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Campervans in Rome

Campervan hire Rome: Discover Rome with campstar

General knowledge about renting a campervan in Rome

Renting a campervan with campstar is the perfect start to an extraordinary camping adventure, especially in the beautiful city of Rome, the capital of Italy. Here begins a tour through beautiful central Italy with all its landscapes, nature and culture. Renting a campervan is a great opportunity to get a taste of camping holidays, because it's the only way to experience the everyday life of a camper with the whole family. But togetherness is also important. The country of Italy and the capital Rome are the best opportunity for this. Your campervan or motorhome should be as big as you want it to be, depending on whether you are going on holiday as a family, as a couple or with friends. You can get from Germany to Rome by train. There are some very good connections, especially from the big cities like Frankfurt, Stuttgart or Munich. From Rome's main railway station, it's only a stone's throw to the campstar station, which is located in the middle of the city. Your journey with the camper van can begin and you will experience many beautiful things during your holiday. From history and culture to the beautiful landscapes that run through the Italian boot. The hinterland of Lazio is rather mountainous. Here you can go hiking and enjoy the tranquility of nature. At the seaside, on the other hand, it's lively, because many tourists still want to get a nice spot in the sun here. Especially in summer, all hell breaks loose here. But even in the early summer months and up to October there is a lot of activity here.

Climate in Rome for campervan rental

Italy, like its capital Rome, has a tropical climate and you can rent a campervan here all year round. In summer, however, it's too hot to travel around Rome, but it's ideal for a seaside holiday in Olbia or along the coast to the south. The beautiful Mediterranean Sea feels like a bathtub. You can rent a campsite by the sea here with the whole family and your camper van and lie down comfortably on a deck chair. In spring and autumn, on the other hand, the weather in and around Rome is ideal for a round trip with the camper. Then you can visit the different cities, look around Rome and take a close look at the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Roman Forum during a city tour. During off-season, the campervan is cheaper than in the high season. Winter is also an ideal time for a campervan trip around Rome. Because it doesn't get really cold here, in central Italy even the winters are very mild and it's worth renting a campervan here too. Italy is a year-round destination and the area around Rome has many sights to offer. You can rent a bike or experience beautiful things on foot.

Popular destinations in and around Rome for campervan hire

Renting a campervan in Rome is a great way to plan your road trip through central Italy. Of course, there are also plenty of great sights in the capital. The Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, the 7 Hills of Rome, as well as St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, the domicile of the Catholic Church. This is where the Pope reigns and holds his audiences. The Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel are wonderful destinations for a stay in Rome. But the Pantheon, which you can visit from the inside, should also be on your campervan holiday itinerary around Rome. If you want to get to know the most beautiful fashion, then a shopping tour through the Via del Corso would be just the thing for you and your loved ones. Another highlight of a campervan rental in Rome would be the Castel Sant'Angelo. You can climb this old castle complex and from there you have a wonderful view over the roofs of the city.

Rome has so many sights that you will need a good 3 days to explore the city and the surrounding area. Olbia is a beautiful beach just a few kilometres from the city centre. This is where all the Romans come to cool off in the summer. In the city itself, you can also rent bicycles and take a close look not only at the centre, but also at the surrounding area. The camper van is parked at the campsite in the meantime and you can see all the sights from the saddle, so you don't have to pay parking fees for the camper van. Don't forget to drive past the Palatine Hill, because this is where the history of Rome and its foundation began. The first houses are said to have been built here. Today, however, there are numerous excavations here, near the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. You are in the middle of the city, yet you are in a park where you hear no heavy traffic of the city and can cycle through the excavations on your bike. Renting a bike here is probably the best way to get to know the city from angles you can't reach by car or camper van.

But enough about Rome and its suburbs. You want to rent the campervan to get to know other parts of Italy and start a round trip. Your first destination is Latina. At Lago di Fogliano, which lies directly between the Mediterranean Sea and Latina, you can spend the first night with your campervan at the campsite. This is about 80 km from Rome. Lago di Fogliano is about 5 kilometres long and only 1.5 kilometres wide. If you want to go around it once, you have to cover 5 kilometres. The landscape and nature here are still very unspoilt and the area is not very touristy. But here you are directly in a nature park, which also includes the botanical garden of Borgo di Villa Fogliano and the Caetani estate from the 18th century.

