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Interesting places in Croatia

Are you looking for sightseeing? Discover interesting places in Croatia:

Hrvatski Skolski Muzej - Croatian School MuseumDolacSquare of the Victims of FascismChurch of the Holy CrossValaska Street
Croatian Academy of Sciences and ArtsPark Josipa Jurja StrossmeyerTrg Republike HrvatskeSv. Juraj Ubija ZmajaZagreb Ethnographic Museum

Frequently asked questions about camper rental in Croatia

Read the answers to frequently asked questions about Croatia

RV rentals in Croatia usually cost - per day.
A credit card is required for the deposit in most cases. The deposit amount will be blocked on the credit card on site and unblocked when the RV is properly returned.
Please use our filters on the search results page. With the filter you can filter out supplier that allow you to bring pets.
In Croatia, boondocking is not permitted, but fortunately, there are plenty of designated RV parks scattered throughout the country. These parks offer all the necessary amenities and allow you to enjoy the freedom of RV travel while also respecting the rules. With an RV, you can explore Croatia's beauty at your own pace, while also preserving nature and adhering to local regulations.
This depends on the rental company. Most rental companies allow use from the age of 18. Please check the rental conditions of the rental company on the details page.
This is allowed in principle, as long as the instructions for the safe fastening of the child are followed.
The camping season in Croatia typically runs from April to October, when the weather is pleasant enough to stay outdoors. April and May are perfect for quiet, relaxed camping experiences, with RVs commonly used for added comfort.
In Croatia, the maximum speed on highways for passenger cars is 130 km/h (80 mph). For RVs, it is often lower. On regional roads, the limit is usually 90 km/h (55 mph), and in urban areas, it is 50 km/h (30 mph). Local traffic signs indicate specific speed limits, so it is important to follow them for a safe journey.
In Croatia, you can drive an RV with a standard car driver's license (category B) for RVs up to 3,500 kilograms. For larger RVs, a higher category license may be required, such as a C1 license. Always check the specific requirements before traveling.
In Croatia, it can be handy to book an RV site in advance, especially during the peak season and at popular destinations. This ensures certainty and prevents last-minute stress. If you're flexible, you can check for available options on-site, but for peace of mind, booking ahead is advisable.
Camping in Croatia is generally safe, but make sure to choose a well-maintained RV park with necessary amenities. Be mindful of your personal safety, securely store valuables, and avoid secluded areas at night. Familiarize yourself with local regulations and natural hazards such as wildlife. With these precautions, you can fully enjoy your RV camping adventure in Croatia.
The best time to visit Croatia with an RV is May, June, September, and October. During these months, you avoid the crowds of the high season and enjoy pleasant temperatures, stunning landscapes, and blooming flora. If you plan to swim in the Adriatic Sea, July and August are ideal, despite the crowds and higher temperatures.

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Important information and facts about Croatia

Explore Croatia on Wheels: RV Rental for an Unforgettable Journey through Nature's Wonders!

We have known for a long time that Croatia has a lot to offer. But what is it? Not only the excellent wine is to be praised. Nature, with its multifaceted diversity, is also to be admired. Mountains, lakes, the vast sea, and beautiful beaches can be enjoyed here.

Croatia, with its capital Zagreb, has become modern. They have also done a lot for tourism. So there is something for everyone. Whether it's a holiday in a hotel or a road trip in a camper van. Nature lovers and beach fans alike go to Croatia.

The country can basically be divided into three areas. Each of them has its own impressive differences in nature. A round trip in a caravan is a good way to get to know them. Renting a camper van is very easy.

The Pannonian Plain is rather flat. This area is in the northern part of Croatia, with a continental climate.

In the Dinaric mountain region, medium and high mountains can be found. A mountain climate prevails here.

The Adriatic coastal region captivates with its Mediterranean ambience and climate. This is further divided into three historical regions and stretches across the entire country from north to south.

Croatia also has many small and larger islands. That is why it is often called the land of 1000 islands.

