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Campervans in Sweden

Campervan Hire Sweden: Discover Sweden with campstar

Sweden is the largest Scandinavian country and lies high up in the north of Europe. It offers every camper with his campervan a breathtaking nature, a lot of culture and modernity.

Its nature is breathtakingly beautiful, partly untouched and impressive. There are about 95,000 lakes, thousands of kilometres of coastline and over 2,250,000 islands.

Renting a campervan in Sweden is easy with Campstar. This is the best way to experience this fascinating country. You can park your campervan in a new place every day. Sweden offers many natural sites for campervans and caravans, most of which have a fireplace and a simple dry toilet. If you like a site, simply stay longer. Or explore the country and drive on with your campervan.

Renting a campervan in Sweden is a good alternative and will make you a real camper.

Culturally, Sweden has a lot to offer as it looks back on a long and eventful history. Viking remains, centuries-old churches and buildings are very well preserved and worth a visit.

Sweden is also one of the most innovative countries in the world - very many technical innovations reach this country far ahead of all others.

This is how this country has managed to combine unspoilt nature, culture and modernity. Whether you rent a camper van as a camper, a hotel room as a city traveller or a holiday home as a family - everyone gets their money's worth here. Sweden is one of the most impressive countries in Europe and always worth an unforgettable trip.

So why not rent a campervan in Sweden!


Climatic features and geographical location

Sweden stretches between the 55th and 69th parallel. This results in an unusual natural phenomenon. In parts of this country, the sun does not set in summer and does not rise in winter.

If you travel in May, for example, the weather in the south is similar to that in northern Germany. If you travel to the north, there may still be snow here in May. Sweden itself calls its climate zones "warm-temperate", "cold-temperate" and "polar climate". Here Sweden distinguishes between the coastal region of the country, the inland and the fjelds.

The country's geographical location has some special features. To the south, it borders the Kattegat and the North and Baltic Seas. Since 2000, it has been directly connected to Denmark via the Øresund Bridge. In the north of the country, the border connects with two other Scandinavian countries - Norway to the west and Finland to the east.

Most of the country is flat to hilly, whereas further up in the north the Scandinavian mountains begin, measuring up to 2000 metres in altitude.

Because of this special geographical location and the climate associated with it, you have many opportunities for leisure activities. You can swim in the Kattegat or have a snowball fight with your loved ones a few days later.

You can rent a campervan and be flexible and in the middle of the action.


Rent a campervan in Sweden and let the journey begin

Rent a campervan in Sweden - let your journey and adventure begin. In the Scandinavian countries, driving on country roads or motorways is pure relaxation. In Germany there are hardly any speed limits on the motorways, but in Scandinavia it's a different story. In Sweden, there is a speed limit of 110 km/h on the motorways, which makes travelling with a camper more relaxed. The roads themselves are often much wider. This means that there is always enough space between you and other road users.

So get into your camper and enjoy your holiday from the very first minute. With this relaxed driving, it's always worth taking a look at the area whizzing by - there's a lot to discover! The impressive landscape, endless forests and lakes can also be enjoyed while driving. You should also keep an eye out for moose and reindeer.

You will encounter them almost regularly in Sweden if you keep your eyes open. You will often catch a glimpse of these shy animals. If they are in the forest or lying in the sun with their offspring, you have a good chance. It is not uncommon to encounter them in forests, fields or lakes. So always have a camera or your mobile phone ready!

Example of an itinerary in Sweden

Hallands Kustväg

Hallands Län is located in the south of Sweden on the Swedish west coast by the Kattegat. With its route along the coast, the so-called Kustväg (coastal path) offers plenty of places to stop and enjoy. Here you drive off the motorways past long sandy beaches or rugged coastal cliffs.

Start this tour with your rented campervan in Halmstad and travel to Kungsbacka (approx. 120 km).

1. Halmstad - Falkenberg (approx. 50 km)

Halmstad is a town from the 16th century, which has a lot to offer in its centre. In the city centre there is a 16th century castle surrounded by old half-timbered houses. A museum ship, the three-masted barque Najaden, can also be visited here, as well as a burial mound from the Bronze or Iron Age.

Falkenberg is a small 12th century town with 4 museums and old wooden houses in the town centre.

Along this trail you will find countless places to linger. Stop for a swim, a visit to the museum or just to look and enjoy.

2. Falkenberg - Kungsbacka (approx. 70 km)

Varberg is located on this beautiful coastal route and was one of the mooring ports for Stena Line until 2019. Varberg shines with a 12th century fortress, which is now a museum and can be visited. The museum houses a bog body called "Bockstenmannen", which has been given a face, so to speak, using today's technology.

Kärradal lies roughly halfway between Falkenberg and Kungsbacka and offers a special beach experience. On this beach you can make a mooring in the sand. You can also climb into the rocks and use one of the many hollows as a sheltered beach fort.

Kungsbacka offers a lot of recreational opportunities. Here you can go shopping, take a city walk or play golf.