From here it is only 120 kilometres to the cosmopolitan city of Naples. You drive via Terracina with its beautiful rocks and then arrive in the tourist metropolis with your camper. Here, too, there are plenty of spaces to park your camper van. The city centre has a lot to offer. There are numerous narrow streets with small quaint shops. Of course, Naples is a shopper's paradise, but culture and history are not neglected either. Solfatara is an active volcano located on the outskirts of Naples. A lot of sulphur escapes here every day. Culturally, the Castel Nuovo is very famous. Here you can visit not only the medieval castle, but also the art gallery housed inside. The Archaeological Museum with its ancient sculptures, coins and art is also very famous and worth a visit. From Rome, it is about 200 kilometres that you have to travel by campervan. Therefore, it is advisable to make one or two stops before you reach the large and beautiful city of Naples. The landmark here is Mount Vesuvius, the largest active volcano on the European mainland. Just leave your campervan in the last car park before the crater and make your way up under your own steam.

Once you're in the city of Naples, there are so many things to see. The Amalfi Coast with its beautiful little towns, Ravello, Positano and Sorrento. The towns are all on a peninsula. Positanio is famous for its houses that have been plastered onto the hillside. It is considered one of the artists' villages on the Amalfi Coast. But Amalfi itself, with its beautiful clear beach and large church, is also worth a visit. From here it is not very far to the island of Ischia. The highest mountain is Monte Epomeo, which used to be a volcano but is now extinct. Here you can go on numerous hikes. You can really relax on the island of Ischia, with its Castello Aragonaise and its Fungo in the harbour of Lacco Ameno. However, you will need to travel to the island from Rome by ferry with your campervan. Cassamicciola and Sant Angelo are two seaside resorts with thermal baths. Here you can unwind and really relax before the journey continues. The sister island of Procida is also worth a visit, as is Capri, which was made famous many years ago by the song: "When the red Somme sinks into the sea on Capri". There is a villa of Sant Michele that can be visited, but also the town centre of Anacapri and the Blue Grotto, which sparkles in all shades of blue when you take a boat through the grotto. The area around Naples has a lot to offer and should definitely be visited on a road trip from Rome.

On the way back to Rome, you drive inland past Cassino. From the surrounding mountains, you have a breathtaking view of the town of Cassino, which lies in a valley basin, the valley of the Liri on the Rapido River. Many pilgrims come here to the Abbey of Montecassino, which sits high on a mountain just outside the town. There is a cloister and a temple dedicated to Apollo. The fountain courtyard is also very beautiful. Next to the abbey church there is a museum which has collected many artefacts about the monastery.

Another stop is made in Frosinone. The small town nestles on a mountain and has a beautiful church with a campanile. It lies in the valley of the Sacco, which is a right tributary of the Siri. The church tower rises majestically and the archaeological museum is also worth a visit. Now it's just under 86 kilometres back to Rome as the camping holiday draws to a close.

Good to know information about renting a campervan in Rome

When renting a campervan in Rome, there are a few things to consider, such as the traffic conditions in the country. Everyone knows that Italians like to honk their horns, step on the gas and sometimes don't pay much attention when you're speeding from one road to the next. When you rent your campervan, it is advisable to take out an all-round insurance package. This includes not only third party liability and partially comprehensive collision damage waiver insurance which are taken out through the company anyway, but also an all-round carefree cover. If there is a crash or a scratch on your campervan, you won't have to pay for it yourself. The campstar insurance in Rome, which you have taken out beforehand, will take care of that for you. It is also important to insure your tyres, windscreens and other items, as renting a campervan can otherwise quickly become very expensive. Find out exactly which things are covered by insurance, so that you can enjoy a relaxing holiday without stress if you have a breakdown, a crash or something else with the camper from Rome. Italy is a toll country. As soon as you get on the motorway, you must have a vignette. This is important, because if you violate it, you can be fined heavily. Make sure you know beforehand, preferably directly from campstar, how much and where you have to pay tolls when renting a campervan in Rome. You should also decide the size of the campervan beforehand. Would you like to spend your holiday in Rome with the whole family or just the two of you? That's no problem - there are various models and sizes that can be booked in advance via campstar on the Internet. There will definitely be enough space for everyone.