A holiday in this historic and natural country is worth the trip!

RV Rental in Croatia: Mastering the Seasons for Year-Round Adventures!

If you want to rent an RV, you need to know the climate of the country. With a well-equipped RV, any time is worth traveling, as both air conditioning and heating are available. You should pay attention to this when renting an RV, in Croatia.

The different holiday seasons are divided as follows:

  1. May-October - Perfect for seaside holidays and camping with the caravan
  2. Spring & autumn - ideal for round trips in an RV
  3. May, June, September, October - Optimal for exploring the cities

From May onwards, the temperatures in Croatia rise. A swim in the Adriatic Sea is to be dared. However, the evening temperatures are still falling. Therefore, the pure summer holiday there begins around mid-June. The nights get longer, and swimming is refreshing. Most bathers travel to the water in July and August. In September and October, the temperatures drop slightly.

In spring and autumn, you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with the camper. The weather is not as stable as in summer. Swimming in the sea is possible, and sunscreen should also be packed. The time is very suitable for round trips with the camper.

The motorways are not crowded, and you can easily rent great campgrounds. Flora and fauna shine in lush green.

The months of May, June, September and October are particularly popular for city trips. If you want to rent an RV, in Croatia, this is a very good idea. You are flexible and can travel from city to city and explore them in pleasant T-shirt temperatures.

Freedom, flexibility, exploration, adventure: motorhome rental in Croatia - the ultimate travel experience!

Renting means freedom! Renting means flexibility! Renting means exploring! And renting also means adventure!

Experiencing all this in Croatia is not regretted.

Freedom means there are no limits. Do you go on a road trip? Are you going on today or tomorrow? To the left or to the right? You can experience all this in your camper. You wake up refreshed in the morning and can travel on as you like. The holiday seems endless because no destination has to be defined.

Flexibility means that you are not constricted when renting an RV. You don't have to adapt. Is it raining? Then we don't go to the seaside today, but use the day in the camper to get to the next destination. Don't feel like going to a restaurant? Well, then you cook yourself something nice in your camper.

Explore means to see more of the country, from the mountains to the sea and from the sea to the city. There are no limits to the variety of possibilities. And in Croatia, there really is a lot that wants to be traveled and explored by camper.

Adventure means getting to know the country and its people better with an RV. It is an adventure to travel from place to place, planned or unplanned, and to get to know the culture in an exciting way. Following the paths of the ancient Romans or the footsteps of Winnetou. All this is an adventure anew every day.

Renting an RV in Croatia allows you to do all that!

Beautiful campgrounds can be found all over Croatia. Some only open for the summer, others operate all year round. Wild camping in Croatia should be avoided. This is officially forbidden there and is sometimes punished with high fines.

There are also naturist campgrounds throughout the country. These are advertised separately.

Renting an RV and finding the campground to go with it is made easy in Croatia for every budget.

Do you just drive off? Do you plan a route after all?

What is made more difficult, however, is the choice of route. Each one is unique.

Zagreb and the inland with the rented motorhome

People often associate Croatia with its extensive beaches and the sea. This is also a correct association. But the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, and its hinterland should not be underestimated.

This city takes up a lot of time because of the countless sights.

"Must see" are, for example:

  • St Mark's Church
  • Zagreb Cathedral
  • Art pavilion

These are only excerpts from the never-resting city.

Starting in this fairytale place is a great way to start your journey.

The route leads through historic towns such as:

  • Koprivnica
  • Varaždin
  • Čakovec

It is especially worth mentioning that all these places have picturesque old towns. They are a great place to stroll and dream. You should definitely visit a classic Croatian restaurant and let yourself be enchanted by the cuisine.

You might think that RV rental is not suitable for visiting cities. Quite the opposite! You can park your vehicle in guarded car parks outside the city gates and take public transport directly to the centre. There are also many multi-storey car parks in the cities where easy entry is granted.

