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Interesting places in Canada

Are you looking for sightseeing? Discover interesting places in Canada:

Place du CanadaUrban MarmotteBar le SénateurSquare DorchesterCour Rio Tinto
Espace C2Montreal Comedy ClubMtlcomedyclubPeroni Resto BarLe Windsor

Frequently asked questions about camper van hire in Canada

Read the answers to frequently asked questions about Canada

Campervans in Canada usually cost - per day
A credit card is required for the deposit in most cases. The deposit amount will be blocked on the credit card on site and unblocked when the campervan is properly returned.
Please use our filters on the search results page. With the filter you can filter out providers that allow you to bring pets.
Wild camping is allowed in Canada, but is prohibited to wild camp in cities, national parks, and provincial parks. If you get caught in one of those areas, expect a fine.
This depends on the rental company. Most rental companies allow use from the age of 18. Please check the rental conditions of the rental company on the details page.
This is allowed in principle, as long as the instructions for the safe fastening of the child are followed.
The standard full car driver licence is enough to drive a campervan in Canada. Note that if the licence is not in English, you will need an international driving licence with an English translation if you are from a non-English speaking country. Your French driving licence written in French is also acceptable.
Yes, Canada's National Parks are the most sought after campsites. Well equipped and friendly and of a very high standard. Book early as they are very popular.
The speed limits in Canada stands at 100 kph on highways and at 50 kph in town/city areas.
Considering Canada is one of the safest countries out there, so long as you follow the rules, don't show off your valuables, keep the doors locked, and generally stay careful in your trip, you will manage to get home safely without issues.
Canada is home to some of the world's most breathtaking national parks. From the majestic Canadian Rockies in Banff and Jasper National Parks to the rugged coastline of Pacific Rim, there's something for everyone. Don't miss the dramatic cliffs of Gros Morne, the tidal wonders of Fundy, or the pristine lakes of Yoho. Explore these natural wonders and discover the beauty of Canada's wilderness.
Yes, most travelers to Canada require a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before entering the country. However, some visitors may be exempt from this requirement based on their nationality or the purpose of their visit. It's essential to check the specific visa requirements based on your citizenship and travel circumstances before planning your trip to Canada.
The best time to visit Canada depends on your interests. For outdoor activities, summer (June - August) is ideal, while winter (December-February) is perfect for skiing and snowboarding. Fall (September-October) offers stunning foliage views. Choose based on your preferred activities and regions to explore.
Popular outdoor activities in Canada include hiking, skiing, kayaking, whale watching, camping, wildlife viewing, fishing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and dog sledding. These can be enjoyed in various regions such as national parks, coastal areas, and wilderness reserves across the country.
Canada experiences diverse climates due to its vast size and varied geography: Western Canada: Mild coastal climate with wet winters and dry summers; interior has colder winters and warmer summers. Eastern Canada: Four distinct seasons with hot summers and cold winters. Atlantic Canada: Maritime climate with mild winters and cool summers influenced by ocean currents. Northern Canada: Arctic climate with long, harsh winters and short, cool summers. Weather conditions vary widely, so it's important to research the specific region you plan to visit.

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Important information and facts about Canada

About Canada

Canada. As one of the largest countries in the world, covering almost 10 million square kilometers, the question arises as to what makes the country so special despite such a small population. The fact that the "Land of the North" is only inhabited by about 38 million people, mostly in big cities like Vancouver or Toronto, means that the animal and plant world is all the more extensive for it. 

Over the years, the animal world has created a large number of mammal and bird species due to the great climatic differences between the various parts of the country. The Arctic regions of Canada are mainly home to polar bears, whales or walruses. On the other hand, the tundra provides the perfect habitat for numerous migratory birds, musk oxen and wolves. And the forests are characterized by moose, lynx, bears or beavers. 

The flora, just like the fauna, is always unique due to the great differences in the various points of the compass.  

  • In the Arctic north, for example, you can travel through northern lights and a cool mountain landscape, including the ice-clad Mount Logan,  
  • While in the east, rather, the vast waters, such as Niagara Falls, and the forests create a fresh climate and exceptional plant diversity.  
  • The south, while similar to the east, is also partly characterized by the Rocky Mountains, which are easily accessible by caravan or camper via the highway and offer beautiful hiking trails.  
  • The Great Bear Rainforest, which lies to the west, is one of the last largely intact temperate rainforests on earth. 
  • The wide variety of species, the mostly untouched nature and the structured connection between the different parts of the country offer countless opportunities to travel and experience the natural beauty of Canada at first hand. 

Except for the north, the climate here is predominantly continental, with large temperature contrasts and fluctuations in precipitation. This also means long, cold winters and warm summers. The country also lies in several vegetation belts, such as that of the boreal coniferous forest. 

  • In winter, this can mean Arctic snowstorms, severe cold snaps and so-called "blizzards".  
  • During the summer, on the other hand, the typical "hot waves" emanating from the Gulf of Mexico penetrate large parts of the country. 

Due to the different climatic conditions of Canada, the vegetation is also determined by different landscape belts. This means, for example, lichen and moss tundra in the north and boreal coniferous forest in the south. 

