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Campervans in Cagliari

Campervan hire Cagliari: Discover Cagliari with campstar

The beautiful south of Sardinia is called Cagliari, because this is the largest city in the region. To the north is Olbia, which is also on the coast and has beautiful sandy beaches nearby. But there is also plenty to discover here in the south. Not only Golden Beach, probably the most famous beach in Sardinia, is a highlight on a campervan tour. Golden Beach has a large pier with restaurants and shops. Calamosca Beach is also close by and you will think you are in the Caribbean as you stroll along the beach. Campervan holidays in Sardinia are a great way to get to know the island, the landscapes and the local people. You are flexible when renting a campervan and get to know Cagliari and the surrounding towns all the way up to the north. Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia and also the largest city with a mix of ancient buildings, narrow and winding streets with quaint colourful houses and a harbour that is not only famous for yachts but also for cruise ships. You can start your tour from here with a camper van. It is also possible to rent a boat along the coast.

Popular destinations in and around Cagliari by campervan

Cagliari is a very Mediterranean city. You can see during your campervan visit that it is part of Italy and was once a fishing village. Colourful houses line the city centre. It is well worth a visit and is situated on a hill from which you can quickly reach the Bastione di Saint Remy. There is a staircase and a beautiful viewpoint from which you can see a lot of the surrounding area. Your camper van can be parked outside the city centre. Cagliari is a jewel of its kind, not too big but still worth seeing. You can also enjoy a hot afternoon with a cool drink in one of the many street cafés and watch the people passing by. The local beach is called Poetto and offers people a relaxing break from everyday life. You'll also find many tourists here, either arriving in their campervans or staying in the hotels and enjoying the soft, white sand. At the port of Cagliari you can rent a kayak or a boat and set sail. However, you will need to know a little about nautics and the sea. If you don't dare to rent your own boat, you can take one of the tourist boat trips along the coast.

Rent a campervan and get to know Alghero

Alghero is another coastal town in the Catalan style. This is due to the history of the island that so many people here speak Catalan. The town still has its old city walls well preserved. The city centre glows in rich orange and the boutiques and small shops invite you to stroll and linger. The street signs are written in Catalan and Italian. It's best to leave your campervan outside the city and walk, so you can get to know even the furthest corners of Alghero. When renting a campervan in Cagliari, you can get to know the entire coast of the island.

When renting a campervan, you should not miss the cliffs of Capo Caccia. They hold a secret, which is called one of the most beautiful caves in Italy. The Grotte di Netturno shines golden and is described as the most beautiful highlight of the island. For more than 4 kilometres, you can wander through these passages and let yourself be enchanted. Be careful, take warmer clothes with you, it can sometimes be quite cold underground. You can leave your camper van in the car park, but you have to climb 650 steps to reach the cave. In return, you have a gigantic view over the sea and more than 1 million years of earth history in one place.

Rent a campervan and drive from Cagliari to the northwest coast

If you should ever travel further with your campervan and drive to the north-west coast of the island, then be sure to visit the small town of Bosa. It is further away from Cagliari, but the trip is worth it because it is beautiful here. Colourful houses lie in the centre of the town, but high up on a mountain sits the Castello Malaspina. From here you can see Bosa like a miniature town and also enjoy the view of the sea. Bosa Marina is one of the best sandy beaches for families with children, because it slopes gently and is safe even for little ones to swim. You can really enjoy the trip with a glass of local wine. Have fun renting a camper van and let the fun begin.

Arbatax is located in a completely different place, namely on the east coast with its beautiful red volcanic rock. This place is also worth a trip with the campervan. Even though only 5000 souls live here, the town exudes the Italian attitude to life.

Good to know when renting a campervan in Cagliari

Sardinia is an island of the rich and beautiful. You can for example fly to Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, and then take public transport to your campsite. There are several bus lines in the city, which also run through the centre and take you to your favourite places. You can also reach the island by ferry. There are 6 ferry ports around Sardinia. However, most of them are in the north and are reached from the Italian cities of Genoa, Civitavecchia, Piombino or Livorno. Olbia is the largest ferry port, but Porto Torres and Golfo Aranci have also made a name for themselves. Since you want to start your campervan trip in the south, you should drive directly to Cagliari. The drive takes between 5 and 12 hours and can be done at night. Arbatax is located in the east of the island and is also a famous ferry port. So much for arriving on the island. When renting a campervan, there are also a few things to keep in mind. Tolls are only charged on the Italian mainland and on Sicily for 2 motorways. Sardinia, on the other hand, is completely toll-free and you can drive your campervan wherever you want. Cagliari will be your starting point. Make sure you are well informed about the insurances and coverages for the campervan. Because if there is an accident, you will have to pay out to the company if there is an excess. You can take these things into account when booking. Sardinia is in the tropical climate zone, so it is hot and dry here in summer and mild in winter. Autumn and winter are also good times for your campervan trip. Then it is not too warm here and you can go hiking and sightseeing, but also the beaches are still a highlight, because the water is warm here until October. Renting a campervan in Cagliari is the best way to enjoy your Sardinia holiday.