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Frequently asked questions about camper rental in Glasgow

Read the answers to frequently asked questions about Glasgow

RV rentals in Glasgow usually cost - per day.
A credit card is required for the deposit in most cases. The deposit amount will be blocked on the credit card on site and unblocked when the RV is properly returned.
Please use our filters on the search results page. With the filter you can filter out supplier that allow you to bring pets.
In the United Kingdom, speed limits for RVs depend on the type of vehicle and local traffic regulations. Generally, the same speed limits apply to RVs as to cars, unless otherwise indicated. On highways and freeways, the limit is usually 70 mph (approximately 113 km/h), while on some smaller roads, the limit can vary between 30 mph (approximately 48 km/h) and 60 mph (approximately 97 km/h). However, it's always wise to consult local traffic signs and rules to know the correct speed limits and drive safely. Adhering to speed limits is not only essential for the safety of all road users but also to avoid potential fines and other legal consequences.
This depends on the rental company. Most rental companies allow use from the age of 18. Please check the rental conditions of the rental company on the details page.
This is allowed in principle, as long as the instructions for the safe fastening of the child are followed.
The United Kingdom offers a range of breathtaking camping destinations, appealing to nature lovers and adventurers alike. One of the most popular destinations is the Lake District National Park in Cumbria, where rolling hills, crystal-clear lakes, and picturesque villages come together to form an enchanting landscape. For those who love rugged coastlines and picturesque beaches, Cornwall is a top choice, with its characteristic cliffs, golden sandy beaches, and charming harbor towns. The Scottish Highlands are also a favorite among campers, with dramatic mountain landscapes, expansive lochs, and an abundance of hiking opportunities. And let's not forget the enchanting beauty of Snowdonia National Park in Wales, with its majestic mountains, deep valleys, and legendary hiking trails. Whether you're looking for peace and serenity in nature or a dose of adventure in the wild, the United Kingdom has something for everyone when it comes to camping.
During the camping season in the United Kingdom, you can expect a diverse mix of weather conditions. The weather is known for its unpredictability, so campers often need to be prepared for everything from sunshine to heavy rain. Spring typically brings mild temperatures, though showers and windy days are not uncommon. In summer, campers can enjoy pleasant temperatures, but rain showers are always a possibility, especially in the more northern regions. Autumn camping often means cooler temperatures and more rainfall, but also beautiful autumn colors in the landscape. Winter camping is less common due to the cold and shorter days, but for those who venture out, they may be rewarded with a peaceful and quiet environment, occasionally with a dusting of snow. In short, British camping weather is as diverse and surprising as the landscape itself.
The best time to rent an RV in the United Kingdom depends on your preferences. For mild weather and green landscapes, spring is ideal. Summer is perfect for sun and beach but can be crowded. Autumn offers quieter attractions and beautiful fall colors. Winter is quieter, but the weather can be unpredictable. Choose the season that best suits your interests!
Nature enthusiasts and adventurers exploring the United Kingdom can look forward to a variety of camping options, from the rolling hills of Scotland to the picturesque coastlines of Cornwall. On average, an RV campsite in the United Kingdom ranges between £20 and £40 per night, depending on location, amenities, and the season. Basic facilities such as sanitation and access to drinking water are usually included in this price. For RV parks with additional amenities like electricity, wifi, and recreational activities, costs may be slightly higher, ranging from £30 to £50 per night. However, in popular tourist areas or during busy holiday periods, prices can escalate to £50 or more per night. It is recommended to book in advance, especially during peak season, to enjoy a comfortable stay amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the United Kingdom.
Yes, you can drive your RV in Glasgow! Finding parking spots in the city centre can be tricky, so it's handy to research suitable locations on the outskirts of the city beforehand. Remember to observe traffic regulations and enjoy your time in this bustling city full of culture and history!
When visiting Glasgow, be sure to explore George Square, take a stroll along the River Clyde to Merchant City, and visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum for a dose of culture. Don't forget to enjoy nature in Kelvingrove Park and the botanical gardens. Visit the impressive Glasgow Cathedral and end your day with a night out in the city's bustling bars and clubs. With this mix of history, art, nature, and entertainment, you'll really get to know and enjoy Glasgow!
In Glasgow, you can park your RV at campsites, designated RV spots, regular parking lots, or, if permitted, in remote areas outside the city. Make sure to check local rules and facilities before making your choice.
Glasgow, Scotland, is generally a safe destination, but as with any major city, it's important to take precautions. During an RV trip, it's wise to choose well-lit and busy areas for overnight stays. It's also smart to keep valuables out of sight and secure the RV properly. By taking these simple precautions, you can enjoy Glasgow's vibrant culture and friendly atmosphere with peace of mind during your journey.
In Glasgow, public transportation is well-developed and diverse. The Subway, one of the world's oldest, efficiently serves the city center and surrounding areas. An extensive bus network offers regular services throughout the city, and the trains from Glasgow Central and Glasgow Queen Street Stations connect the city to the rest of Scotland and the UK. Overall, public transportation in Glasgow provides a convenient way to travel, albeit with possible delays during busy periods.