In order to take advantage of the best possible conditions during your campervan rental in Canada, it is worthwhile to adjust the time of year to your own travel plans.  

  • Spring is perfect for wildlife viewing due to the increased amount of precipitation. In addition, some sporting events, such as the Vancouver Marathon, take place at this time of year. These can be easily reached by campervan 
  • June to August is considered the best period for an adventurous trip by campervan. In summer, the warm, long days are good for hiking trips. And also for trips to the countless national parks, such as Yoho National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park or Banff National Park. Canoeing is also a popular destination for campers renting an RV in Canada. However, tourism is at its busiest during this month, which recommends reserving parking spaces for your camper, caravan or campervan well in advance. The many music festivals, such as the "Festival Vancouver", are also well attended here. 
  • Canada has a pleasant climate in autumn, especially in the coastal regions. The famous "Indian Summer" is characterized by the colourful play of colours and the lush deciduous forests. In September, the northern lights can also be seen. In September, you can also celebrate the famous "Thanksgiving" festival or the "Vancouver International Film Festival" while travelling through the different parts of the country in your campervan. 
  • Is it worth renting a campervan in Canada in winter? While many activities are restricted by the freezing cold, this also means that you get to try out the champagne powder snow for yourself while skiing. In addition, polar bear watching is an activity you won't regret at this time of year. And spending Christmas in Canada will also be an unforgettable memory. 

Popular destinations in and around Canada 

Not only does Canada offer many options for campervan rentals and an exciting and varied trip, but it also has a number of parking facilities that promote and facilitate campervan rentals in Canada. 

Since campervans give you the chance to experience an unforgettable trip and learn from the diverse nature of Canada, special consideration should be given to the choice of itinerary

Although some big cities, such as Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto, can offer a nice holiday, after renting the campervan, the more rural sides of Canada should be read about first.  

  • Quebec, an outdoor paradise around Quebec City, is perfect for a short stopover. This part of Canada has several sports and recreational activities to choose from. It also has 25 beautiful national parks. The rushing Montmorency Falls are close to Quebec and are definitely worth a visit. 
  • Calgary is located in the west and offers a wide range of leisure activities, including sports and culture. Not only is there a wide choice of museums and historical sites, such as the famous Heritage Park, one of the largest open-air museums in Western Canada. Calgary is also the ideal starting point for travelling by campervan to the Rocky Mountains and their numerous national parks.  
  • It is also worth visiting Yellowstone National Park. It is located on the American side of the Rocky Mountains and offers not only hot springs and grizzly bears, but also several other unique natural experiences. 
  • Newfoundland should also be on your to-do list when renting a caravan in Canada. The island traces the beginnings of European settlement in Canada and is also marked by some icebergs. 
  • Ottawa, as the capital of Canada, is obviously already a popular destination. While the modern city is less suitable for touring by campervan, Ottawa offers a variety of events and festivals throughout the seasons. These include the Ottawa Jazz Festival in April, the Capital Fair in August and the Chamberfest Concert in January. The Rideau Canal is a constructed waterway and automatically transforms into the world's longest ice skating rink in winter. 
  • One of the world's most famous sights is and remains Niagara Falls. With their wide, rushing masses of water, they fascinate their visitors again and again. 
  • Other places where a visit with a campervan will not be a mistake include the Badlands, for example. These are among the most important sites of dinosaur remains and also have a long geological past. 
  • Dawson City, also called the Gold Rush City, is considered one of the largest open-air museums today. With countless preserved neighborhoods where you can explore life of the time for yourself, a visit by campervan is especially worthwhile for the adventurous. 
  • The Icefields Parkway paints one of the most beautiful natural pictures imaginable. Crystal-clear water, enormous mountain ranges and a fresh green forest form a beautiful path along the highway through the Rocky Mountains, while you can enjoy the view at your leisure. 

As Canada not only has many sights and activities to offer, the national parks also play an significant role for people who rent a campervan in Canada. Among the most important and at the same time most fascinating are the  

  1. Banff National Park, Jasper National Park and Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta,  
  2. Yoho National Park and Pacific Rim National Park in British Colombia. 
  3. If you are driven by a particular desire to travel and also want to see a little more of America, then you have a choice of a few places that border directly on Canada and are easy to reach by campervan.  
  4. An example of this would be Alaska, one of the few places where you can really get up close and personal with the wilderness. Located in the north of America, Alaska offers mighty ice glaciers and breathtaking nature and wilderness experiences. From glacier explorations to wilderness forays, there is something for everyone. 
  5. Bordering Canada to the south is the USA. There are some beautiful places here that would definitely be worth a visit. Among them are New York, Washington, Acadia National Park or the various seaside resorts on the Atlantic coast. 

In order to experience unexpected, exciting adventures again and again, but still be able to enjoy nature and wildlife to the fullest, planning a road trip is highly recommended. You could start from a city that is easy to reach by public transport and also offers Campstar campervan rental.  

