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Campervans in Great Britain

With the camper through Great Britain

The country

Great Britain is in a great geographical location. This country is particularly suitable for a round trip with a campervan. It impresses with its beautiful cities, nature, great leisure activities and the sea that stretches around this island.

The vastness, tranquillity and nature invite you to relax with your camper. Here you can relax and travel the country with your camper and gather many impressions. A city trip with the campervan is also recommended.

Wales and Scotland inspire with their untouched nature. Here you will find many national parks, beautiful beaches and forests. Renting a campervan in these two sections is particularly worthwhile for nature lovers, beach holidaymakers and sports enthusiasts.

England, on the other hand, scores points with its enchanting cities that are a must to be explored. Renting a campervan here means that you can soak up a lot of impressions of the different places.

There are advertised campsites all over the UK where you can arrive on holiday in your camper van.

Sports fans also get their money's worth in Great Britain. This country is absolutely passionate about sport. Rugby, football, tennis, golf and cricket can all be found here.

A campervan rental in the UK will be an unforgettable trip with many impressions!

The seasons in Great Britain

A motto in the UK is "There is no bad weather - only bad clothes". So at all times, it is advisable to have suitable clothing for every occasion and weather. Therefore, it is also important to pay attention to the equipment of the vehicle when renting a campervan in the UK. When renting, various accessories such as air conditioning, heating or even a gazebo can be an advantage.

The different holiday seasons in the UK break down as follows:

1.     March to mid-June - This is spring in the UK. Temperatures are slowly rising, and nature is awakening. However, it is still too early for a beach holiday. Therefore, it is advisable to tour nature and the cities by campervan in spring.

2.     mid-June to September - This is the height of summer in the UK. At this time, you can expect temperatures between 20° degrees and maximum values of 30° degrees. Summer is a great time to take a campervan tour to the beaches and sea.

3.     October & November - Autumn ushers in the cool winds. This time is especially popular with sports enthusiasts. Here the roads are less busy. Campervan hire in the UK becomes fun here as you can comfortably drive all over the country.

4.     December to March - Winter in the UK is cold. However, snow rarely falls. So you can rent a campervan here without risk. Winter is particularly popular because everything in the UK is festively decorated at Christmas time. The kitschy Christmas markets and New Year's Eve events are inviting.

Routes and destinations in Great Britain by camper van

Campervan hire in the UK can be arranged in different ways. Once you have decided on a season, you still need to consider which route you will take with the campervan. Campervan hire is a pleasure and will make for a relaxing and memorable holiday.

When you set off, you have a lot of freedom when renting a campervan. You can freely plan your day trips and also the stops during the tour in Great Britain.

Suggestions for routes with the campervan through Great Britain:

South of England by campervan

This route starts in London and goes once across the south of England. You can start the route heading west and then ride the lower part all the way back to London.

A large part of this route runs along the coast of Great Britain. This makes it ideal to combine with a holiday by the water. There is hardly anything better than renting a campervan and following the coast.

1. London - Arriving in the capital, one is overwhelmed by insane scenery. The British charm is impossible to miss. With many old houses in the city centre, finely landscaped parks in the city and the banks of the Thames, London can convince.

Here it is advisable to park the campervan a little outside and take public transport into the city.

In the city, you can rent a city, scooter. That way, your feet won't get tired so quickly when you walk around.

The "Must See's" of London are:

- St Paul's Cathedral

- Tower Bridge

- Buckingham Palace

- Big Ben

2. Winchester - The landmark of this city is the second longest cathedral in Europe. It is well worth a visit to immerse yourself in the history of Winchester.

The square of St. Michael's Church is a great place to linger and enjoy a café.

In and also around Winchester you can find campsites for rent.

3. Stonehenge - This is an important stop on the journey to Cheddar. This Neolithic tein construct is well worth a stop. Great photos can be taken here before the journey continues.