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Important information and facts about Glasgow

Discover Scotland with a RV

More and more people are dreaming of renting a RV in Glasgow and discovering untouched nature, endless horizons, mystical lakes and historic towns. If you really want to get to know Scotland and immerse yourself in its history, you should definitely explore the country by RV. Rustic campsites, but also numerous wild campsites in the middle of nature make a road trip through Scotland a unique adventure. If you don't have your own RV, you can rent one in Glasgow. If you want to rent a RV, you will find numerous suppliers in Glasgow who specialise in camping holidays. Equipped with all the extras, you get an all-round carefree package for a fair price and can start your holiday relaxed.

Where can you rent a RV?

There are many great starting points for a unique road trip through Scotland, but due to its central location, Glasgow is the best place to rent a RV. From here, you can reach Scotland's most beautiful sights in just a few hours and it's not far to the airport either.

What should you look out for when renting a RV?

There are a few things to consider when renting a RV in Glasgow. Firstly, you should check in advance how the vehicle is insured and whether you have to pay an excess in the event of damage. If you want to rent a RV in Glasgow, you should also be aware that left-hand traffic applies in Scotland. Also, if more than one person is renting the RV, it should be clarified beforehand whether additional drivers have to be paid extra.

Starting from Glasgow with a RV

There's a reason why Glasgow, Scotland's largest city, is one of the most popular holiday destinations for nature lovers and RV holidaymakers. Not only the evergreen wide landscape with its many rivers, lakes and waterfalls attract holidaymakers to Glasgow. The fascinating Scottish culture, numerous castles, palaces and historic ruins also invite visitors to immerse themselves in Scotland's past.

To really take in Glasgow and its varied surroundings, you should rent a RV. Travelling at your own pace, relaxing in beautiful places, the absolute independence and the possibility to stay in the most secluded areas make your holiday a real adventure.

With a RV, you get to know Glasgow from its best side and can really soak up Scotland's partly untouched nature.

The best time to hire a RV in Glasgow

Scotland and its unique landscape are worth a visit by RV all year round and every season offers an unforgettable adventure. Due to the warm Gulf Stream, Scotland has a temperate climate all year round with mild winters and summers that are not too hot.

Although many campsites are closed in winter, this is not a hindrance as wild camping is allowed everywhere in Scotland. Therefore, Scotland is perfect for renting a RV all year round.

In spring (March, April, May), the country enchants with its blossoming landscape and unique nature. Trees, flowers and plants come back to life, you can watch the first young animals playing, the fishing season begins and in the famous whisky month there are numerous traditional festivities to marvel at. Especially if you want to rent a RV, you will find many secluded spots in the middle of nature at this time of the year.

The summer months (June, July, August) not only score with the most sun, but also with the traditional Highland Games, which are celebrated here every year. More tourists are attracted to Scotland in summer, which is why you should rent a motorhome to enjoy a few relaxing days away from busy touristy spots.

