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Campervans in Olbia

Campervan hire Olbia: Discover Olbia with campstar

Olbia is a beautiful city on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, which belongs to Italy. The landscape of the island is very attractive, with deep gorges, high mountains and beautiful beaches. When you rent a campervan in Olbia, you can make your dreams come true. The dream of a mobile home that will take you to the most beautiful places in Sardinia. Olbia is located in the north, south of the Costa Smeralda, probably the most famous coast here. The most famous beach is Porto Istana Beach. But the national park with its offshore islands that extends here is also worth a visit. You can rent a boat in Olbia, which you can charter cheaply. You can discover the entire coast of northern Sardinia by boat, and it's worth renting here. Castello di Pedres is a beautiful old castle that offers a great view and has a rich history. Mario Santu is also part of the castle complex and sits high up on a mountain. The Isola della Bocca lighthouse is just off the coast of Sardinia. It is 250 metres from the port of Olbia and is a nice place to visit if you want to hire a boat.

Popular destinations in and around Olbia for campervan hire

You start the campervan tour in the north of the island, because this is where Olbia lies in all its glory. The coastal town has a lot to offer, beautiful beaches, unique shopping opportunities and a lot of culture. But that's not all, Sardinia offers so much more. There are beautiful nature parks all over the island with waterfalls, gorges and small forests, but there are also various attractions in the sea, such as the numerous grottos that stretch off the coast of Sardinia, which you can discover by campervan.

Rent a campervan and explore the island

Just outside Olbia you will find a nice campsite for your campervan for the first few days. Of course, you can also drive into the city from here and see the sights. It is difficult to accommodate a campervan in such a large city. Olbia in the north of the island is not the only highlight. You can park your campervan in the port of Olbia and visit the archipelago of La Maddalena. The capital is called Maddalena and has a Roman influence. Here you will find idyllic squares and numerous street cafés, so you can relax and unwind. This is quite normal when renting a campervan, because you are on the road in nature and to unknown places. Campervans are great companions because they replace a hotel and a rental car in one.

Rent a campervan and explore the south of Sardinia

From Olbia, we head down south to Nuoro. The most famous mountain near here is probably Monte Ortobene. In the town you will find the Costume Museum, which you should definitely visit when renting a campervan, and the historic site of Tinnura is well worth a visit. There are beautiful paintings and an idyllic landscape. The national park around Nuoro is a highlight when visiting the island in a campervan. Further south is Oristano. This place was also influenced by the Romans. The Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta forms the centre of the town and is a beautiful landmark. With your campervan, you can park outside and visit the city by public transport. The city centre is full of narrow streets, wonderful shopping opportunities and numerous fountains. The dinosaur park is also a highlight associated with the city.

The journey continues by campervan to Su Nuraxi. This is an archaeological site located near the Parco della Giara near Barumini and attracts many guests. Whether it is fortresses, dwellings or temples that have been found here is not yet entirely clear, but a visit here is really worthwhile. In the far south lies Cagliari with Bastione Saint Remy, numerous churches, museums and the San Benedetto market.

Rent a campervan and drive to the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia

Cala Luna is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia. It is located in the east of the island and offers very blue water, white sand and idyllic peace and quiet. Cala Brandinchi near Olbia is also worth a visit. In the background of the white sandy beach, high mountains rise up to the sky. Most of the beaches on the island look like a copy of a Caribbean island. For this reason, many guests travel here to enjoy a feeling of the Caribbean in Europe. Also beautiful is the Spiaggia del Principe, located quite to the north, which invites you to go snorkelling. Quite to the north of the island is a beautiful reef, which is an idyllic paradise for divers and snorkellers. In Spiaggia Mugoni1 you can rent a kayak and paddle right along the water's edge. Here, too, the landscape is unique and you will find numerous opportunities to relax. Golden Beach in the very south of the island is probably the most famous beach. There is also a pier where you can linger and let the wind blow around your nose. This is exactly what you need on your campervan trip. A place of culture, beach and relaxation all in one, and with a house that is also your car. Camping is simply unique, because here you are closest to nature.

Good to know information about renting a campervan in Olbia

Renting a campervan in Olbia is a great thing to do, because from here you can drive around the whole island. There are no tolls in Sardinia, as there are in the rest of the country. This is great, because the tolls on the motorways in Italy can be quite expensive. Sardinia, on the other hand, is ideal for a campervan holiday. You can get here by ferry from the south of France, but also by plane. Olbia has an international airport and is only an hour's flight from Germany. When you book the campervan, you should think about the insurance beforehand. All-round packages can usually be taken out at the time of booking for a small extra charge. You will be driving the campervan across the entire island, starting in Olbia and ending there again after your road trip. The kilometre allowance should therefore be unlimited, as this is the only way to get to know the island properly without having to pay a lot of money afterwards. If you don't want to travel by plane, you have to take the night train from Germany to the south of France and then continue by ferry, which leaves from three places. From Toulon you go to Porto Torres and Golfo Aranci, from Nice to Golfo Aranci. You have to check which routes are operated on which days. If you want to travel from Italy, you should go via Genoa. It takes just under 9 hours by train from Munich to Genoa.