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Campervans in Bologna

Campervan rental Bologna: Discover Bologna with campstar

Bologna is a large city in central Italy and lies in the hinterland. It is quite a few kilometres away from the sea. If you want to rent your campervan here, you can easily pick it up in the city centre and see the sights of Bologna. Beautiful old houses can be found in the old town, as well as modern and magnificent buildings. The city centre has many ancient buildings, such as the Basilica of San Pretonio with its 22 chapels. It is huge and was built in the Gothic style. If you want to sip a classic cappuccino, make a detour to Piazza Maggiore. In one of the famous street cafés, you can watch people pass by or read a good book and relax. The city of Bologna is busy, but not too hectic, and despite everything you will find tranquillity in the city centre. After renting your campervan, you can simply park it on the outskirts and explore the city on foot or by public transport. A campsite in the countryside around here would be a good alternative for the first few days of your trip. Not only is your camper safe, but you can also rent your own plot and be in the middle of nature. At the Asd Canoa Club you can rent a kayak or canoe and get to know the city from its beautiful water side. You can experience this and much more when you rent a camper van in Bologna.

Popular destinations in and around Bologna by campervan

Bologna couldn't be more centrally located, right in the middle of Italy's boot and with so many destinations nearby. Not only the city centre of Bologna, where you can pick up your campervan, is famous, but also the surrounding countryside, such as Florence, San Marino or Genoa. Bologna has a beautiful city centre. The Garisenda are similar to the gender towers in Gimignano. The 12th century towers are leaning and are the city's landmark. They are called Garisenda and Asinelli. Just outside the centre is Garisenda and Asinelli, a church on an overgrown hill. You can park your campervan on the outskirts and take a walk to the place of worship. There are modern art galleries in Bologna, but also palaces located right in the city centre, such as the Palazzo d' Accursio, the 14th century town hall, or the Palazzo dell'Archiginnasio with its art gallery.

Rent a campervan and visit beautiful Tuscany

There are many places to visit when you rent a campervan in the beautiful city of Bologna. The art and culture capital Florence or also called the capital of Tuscany is always worth a visit. The city is located on the river Arno and offers many famous sights, such as the Uffizi Gallery, the Florence Cathedral or the Ponte Vecchio, a famous bridge similar to the Rialto Bridge in Venice. The Palazzo Vecchio, a seat of the city parliament in the 14th century is an architectural masterpiece. Today it is the town hall of the famous Tuscan city. With your campervan, you can park easily outside the city centre or find a modern campsite where you can sleep for a night or two. From Florence, you can continue to the smaller Tuscan towns, such as Siena, San Gimignano, the city famous for its towers. Lucca, with its old city walls, numerous churches and ancient tower is also very famous. Pisa, with its world-famous Leaning Tower and Miracle Square with its colourful market, should also be on your campervan list. Tuscany not only has beautiful cities with a lot of culture, but also white sandy beaches that are only a maximum of 100 kilometres away from Florence. Marina di Pietrasanta or Carrara are just two of the many seaside resorts that line the coast. Not only for adults, but also for children, it is a very special highlight to swim here and feel the pleasant tides of the Mediterranean on their bodies.

Rent a campervan and drive to the dwarf state of San Marino

Another nice excursion is to San Marino, the little dwarf state on the edge of central Italy in the middle of the mountains, which even had its own currency. In the meantime it has the Euro, but with special coins. You can park your camper van here and walk through the mountains. On the slopes of Monte Titano is the capital of San Marino, with the same name as the Republic, which is the oldest in the world. There are many historic buildings here, such as Guaita Tower, the oldest fortress in the city with a gigantic view. San Marino is in the middle of the mountains, but the altitude means you can see all the way to the sea. With your camper van, it's worth a trip. Montale is an old tower, from which you also have a wonderful view over the country. San Marino is something very special, you can visit it as a day trip from Bologna or you can take your campervan to a campsite nearby and stay overnight. It is very rural. The Falesia Second Tower houses a weapons museum, with a large display of pistols, rifles, knives and other things. In the San Marino Climbing Forest you can also experience a lot and have a first-class outdoor experience. Another highlight of your trip that you won't find in other cities is the Museo delle Creature della Notte, a museum about vampires and creatures of the night. It is housed in one of the historic buildings and attracts many people every year.

Good to know when renting a campervan in Bologna

A city couldn't be more centrally located than Bologna. And that's why it's a great place to rent a campervan. By train, you can get here very quickly from the south of Germany. It only takes 12 hours to get from Munich directly to Bologna's main railway station. But you can also get to the city by plane from Germany in just one hour. There is a Bologna airport here, but your flight could also go as far as Florence. You can then pick up your campervan close to the city centre and start your journey. When renting a campervan in Bologna, however, there are a few things you need to be aware of. For example, the tolls on the motorways. When you drive up, you can take a ticket on the spot and pay it at a booth when you leave, either in cash or with a credit card. The country roads are free. You should also be aware of the various insurances and coverages for the campervan, as accidents can often be unclear abroad. If you research all these things beforehand, nothing can go wrong when you rent a campervan locally. In Bologna you can buy things you need for your campervan holiday, such as gas bottles or other camping accessories. In the city centre, there are a number of places where you can buy camping equipment.