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Campervans in Vienna

Campervan hire Vienna: Discover Vienna with Campstar

Vienna is the city of coffee houses, operas and imperial palaces. It is located in the east of Austria, directly on the beautiful Danube. Great artists such as Mozart and Beethoven have had a decisive influence on the city's courtly culture.

In addition to the historic centre, special sights are the numerous castles. One of the best examples is Schönbrunn Palace, the former residence of the Habsburg dynasty.

The museums are also unparalleled in the country. The Museumsquartier houses museums of historical and modern art. Highlights include exhibitions of the Art Nouveau artist Klimt and the Expressionist Egon Schiele.


Renting a campervan in Vienna

Due to the numerous campsites around the city, Vienna is a good destination for campervan fans. In the middle of the city there is even a parking lot exclusively for campervans. There is no faster and more comfortable way to explore the city with a campervan.

If you are looking for a site a little further out in the countryside, there are many options. These sites offer more peace and quiet and the opportunity to relax. Some sites are even located directly on the Danube.


The best time to travel for campervans

Vienna is located in the middle of Europe in a temperate weather zone. Europe has four seasons, but no rainy or dry season like many Asian countries. City breaks to Austria are recommended by campervan between May and October.

Holidays in Vienna - Temperatures:

On average, the temperature in Vienna is around 10 degrees Celsius. This may not sound much, but this is mainly due to the strong temperature fluctuations. Compared to Vienna, Munich averages only 8.6 degrees.

The warmest month and therefore also the best month for a trip with a campervan is the month of July. In July the thermometer reaches around 20 degrees Celsius. But the months of June and August are also ideal.

The travel season for a camping holiday in Vienna starts at the beginning of May. Then it stays quite pleasantly warm, even at night. Nevertheless, the campervan should have a reliable auxiliary heating system in the spring months.

A camping holiday in autumn or winter is not advisable, unless you are a specialist in winter camping. The coldest month is January with temperatures around freezing point.

Holidays in Vienna - Rain:

It rains on about 93 days per year. The rain falls quite evenly distributed over the months. On average, 175 mm of rain fall per month. Snowfall is to be expected especially in the winter months until March. There is a closed snow cover on 55 days.

Holidays in Vienna - Sunshine hours:

According to the climate table, July is the sunniest. In this month you can expect an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day. On average, the sun shines for 5 hours a day.

Campervan hire - Top 3 sights

1. visitor highlight Vienna: St. Stephen's Cathedral

On Vienna's Stephansplatz, the cathedral church has been dedicated to Saint Stephen since 1365. The saint is one of the first Christian martyrs. He was born about a year after the Ascension of Jesus Christ and executed 40 years later for his confession of faith.

The cathedral is one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in Austria. The south tower is the highest point of the city at 136.4 metres, the north tower, which was not completed, measures 68 metres. In ancient times, the legionary camp of Vindobona was located on the same site.

2. campervan hire - Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace was built in the 18th century for Duchess Maria Theresa as a summer residence. It is located in the 13th district and is open to visitors. The palace owes its name to Emperor Matthias, who discovered a fountain there.

Another palace previously stood on the same site, which was destroyed in 1683 during the siege of the city by the Turks. The baroque palace, which can be visited today, was built as a reconstruction.

The huge palace park invites you to take a walk and is especially worth seeing in spring, when the flowers are in bloom. The magnificent interiors are predominantly decorated in white and gold. The huge oil paintings depict the noble family members of the house.

3. campervan hire - Belvedere Castle

The Belvedere Palace is another magnificent complex. Prince Eugene had it built in 1723. As at Schönbrunn Palace, the baroque opulence is not to be overlooked here either. The Austrian ballrooms are among the most distinguished in the world.

The palace also has a political significance; numerous treaties were concluded there. Art lovers can enjoy the changing exhibitions.

Campervan rental - Tip for a break: Take a break in one of the numerous Viennese coffee houses. These coffee houses are an important part of Austrian culture. The Sachertorte cake is simply delicious.

Campervan rental- The most beautiful campsites

1. rent a campervan in vienna - campervan site

This site is ideal if you rent a campervan in Vienna. It is centrally located in the city and can only be used by campervans. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Only 200 m from the campsite, there is an underground train to all the main districts of Vienna. There are 167 pitches in total, all of which have their own electricity supply. The site has two large and clean sanitary buildings.

2. campervan rental in Vienna - Camping Neu Donau

The Neu Donau site has a little more greenery than the campervan site. The city centre can be reached quickly by public transport. You can also rent bikes in the city.

There is a kitchen for self-cooking and a café serving breakfast. The sanitary facilities are modern and hygienic. The Danube is in the immediate vicinity. You can rent a boat on the river and float comfortably on the water.

3. campervan hire - Camping Wien West

Camping Wien West is located on the outskirts of Vienna and has a small stream. You can easily reach the most important sights by public transport. The sanitary facilities seem well kept and the staff is very friendly. Unfortunately, there are no bicycles for rent here.


Campervan hire - Getting there

The Austrian capital is easy to reach by plane, train and car. The airport is in the south-east of the city and the train stops right in the centre. By campervan you can reach the city via the A21.

Campervan hire - Conclusion: Vienna is a very attractive destination for a holiday with a campervan. The city has many magnificent sights to offer, such as Schönbrunn Palace. In and around the city there are beautiful campsites that make a stay with a campervan very pleasant.