Wonderful destinations in Sweden

Sweden has a lot of fantastic places and sights to offer. Depending on the length of your stay and how far you want to drive - there are almost unlimited possibilities for leisure activities. Campervan hire in Sweden - just drive away!

Here are just a few recommendations for you:

In the south:

·        Astrid Lindgren's World in Vimmerby / Smålands Län.

·        Markaryds Moose Safari in Markaryd / Smålands Län

·        Gekås in Ullared / Hallands Län

In the middle:

·        Nobellmuseum in Karlskrona / Värmlands Län

·        Nils Olsson Dalar horses in Nusnäs / Värmlands Län

·        Njupeskär waterfall in Fulufjället national park in Älvdalen / Dalarnas Län

In the north:

·        Old Town of Stockholm

·        Jokkmokk Arctic Circle in Norrbottens Län

Astrid Lindgren's World

Astrid Lindgren's World is a theme park in Vimmerby in Smålands Län in the south of Sweden. We all know them: Michel from Lönneberga, Ronja the Robber's Daughter and not forgetting Pippi Longstocking. Immerse yourself in the world of Bullerbü, Saltkrokan and Co. - an unforgettable experience for young and old.

Markaryd's moose safari

In Markaryd you will find the well-known moose park. In addition to guided tours on the park train, you can also drive your own vehicle through the enclosure. Here, moose sightings are guaranteed and you may even get out and feed this majestic animal with twigs. You will certainly never get this close to a moose again!

Gekås in Ullared

Gekås is the largest department stores' in the world - located in the middle of the small town of Ullared in Hallands Län. With an area of over 35000 m², almost 7000 shopping trolleys and more than 80 checkouts, this department stores' is very impressive. Not only can you shop and eat here, but you can also stay overnight in a hotel or at the campsite belonging to it.

Njupeskär Waterfall in Fulufjället National Park in Dalarnas Län

Close to the Norwegian border, you come to Fulufjället National Park, where you can marvel at Sweden's highest waterfall (Njupeskär). With a height of 125 m, 90 m of which is in free fall, this sight provides an unforgettable experience.

Jokkmokk Arctic Circle in Norrbottens Län

Jokkmokk is located on the Arctic Circle in Norrbottens Län in Lapland. Although a small town with around 3000 inhabitants, its special location makes it a magnet for tourists. Here you are at the northernmost point of the world.

All recommended sights are within easy reach with a campervan rented in Sweden and offer sufficient parking space. At the same time, you will find overnight accommodation directly on site or in the vicinity at a camping or nature site.


Final information for your holiday in a rented campervan

Renting a campervan in Sweden - you can reach this enchanting country in various ways. Start your holiday by plane and land at one of the airports in Sweden. There are airports in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Växjö, for example. Travel by ferry - this starts your journey in Kiel, for example, and travels overnight to Gothenburg. Or travel with your own car - here you will then drive over the Öresund Bridge, which connects Denmark with Sweden.

Pick up your rented camper at the drop-off point and start your journey through the far north of Europe.

What is special about a holiday in Sweden with a camper van?

You will never forget a trip with a camper van in Sweden. The feeling of unbridled freedom is greatly enhanced by the breathtaking nature in this Scandinavian country.

It is very easy to rent a campervan in Sweden, because it is very uncomplicated to find a parking space for one or even several nights. You are, in fact, completely independent and can change your itinerary every day.

Many tourists rent a campervan, so the Scandinavian countries are very well equipped for camping tourists. Along all the routes you will find places where you can spend the night legally and free of charge. These designated sites are usually equipped with a fireplace, free wood and simple dry toilets. Fresh water is available free of charge at petrol stations. Disposing of the camping toilet is possible here and also at other places designated for this purpose. By the way, most of the locals speak German and English, so communication with the residents is also quite easy.

The Everyman's Right

In Sweden there is a special regulation that describes the use of nature in more detail: the Everyman's Right. This right is not a fixed law, but it is practised habitually. According to it, everyone is allowed to enjoy nature. This means that you can go fishing (with an angler's card), make a fire in designated places or simply go swimming.

In Sweden, it is not uncommon for many hectares of land to be privately owned. This means that some people own an entire forest or lake. In order to keep these forests and lakes accessible, some things are allowed. You are allowed to pick berries and mushrooms in these forests, go for walks or swim and fish in the lakes.

However, the highest commandment is: always leave the place as if you had never been there. Do not dispose of rubbish, service water or the camping toilet in nature and only take as much of berries and mushrooms as you need for yourself.

If you encounter a moose or reindeer, keep quiet and enjoy the sight.

The country's population is otherwise generally somewhat reserved, but extremely friendly and helpful.


Rent a campervan in Sweden - and let the adventure begin

Rent a campervan and then enjoy your holiday in Scandinavia's largest country and discover the country with your campervan. Especially for camping tourists with a campervan, Sweden has a big heart and offers relaxed travelling. Look out for moose and reindeer, visit the Arctic Circle or swim in the countless lakes. Renting a campervan helps you to explore and get to know the country intensively. We wish you and your loved ones a good journey!