In autumn (September, October, November) the landscape turns into a golden sea of colourful leaves and the first migratory birds can be seen on their way. Even in autumn, there are still numerous festivities around Glasgow, such as St Andrews Day. Due to the mild climate, autumn is still a wonderful time to explore Scotland in a RV.

Even winter offers nature lovers and RVs a unique natural spectacle when the sometimes rugged landscape is covered with glistening snow. The many traditional Christmas markets, Christmas festivals and Hogmanay (traditional, huge New Year's Eve celebration with numerous street parties) are also not to be missed at this time of the year. If you still want to rent a RV in winter, you won't regret it. However, you should remember to bring warm clothing so that the road trip is a unique experience.

Places of interest in and around Glasgow

Glasgow - Loch Lomond

You can get a first impression of Scotland's diverse and mystical landscape in Loch Lomond National Park, which is about an hour away from Glasgow. With the largest lake in Britain and its 22 mountains, the National Park offers breathtaking views and varied hiking opportunities that are easy to reach by RV. But the numerous art markets and festivals also invite you to get to know Scotland's culture better.

Trossachs National Park

Not far from Loch Lomond is the Trossachs National Park, which is also considered a miniature version of the Highlands. From Aberfoyle, you can reach the most beautiful lake in Britain with its idyllic landscape and take hour-long walks through the Millennium Forest Path. It is also home to the only distillery producing grain and malt whiskey, which is also named after the lake.


The medieval city of Stirling with its picturesque castles and streets exudes its own magic. Here you embark on a mystical journey into the past and admire the many antique and craft shops. In the historic centre with its many pubs and bars, you can still get traditional home-brewed beer and indulge in Scottish home cooking.


Continue on to the climatic health resort of Pitlochry with its natural lakes, green forests and countless hiking trails. In Blair Atholl you can marvel at the impressive Blair Castle and visit some of the original whisky distilleries.

Cairngorms National Park

In the 4500 square kilometre Cairngorms National Park, nature lovers will once again get their money's worth. Countless beautiful places in the wild nature invite you to spend a few days with your RV here and take in the unique and endless wilderness of the park. On the extensive plateau with the largest mountains in Great Britain, you will find the wildest waterfalls, the oldest trees and even encounter real wildcats on your hike.


The capital of the Highlands is also worth a visit with the RV. At Fort George, you go on another journey through time and marvel at the former military installation, which has been built up like a small town with its own harbour. Cawdor Castle, surrounded by huge gardens, also invites you to take a long walk and feel the Scottish culture.

Loch Ness

In the famous Loch Ness, you can feel the special mystical atmosphere and go in search of the Loch Ness monster yourself. Especially with a RV, you can experience many special days here and marvel at the unique wilderness. Numerous exhibitions and scientific documentaries about the Nessie mystery are an adventure in themselves.


Countless moors and lakes, green mountains and mighty castles are waiting to be explored by RV in the north of Scotland. The famous Highlands with their mystical moors, wild river valleys and endless nature invite you to linger and relax. But also the romantic castles such as Urquhart Castle, Brodi Castle or Eilean Roman Castle offer an unforgettable journey back in time into Scotland's history.

Isle of Skye

Scotland's most beautiful island, the Isle of Skye, is extremely varied and diverse. Here you will find bizarre mountain ranges, wild scenery, historic villages and idyllic harbour towns, but also secluded bays and beaches. Culinary delights include the finest Scottish dishes and a number of whisky distilleries.

Glen Cove Valley

A special atmosphere awaits you in the Glen Cove Valley. This is where all outdoor fans and RV enthusiasts meet. Pure nature, endless walks, countless mountains, valleys and lakes make you forget about everyday life. The mystical fairytale landscape provides a picturesque backdrop for photographs and you feel far away from civilisation.

