festival in Lisbon is also in May. Spring is also a suitable time for walking enthusiasts in Madeira.

Popular destinations for campervan hire in Portugal

Campervan hire and explore the capital of Portugal, Lisbon

When renting a campervan in Portugal, you should start in the city of Lisbon. It is very charming, has many beautiful neighbourhoods to visit and a tour on the nostalgic tram should also be part of your campervan trip. Lisbon has a beautiful castle in the middle of the city and sits on numerous hills. If you want to explore the city on foot and leave the campervan outside, then of course you can be very sporty. The city centre, however, is not far from the River Tagus, which flows right through the city and gives it life. That is exactly what Portugal is. In the past, there was a severe earthquake in Lisbon, which destroyed many houses and entire streets. But today everything has been rebuilt and the city shines in its very special splendour. It doesn't matter if it's the Tejo Bridge, which looks very much like the Golden Gate Bridge and is 3.2 kilometres long. How gigantically the river pushes its way through the city and flows into the Atlantic just behind it. Lisbon is always worth a visit, the capital of Portugal. In addition to the numerous tram lines, which focus on nostalgia, there is also a transport museum. This is located not far from the Tagus under the bridge and has a lot of old nostalgic cars to offer, even buses are there. The buses used to look similar to London's double-deckers, only in green. One bus even has a small restaurant. Renting a campervan is worthwhile here in the capital of Portugal.

Portugal - rent a campervan and discover Porto by campervan

The city of Porto lies high up in the green belt of Portugal. There is a lot of rainfall here, so everything is very green and planted. Porto also has two nostalgic tram lines that go all the way up to the Atlantic Ocean. From there, it's only a stone's throw to the lighthouse or the wide beach. Porto has a nostalgic Viennese café with antique furnishings. You can also get delicious coffee and cake here. The city is usually called Lisbon's little sister and has numerous bridges over the Douro, beautiful old and colourful houses, cathedrals and wine cellars. This is because port wine is at home here, the somewhat stronger wine is usually poured here at lunchtime and then the atmosphere is boisterous. When renting a campervan, however, be careful not to drink too much of the wine, especially the driver should hold back. The city is also elevated, like Lisbon, on a hill and from the top there are many stairs down to the Douro. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its entirety for several years. Palacio da Bolsa is an imposing building within the old town. If you park the campervan outside and want to explore everything on foot, the old bookshop Livraria Lello is also worth a visit. This is where Joanne Rowling's Harry Potter story began. She was living in Porto at the time and this bookshop inspired her.

Portugal - Sintra - a trip into the past by campervan

Whether Palacio Nacional da Pena, Quinta da Regaleira or Castelo dos Mouros - Sintra is a special town with many magnificent buildings that have been placed on mountains in the middle of the mountains. The town itself has the character of a small mountain village and has preserved this for hundreds of years. Not only the palaces, but also the national park directly behind the town should be visited. As Sintra is smaller than Lisbon or Porto, you can easily park your campervan close to the centre and see the palaces from the outside and some even from the inside. The Sintra.Cascais Natural Park with its lighthouse and dunes is something very special. You can also spend the night here in your campervan before the journey continues, right through the mountains of this small country, which appears so majestic. Cabo da Roca are the cliffs that are not far from the town. Here it is possible to drive to the viewpoint by campervan or public transport and enjoy the sea. This is a highlight, especially in summer.

Rent a campervan and explore the Algarve - Portugal's rugged coastline

Cape San Vincente is one of the most popular places in Portugal, because you are at the most south-westerly point of Europe and can already sense the Statue of Liberty on the horizon, as a hero shouted in the famous film Titanic. The sea seems to glitter endlessly here, far down at the foot of the cliffs. There is a lighthouse and a viewing terrace from which you can't take your eyes off the sea. Since the wind is always very rough here, the landscape is also barren. Sagres is the name of the next village nearby. But that's not all, towards the east there are still many highlights, like Ponta da Piedade in Lagos. The city is unique and was once the capital of the Algarve. The church Igreja de Santo Antonio and also the slave market are visited again and again. Cape Ponta da Piedade is scenic and beautiful. The village of Aljezur, which is characterised by its white houses, is also always worth a visit. A stroll through the historic centre will take you back to the past century. The remains of a castle lie on a hill. A little further inland is the Serra de Monchique, a beautiful mountain range with small villages, thermal springs and the 902-high Folia, a mountain from which you can look out over the entire Algarve. The coastal strip of Portugal is home to cork. Everything here is made from the material, even cards that you can send. You can also buy baskets and tins made of cork. The town of Albufeira is ideal for a stopover with the camper. Here, too, there is a beautiful sandy beach and a historic town centre with numerous small souvenir shops. Renting a campervan in Portugal is a lot of fun here.

Good to know when renting a campervan in Portugal

Portugal is a very beautiful country to visit. You may be able to travel to Lisbon by night train, but many prefer to use the major airports, of which there are three in the country. One is in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, the other in the far north, in Porto, and the third is in the sunny south, in Faro. Your campervan trip could start right here, in these three places, which will then take you all over Portugal. Maybe it is possible to rent the vehicle in Porto or Faro and return it in the other place. This way you could travel from the south to the north or vice versa and get to know everything in the country. There are also tolls on the motorways here. You should take care of a toll box in advance when renting a campervan, otherwise you will have to pull a ticket on the motorway, where you then leave, it will be redeemed and you will have to pay. This is the only way to get around the country quickly and efficiently. If you plan to drive everything on country roads, you must allow enough time. A Campstar station is usually close to the train station, so you can easily carry your luggage on a short distance. As soon as you have rented the campervan, the journey can begin. There are many places you must see on a road trip. Renting a campervan in Portugal is very advantageous because you can move around in your "home" and explore all the cities and places in detail. Of course, you should think ahead about where to stay in Lisbon and how to get around the city in your campervan. The best alternative in such cities in Portugal is, of course, to leave the car at a campsite a little outside and continue by public transport. The trams in Lisbon, Portugal, are wooden, manual and very old. A ride is definitely an adventure, just like the whole road trip through Portugal with your house on wheels, because that's what the campervan is usually called. If you are still missing things that you need for your trip, you can get them at the supermarket or drugstore. Camping equipment for campervan rental is also often available in small and large towns.