4. Cheddar - this is not a cheese town, yet the cheese of the same name bears its name from it.

But the gorge of Cheddar is particularly worth mentioning. It is the largest gorge in the United Kingdom. Here you can dive into a large stalactite cave on an exploration tour.

5. Veryane - Renting a campsite here has the great advantage that you can tour many sights around the place with your campervan. The place is a strategically well-located starting point for excursions.

A trip to Land's End is recommended. This is the westernmost point of Great Britain. You have a breathtaking view over the sea, and you can conquer many walks.

Lizard Point is only a few minutes away. This is the southernmost point. Campervan hire in the UK ensures that you can visit all these highlights stress-free.

6. Gosport - This place is located on a peninsula. It is known for its shipbuilding industry. This is a perfect way to explore the harbour and fall in love with the maritime place.

A visit to the submarine museum is also worthwhile. Here you can learn a lot about the navy.

From Gosport, the journey now continues through the interior back to London

Touring the North of England and Scotland by Campervan

This route can be started in Manchester. Afterwards, one gets deep insights into majestic Great Britain. The journey continues north to Scotland. On the return trip, one drives down the eastern coast and arrives back in Manchester.

If you rent a campervan, you can travel comfortably through the country.

1. Manchester - There are countless campsites to rent here. So you can start your sightseeing tour from your caravan without any worries. The beautiful city centre is well worth a visit. It pulsates with modern style.

You should also visit the football museum in this city.

Furthermore, Manchester City Hall has become a landmark. There are always large crowds here wanting to catch the best photo of the building.

2. Glasgow - On the way here, a stop in the Lake District National Park is a must. A small lake is embedded in the midst of lush green hills. Here you can marvel at the flora and fauna of Great Britain.

Once in Glasgow, it's a good idea to take a guided tour of the city. That way you won't miss a thing!

Here is a glimpse of the sights:

- George Square

- University of Glasgow

- Visit one of the many whiskey distilleries

- Trip to Loch Lomond Lake (The most beautiful campsite in Scotland)

3. Aberdeen - Here, you are greeted by an unbelievable colourfulness of flowers. Not for nothing has Aberdeen won several awards for this.

This town is beautifully situated on the water. So you can enjoy the maritime flair here and fortify yourself with freshly caught fish in one of the good restaurants.

Not far away is the Cairngorms National Park. This park is characterised by shimmering black lakes. Here you can spend a relaxing day hiking. The advantage of renting a campervan here is that you can drive a few kilometres beyond the park. This is how you reach the mystical Loch Ness.

4. Edinburgh - Arriving in the city, you can already see a large castle in the background. It is Edinburgh Castle. From up here, you have a fascinating view of the city. By visiting the interior, you get a feeling for the history of Scotland.

Port Leith is the place to unwind. The so impulsive city comes to rest right here.

The bottom line is, renting a campervan in the UK always pays off. There is no other way to get to know the country, the culture and the people so well.

Good to know when travelling around the UK

Renting a campervan in the UK means travelling to beautiful Britain in advance. This can be done in a number of ways.

The UK has many major airports with flights from all over the world. This is probably the fastest way to get there.

Those who have a lot of time and also already see the journey to Great Britain as a holiday can go to Great Britain via northern Germany, for example, Hamburg, via the shipping route. However, this is a slightly more expensive journey.

In the UK, you drive on the left-hand side of the road. When renting a campervan in the UK, you don't need to worry much about this. You soon get the hang of it and get used to driving on the "wrong" side.

It is recommended to rent a navigation system for the camper in the UK. Many roads and bridges are very narrow. This way, you are on the safe side whether you can drive the way with your camper.

Great Britain has the pound. So you should have already changed some cash before entering the country. But even in Great Britain, you can now pay almost everywhere with your credit card.

There are also many naturist campsites. However, these are advertised separately. On sites where it is not advertised or also at the seaside, nudism is not welcome.

A trip through the land of historic castles, vibrant cities and breathtakingly beautiful nature becomes an unforgettable trip by camper! Campervan hire in the UK is unique!