Rannoch Bog

As Rannoch Moor is unsuitable for agriculture, you will find completely untouched nature here with several pools, lakes, bogs and mountains that invite you to take extensive walks. At the Rannoch Bog Viewpoint you get a unique and fantastic view of the endless expanse of the moor.


Back in Glasgow, you go on another sightseeing tour before dropping off the RV again. Starting at the centre of Glasgow, George Square, there are countless shopping opportunities on the huge shopping street. Continue on to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum with its huge chandeliers and numerous exhibits. Whether technology, art, history or nature, the gallery exhibits it all. In the botanical garden, built in 1871, there are all kinds of exotic plants, herbs and flowers to marvel at, and the Victorian glass structure, completed in 1873, is also worth a visit. In Necropolis, the City of the Dead, you can again clearly feel Scotland's history. Here, former citizens were embedded in elaborately decorated tombstones and statues and found their final resting place.

Continue on to St. Mungo's Cathedral, which is over 800 years old and where you can also visit the grave of the city's founder, St. Mungo. In front of the Riverside Museum is Scotland's youngest distillery, which was only completed in 2017. Here, whisky lovers can sample three different varieties from different regions. In the Riverside Museum itself, you get a detailed explanation of Glasgow's transport history, where even the old streets have been recreated in detail. In front of the museum is the famous Tall Ship, which has sailed around the world several times.

How to get from Glasgow Airport to the Vehicle Pick-up Station

Most RV rental stations in Glasgow offer a shuttle service to and from Glasgow Airport. However, if you would like to travel to the pick-up station on your own, there are several options available.

By bus

To get from Glasgow Airport to the Pick-up Station, the Glasgow Airport Express Service 500 is available at the airport at Station 46. The bus station is close to the terminal and takes passengers to the City Centre in less than 15 minutes. From here, either further buses or trains are available to reach the final destination. The Airport Express Service 500 buses operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By train

If travelling by train, trains operated by Scot Rail, National Rail Enquiries and Traveline Scotland are located at nearby Paisley Gilmoor Street.

By taxi

To get from Glasgow Airport to the Pick-up Station, there are also over 180 taxis available at the airport terminal and no booking in advance is necessary. The special Holiday Taxis, however, can also be booked in advance and there are always plenty of cars, minibuses or even limousines available. The taxis are also available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What should you look out for when renting a RV in Glasgow?

Road traffic

If you are travelling by RV in Glasgow, there are a few things you should be aware of. Firstly, you have to get used to driving on the left-hand side of the road in Scotland, but this usually happens quickly. As there are also many roundabouts in Scotland, you should always remember to enter the roundabout on the left and vehicles coming from the right always have the right of way.


There are no tolls in Glasgow and all roads and bridges can be used without concern.

Speed limits

In most parts of Scotland the speed limit is always signposted. If there are no signs, the following always applies:

  • on the motorway 70 mph (112 km/h)
  • on dual carriageways 112 mph (96 km/h)
  • in built-up areas 30 mph (48 km/h)
  • in residential areas, especially near schools 20 mph (32 km/h)
  • outside built-up areas 60 mph (96 km/h)

Drivers licence

People from EU member states are also allowed to drive all vehicles shown on their drivers licence in Scotland without any restrictions. When renting a RV in Glasgow, however, you should always state your age, as some operators have age limits for RVs.

Drink-drive limit

Unlike the rest of the UK, Scotland has a stricter drink-drive limit of 0.5 and those who exceed the limit can face heavy fines.

Petrol stations

Most petrol stations in Scotland are generally open 24 hours a day. Opening hours can vary only occasionally, and petrol stations usually close at 10 pm. If you are planning a trip with your RV to remote places, you should fill up beforehand, as there are sometimes no petrol stations in the smaller towns.

Supermarkets and other shops

Supermarkets and other shops are usually open from 9am to 5pm, even at weekends. Bars, pubs and restaurants are mostly open until 0.00 a.m. and only the nightclubs are open longer.

Get inspired to experience a great adventure in Glasgow