Nature in the interior seems almost untouched. In the unique natural paradise of Plitvice Lakes, you can marvel at the turquoise watercourses. This park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Interestingly, it became famous when the first Winnetou films were shot there.

Traveling Istria by camper

The route through Istria, the Croatian peninsula, is particularly popular with all those who love the beach and the sea with its Mediterranean ambience. Along the coast, approx. 400 kilometres can be covered by RV. Here you stop at the most beautiful bays with the endless sea.

The route leads via:

  • Umag - If you have the golf equipment in your camper van, you should make a direct stop here. There is a beautiful and very natural 18-hole golf course here. On the Adriatic Golf Course, you can leave everyday life behind you.
  • In addition, it is good to stroll along the harbour of Umag. With a refreshing ice cream in hand, you can look out over the anchored boats.
  • Pula - This is the largest city on the peninsula. Here you can step into the shoes of gladiators. Pula is home to the sixth largest amphitheatre in the world. This is now used for cultural events and walk-throughs.
  • Rovinji
  • Opatja

In general, a visit to any of these towns is worthwhile. Here you can stroll around the traditional markets and immerse yourself in the history of Istria. You can also take a stunning hike through the Brijuni National Park. Here you can get to know the flora and fauna of Croatia.


Also very popular is the journey by RV through Dalmatia. Starting in the city of Zadar, this route stretches all the way to the city of Dubrovnik. Here you need a little more time. With an RV on this route, you have many great cities to choose from for excursions.

Here is the route divided into stages:

  • Šibenik - Waterfalls in Krka National Park - The park is excellent for a nice walk in the greenery. The camera should be kept ready. It is also recommended to take a small packed lunch with you, as there is no refreshment point there.
  • Yelebit - Those who prefer hiking will also get their money's worth here. If you rent an RV, you can drive to the large car parks in front of the popular mountain range in Croatia. It is also the largest mountain range in Croatia. There are numerous well-signposted hiking trails here.
  • Split - A city particularly worth seeing with its breathtaking Diocletian's Palace. It is easy to take beautiful postcard photos here. This city is the second largest in Croatia and invites you to linger.
  • 1,000 islands - Dalmatia is also home to many of Croatia's beautiful islands. You should be enthusiastic about island hopping. Renting a camper van in Croatia also has the advantage that you can drive to the harbour with your camper van, rent a parking space there and board the ferry directly. Island tours often include two or three islands. Food is also provided below deck, so you can visit the islands with a full tank.
  • Dubrovnik - This would be the last point on the journey through Dalmatia. Here you prefer to park your RV on the beautiful peninsula of Babin Kuk. From there it takes about 10 minutes by car to get to the world-famous old town.

It is not for nothing that the place is also called the "Pearl of the Adriatic."

The walls and the UNESCO old town invite you to dream.

The city is also suitable for shopping.

There is a large promenade with selected boutiques. The many small cafés on the main square invite you to relax.

Embark on the Ultimate Croatian RV Adventure: Tips, Tricks, and Roadway Insights for a Memorable Journey

Renting an RV in Croatia means traveling to beautiful Croatia in advance. This can be done in various ways.

For one thing, Croatia has many airports. The largest, which are served from all over the world, are Zagreb and Split.

You can also take a nice trip by train. This takes a lot longer but also has more to offer. Here you can already get the first impressions on the train and awaken the holiday feeling. There are train stations in almost every town in Croatia.

Crime in Croatia is no different from other common holiday destinations. When traveling in an RV, it is important to stow your valuables well. If necessary, also lock them in your safe.

Renting an RV in Croatia also means that you have to pay a toll on almost all motorways, in tunnels, and on bridges. You can pay this conveniently by credit card or in cash. However, the costs are not out of the ordinary.

If you want to rent an RV, you should also know that the maximum speed on the motorway with an RV is 90 km/h in Croatia. You don't want to drive any faster than that anyway, because you also want to take a look at nature or two.

All in all, you can only win when renting an RV! This will not be regretted!

Get inspired to experience a great adventure in Croatia