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RVs in Düsseldorf

RV Rental Düsseldorf: Discover Düsseldorf with campstar 

General knowledge about renting RV 

Camping has become increasingly popular in recent years since minimalism has become the trend. Instead of huge hotel rooms with ostentatious furnishings, a small and fine home on four wheels, a campervan, with which you can not only travel through distant countries, but also discover Germany. On a holiday in and around Düsseldorf, you'll experience a lot of nature, urban hustle and bustle and many events. It always depends on which campsite you have in mind. In Düsseldorf city centre, there are several options for a campervan site, while a little further out you will find suitable campsites for longer stays. Renting RV is a great thing to do, especially if you are travelling with your family. You should expect to pay around 100 euros per day. If you compare this with accommodation and a rental car, then the RV is worth it because it's both in one. Renting a campervan in Düsseldorf is therefore a very good idea to organise your holiday individually.  

Popular destinations in and around the village 

Holiday in Düsseldorf 

Düsseldorf is a very popular metropolis. Here you can take a walk in the city centre, sit down at a café on the market square, stroll down to the harbour and look at the dancing house, or use the Königsallee for shopping. A boat trip on the Rhine is also highly recommended. Düsseldorf has a big-city character. You can go to the top of the Rhine Tower and enjoy a wonderful view over the Rhine in the revolving restaurant. But on a holiday you spend in Düsseldorf, you should not only focus on the city with your campervan, but also explore the surrounding area. There is a lot to see within a radius of 100 kilometres. These are permitted for day trips and can be covered within 2 hours. So you can easily rent your campervan in Düsseldorf and explore the surrounding area. 

To the beautiful Lower Rhine by RV 

North of Düsseldorf is the Lower Rhine with all its beautiful sights. Here there is the pilgrimage town of Kevelaer with its large church and small chapel, which attracts many thousands of pilgrims every year. But the town of Xanten with its windmill, Roman excavations and the Father Rhine also has some highlights to offer. Further north and just before the Dutch border are the two Rhine towns of Emmerich and Rees. Here, too, there is a beautiful town centre to explore, with numerous figures and the everyday people that have been set up there since last year. You can relax in Rees on the Rhine promenade. Even your camper van will find a place on the numerous parking spaces.  

Rent RV and drive to Holland 

Düsseldorf is not far from the Dutch border. So it's only a stone's throw to Maastrich or Venlo by RV. Both cities have a very special charm. Maastrich lies directly on the Maas, as its name suggests. The small town of Arcen is also a highlight for campervan holidaymakers who rent their vehicle here. Arcen has beautiful narrow streets, small quaint shops and a castle on the outskirts of the town. You can cross the Maas here by ferry. There are many small towns along the Meuse in Holland that you can visit with your RV. When renting a campervan, you should make sure that it is also registered abroad, so that the vehicle is insured in Holland. This is the only way to avoid discrepancies in the event of a claim.  

Holiday in Düsseldorf - Excursion to the Ahr Valley  

About 100 kilometres away is the Ahr valley with its beautiful towns of Ahrweiler, Bad Neuenahr, Marienthal and Dernau. The Ahr finds its way here and meanders from the Eifel to the Rhine, into which it flows. Along the Ahr, you can discover beautiful landscapes in your RV, catch a glimpse of vineyards and stop off at one or two wine bars to drink typical Ahr wine. Altenahr and Mayschoss are two lovely towns that derive their charm from the river Ahr and the numerous vineyards. If you want to rent RV and explore the area here, you can park it outside the towns in large car parks. The river Ahr rises in the Eifel and flows 89 kilometres through the country. Thanks to the climatic advantages, wine can be grown here. This wine is not only known regionally, but internationally and is also sold and exported to other countries around the world.  

The Ruhrpott - Holidays in Düsseldorf 

Near Düsseldorf is the Ruhr region with its rich coal deposits. Here there are also numerous ghost villages that have been cleared in recent years because lignite mining is being driven forward. The villages are slowly disappearing from the map, the people are being resettled. Immerath is already history and the huge cathedral has been demolished, also the houses that belonged to the village and where people were happy for so long. A huge hole is eating through the landscape. When you rent RV, you should make a trip to this area, which is near Kerpen. That's about 45 kilometres from Düsseldorf, where an area steeped in history is being steadily reduced in size. Manheim, for example, is still standing, but is almost completely uninhabited. The inhabitants are evacuated to villages called Immerath-Neu and Manheim-Neu. Manheim-Alt, on the other hand, is being turned into an industrial area. I wonder if the church will be preserved. One fervently hopes that it will not also fall victim to the demolition work.  

Good to know information about renting RV in Düsseldorf 

The beautiful city of Düsseldorf is easy to reach by ICE. So if you are planning your holiday here, you can book a cheap train. The train station is located directly in the city and only a few steps away from the RV provider. The airport in the city also brings many thousands of tourists here every year. However, the main train station is the largest in the city and many locations are close to it. Therefore, it is easy to rent RV here. There are numerous petrol stations in the city centre. If you download an app, you will also find the cheapest petrol station where you can get diesel for your RV. Renting RV in Düsseldorf is a good idea, because everything is centrally located and can be reached in a few minutes.  


Düsseldorf and its surroundings are always worth a trip, because there is not only enough culture and cities here, but also beautiful landscapes and old villages. Renting RV is a good thing, because it's the only way to be flexible and always have your space with you, no matter where it takes you. Düsseldorf has a lot to offer within a radius of 100 kilometres. The Lower Rhine, the lignite mining region of the Ruhr area, and the Ahr Valley in the south, which is very beautiful and charming. But the city of Düsseldorf itself also has many sights and attractions that should definitely be visited on RV holiday.