Since Canada has an enormous area that can only be crossed if you take your time, you should first decide between eastern or western Canada. After renting a campervan in Canada, you will realize that both Eastern and Western Canada have a lot to offer.  

  • Should one choose the east, a start in Quebec is the perfect way to have some exciting experiences right at the beginning of the trip. From there, a drive east towards New Brunswick can be started and continued to Halifax. The Citadel Fortress in the centre of Halifax is definitely worth a visit. On the way back, you can take a detour across the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island. There you can simply enjoy Canada's tranquil, unspoilt landscape. Furthermore, on the way back you should not miss a number of activities such as canoeing or bear watching.  
  • In Western Canada, after renting a camper van, you could start directly in Vancouver and drive east towards Jasper, where you will land directly in the Rocky Mountains and can first explore the beautiful mountain ranges and ice-blue lakes by camper van. Afterwards, you can take a glacier hike and continue your journey to Banff. Banff National Park, as described above, is one of the national parks with the most beautiful, idyllic scenery in Canada. In general, a cheap ticket is usually available in the national parks, even for several days. Back in Vancouver, a unique road trip has come to an end. 
Important information

First and foremost, you can reach Canada by plane. You can also travel by boat, but this takes several weeks and is also a little more expensive. Among the most important and largest airports are  

  • Vancouver Airport,  
  • Halifax Airport,  
  • Toronto-Pearson Airport and  
  • Montreal-Trudeau Airport.  

Among these you will often find international airlines, such as Air China or Lufthansa, as well as domestic airlines, such as Air Transat or Air Canada. 

Once you arrive, it is easy to travel by public train or bus to your desired destination. It has to be said, however, that Canada's bus system is more developed than that of the trains. Nevertheless, in addition to the countless bus systems and stations, there are also a few convenient stations operated by the train company VIA Rail Canada, but most of these are located in the cities. 

There are also campsites almost everywhere. 
  • Recreation sites are often located by lakes or forests and are basically made for recreation, as they usually have only 5-20 sites.  
  • State campsites are larger and often located in national parks.  
  • Private campsites have the advantage of better facilities and year-round opening hours, but are also a little more expensive. 

In order to be able to do anything at all in Canada, you should know that it is traded in Canadian dollars. 1€ is equivalent to about 1.47 Canadian dollars, also called CAD. However, you can pay almost everywhere with your credit or debit card; at recreation sites, for example, cash is thrown into a box in envelopes (8-15 CAD per night).  

Fuel costs for campervans are also in an average price range of about 1€/1.4 CAD per litre, which is very helpful on long trips as campervans consume quite a bit of fuel. As there are enough petrol stations on all routes and they also operate by self-service, the longer journey is no problem. In addition, in an emergency, you can still get important things for the trip that you may have forgotten. 

Advantageously, there are only tolls on the Coquihalla Highway and Highway 407, whose prices range between 1.00-3.00 CAD and which you can easily pay by credit card. 

In general, it should be remembered that local customs in Canada are naturally different from those in the rest of the world. It goes without saying that you should always be punctual, polite and patient. For example, blowing your nose while eating in a restaurant is considered very rude. In addition, smoking is forbidden in most places and bringing up sensitive political topics should be avoided. 

Finally, renting a campervan is never a mistake, as you will encounter the most interesting travel experiences. Canada's nature offers a lot and is just waiting to be discovered.

Campervan Hire in Canada

Hire a campervan in Canada and drive across the country from east to west or west to east, or drive along the west coast all the way inland to Calgary. Canada is the second largest country in the world and is perfect for exploring with a camper. Not only well-known metropolises like Vancouver and Toronto, but also Calgary and Edmonton are suitable starting points. But Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia are also great places for a campervan holiday in Canada.

Whatever you decide when you hire a campervan in Canada, it's a great outdoor experience. In many national parks such as Banff, Jasper and Olympic National Park you can hike and climb to your heart's content.

Hire a campervan in Canada and explore the second largest country in the world

Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of area, which is why a campervan trip in the North American country is the perfect choice. Choose from many different routes and destinations to perfect your round trip. If you hire a campervan in Canada, you will experience endless expanses and freedom. Along the route, you can explore breathtaking natural landscapes as well as many interesting cities. The vibrant cosmopolitan city of Toronto delights visitors just as much as the bustling metropolis of Vancouver. The city is considered one of the most important centres of the North American film industry and rightly bears the meaningful nickname "Hollywood North". But the French-speaking cities of Montreal and Quebec are also must-see destinations.

Campervan Hire in Canada and Explore the East Coast

On a trip through eastern Canada, you follow the Atlantic coast through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island. The routes take you through almost untouched natural landscapes and along large natural harbours such as Halifax and the Bay of Fundy, which is known for its huge tidal range of 16 metres. At low tide, you can visit the towering Hopewell Rocks in Fundy National Park.

If you want to experience culture and nature, plan a trip to the CN Tower in Toronto. If you hire a campervan in Canada, you should also visit Niagara Falls, Algonkin Park, Montreal and theT housand Island region. Now choose the right model for your round trip in Canada from our large selection of campers.

Get inspired to experience a great adventure in Canada