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Campervans in Lyon

Campervan hire in Lyon: Discover Lyon with Campstar

Beautiful France - this is where Lyon is located, the third largest city in the country after Paris and Marseille. In addition to the beautiful Notre Dame, which rises majestically on the Fourviere mountain, there are numerous other sights here that you can discover with your campervan. Vieux Lyon, for example, dates back to the Middle Ages, a district situated between Mount Fourviere and the Saône. Impressions were also made here during the Renaissance. Saint Jean Cathedral stands right on the riverbank and houses the astronomical clock as well as a lot of art. You should definitely visit it on a city tour. When renting a campervan, you should park your vehicle outside after a short tour of the city, as this is the only way to explore the narrow streets of the old town on foot and discover all the beautiful things. The largest square in Lyon is called Place Bellecour and is car-free. There is an equestrian statue here and three popular shopping streets pass by. At Lyon Zoo, which is already 150 years old, you can see many animals, including pelicans, monkeys and zebras. Giraffes also live here. You can park your camper van in the large car park in front of the zoo. For many sports enthusiasts and families with children, the Tête d'Or Park is very nice. A small train runs around the lake. The city of Lyon has over 2000 years of history and of course you can get to know this in a timely manner with your campervan. Your holiday in Lyon will be very special.

Rent a campervan and explore the region

It is important to explore the region with your campervan, especially the Alps are very beautiful, but also the bird park near Villefranche. Here you can experience a romantic adventure, on 380 hectares in size. The park is located in the Dombes countryside and there are at least 1000 ponds. Numerous rare birds live in the bird park, but plant species have also settled here. Flamingos and ibis' glow red and are unique to look at. There is a car park for the camper van in front of the park. Of course, you can also visit the town of Villefranche from here. It lies on the Saône and has a romantic town centre. Another small town in the area is Trévoux. It belongs to Lyon and offers holidaymakers peace and seclusion. The Moselle-Saône Cycle Route has beautiful spots where you can park your camper van and continue cycling. It also leads along the Saône through Trévoux, which is known for its castle and city walls. The castle is called Chateau Fort and has a main tower and a south tower. The suspension bridge Passerelle de Trévoux is also an eye-catcher, spanning the Saône. So your holiday in Lyon and the surrounding area with a campervan can be very appealing.

Rent a campervan and drive to Macon

The area around Macon is a wine-growing region and there are many things you can explore here by campervan. Of course, you can also rent a canoe or kayak on the Saône. This is the only way to get to know the river landscape from the water. Renting a boat is a good option for a campervan holiday. Rivers are natural phenomena. Macon is about 60 kilometres from Lyon. Distances in France are further than in Germany. If you want to drive to the sea from Braunschweig in Germany, it takes about 2 hours. From Lyon to Nice on the Cote d`Azur, on the other hand, is over 450 kilometres. Macon, on the other hand, is close by and well worth a visit. You can park your campervan on the outskirts of the town and visit the old and new St. Vincent's Cathedral. The house carved out of wood is also worth a visit, as there are many thousands of figures on the façade. The house dates from 1490 to 1520. Point Saint-Laurent is a stone bridge over the Saône. The river divides the city. There are boat trips here too, where the sights are explained. If you want to rent the boat, you can also do so for company outings and the like.

Rent a campervan and visit the French Alps

You probably won't make it to Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in France, on your campervan holiday from Lyon, as that is 260 kilometres, but you can visit the Alps just before the Swiss border. There are very beautiful excursion destinations near Geneva, which are only about 100 kilometres away. There are also many campsites in the valleys, so if you like hiking or mountaineering, this is the region for you. Montreal La Cluse is a beautiful little mountain village on Lac de Nantua. This is a typical mountain village with its small historic streets in the centre. The church of San Maurice in particular was built as early as the 14th century and is in the Gothic style. This is a glacial lake that was formed during the last ice age. You should not miss this excursion on a holiday in Lyon. Renting a campervan can be very appealing in the region. Oyonnax is also very rural and has many lush meadows, grazing cows and a small town. When renting a campervan, a detour should be made here. In the background of the town are the Jura mountains. On a tour of the town, you should take a look at the church of St. Leodegar and the monument to the fallen. The town hall is a very modern glass building. A little further north is a small town called Mazille. There is beautiful scenery here, as well as an old stone church that invites you to linger. Around the corner a shepherd is leading his flock of sheep straight across the road. Idyllic!

General information on campervan hire in Lyon

When renting a campervan in Lyon, it is important that you can understand all the information in English if you don't speak French, as the French are not so well equipped with German. You can get to Lyon by train, via Frankfurt or Stuttgart of course. ICEs and TGVs run regularly into the city. Regional trains go to Lyon from the smaller towns. Of course there are smaller connections from all directions, even from the Cote d'Azur you can go to Lyon by regional train. In France, tolls are charged on the motorways. It is therefore important to find out in advance how best to obtain a vignette for the system. The campervan dealer will know about this. You can choose the campervans before you book, either a small spacious campervan for a small family or a slightly larger one for a larger group with several sleeping places. However, you should know that you are only allowed to drive campervans up to 3.5 tonnes with a car, otherwise you will need a lorry driver's licence. However, when you rent a campervan in Lyon, you will discover lots of new places and sights.