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Campervans in Bremen

Rent a Campervan in Bremen: Discover Bremen with campstar 

Bremen is a beautiful city on the Weser in the north of Germany. It is not only a city, but even a federal state and gives its visitors plenty of memories to take with them. Beautiful parks, lovely little streets in the old town and modern buildings in the new town characterise the cityscape of Bremen. If you want to rent your campervan here and take a trip into the surrounding area, you can discover and experience a lot. Bremen itself is quite a big city. You can rent a boat and sail along the Weser, but you can also just drive through with your campervan. Bremen's market square is beautiful, with its old town hall and the Roland statue that towers over the square. The Bremen Town Musicians also stand guard. The Schnurr is a small street with quaint shops and shops. It stretches down to the Weser and is considered one of the oldest streets in the city. If you walk along Böttcherstraße, you will also see very unique old brick houses. There are also museums and shops inside.  

Rent a campervan and enjoy your holiday in Bremen 

Not only the city of Bremen, but also the surrounding area has many sights that you can visit with your campervan. Delmenhorst, for example, is a very beautiful small town that you can explore by campervan from Bremen. It is only half an hour away, has a great Nordwolle museum and a modern town centre where you can stop for a coffee or a stroll. The factory buildings once belonged to the Norddeutsche Wollkämmerei & Kammgarnspinnerei. You can easily park your camper van in the large car park. Further north of Delmenhorst is the Hasbergen Museum Mill, which is open once a week. So if you take your campervan there on a Saturday, you can visit it. From the Delmenhorst water tower you have a wonderful view over the entire city centre and the surrounding area. With its 44 metres, it is a stately size. You can reach the viewing platform via 200 steps. This is an ideal holiday in Bremen. 

Rent a campervan and head for Wopswede 

The small town of Wopswede is only a few kilometres from Bremen. With your campervan, you'll be in the town in no time at all and can let yourself be enchanted here. Artists live here in small houses with a village character. There are numerous art studios, an artists' café and much more. You should take an afternoon to look around, because there is something for everyone. Paula Modersohn and Heinrich Vogler were at home here. If you are on holiday in Bremen, this place with its romantic gardens and beautiful quaint houses should definitely be on your itinerary. The campervan can be parked centrally, the walk from the car park into the village is not far. The cheese bell and the museum at the Modersohnhaus are just two of the highlights that await you here.  

Rent a campervan and head for the Weser estuary 

Bremerhaven is a district of Bremen, even if you have to cross Lower Saxony to get there. Bremerhaven is a good 66 kilometres from Bremen and is always worth a trip in a campervan. Bremerhaven has a beautiful harbour skyline with a hotel and the zoo. In the Kilmahaus you will find lots of information about our earth, the different climate zones and geography. It's very educational and you can spend several hours here. The Weser flows into the North Sea a few kilometres behind Bremerhaven. The estuary is huge and already looks like the real sea. Cuxhaven, on the other hand, lies in the Wadden Sea proper and is unique and beautiful, stretching out in front of you for miles - the perfect place to spend the summer. There are beaches, lighthouses and sea bridges, like the Alte Liebe in Cuxhaven. You can combine a trip to both cities with your campervan. You can breathe in the sea air and really enjoy the fresh breeze. During a walk along the town of Cuxhaven, you will come directly to the Alte Liebe, the pier, which juts out into the water here. A water tower rises directly behind the town centre, with its small shops and lovely beer gardens. The evening glow over the Weser estuary is particularly attractive, and you can enjoy it over a delicious fish sandwich. Fort Kugelbake is also on the beach. Here a huge wooden creation towers into the sky. The Wind Force 10 Fishing Museum is also worth a visit.  

Rent a campervan and visit Fischerhude 

A wonderful excursion now takes you to Fischerhude. This is just as much an artists' village as Wopswede. Restored courtyards and artists' galleries are hidden behind the brick facades. If you want to drive further with your campervan and explore even more of Bremen's surrounding countryside, you can explore Huntepadd in the Wildeshauser Geest. For more than 7 kilometres, you will pass through the most beautiful beech forest. A heath landscape also follows. Campervan enthusiasts usually like to travel in nature, avoid large cities and prefer to look at the countryside. This is also where most campsites are located, along rivers or in the countryside. There are many campsites along the Weser on both sides of Bremen, to the north and also to the south. Elsflether Sand is another such place, stretching between the Weser and the Hunte. On a peninsula there are huge pastures with sheep and green nature that invites you to go hiking and walking. If you love forest walks around Bremen, you can go to the primeval forest Hasbruch, because its trees have been there for more than 2000 years. As you can see, it's worth renting a campervan and getting out into nature. It's the only way to get to know the landscapes and people, rent a vehicle and have lots of fun.  

General information about campervan hire in Bremen 

If you want to rent a campervan in Bremen, you should think about where exactly you want to go. The kilometre allowance is specified in advance. Bremen is easy to reach by train, as there is a large railway station here where ICE and IC trains also stop. If you start out with a campervan, make sure you are used to the size of the vehicle. A campervan is often wider and higher than a normal car. The area is mostly flat land, so you don't need a very powerful car. There is also an airport very close to the city, so if you are coming from remote parts of Germany and have a long way to go, you can either take the ICE or the plane. From the train station, it's only a stone's throw to the campstar station to rent the car. Once you have it, the journey can begin. Take a look around the vehicle to make sure everything is in order. Campervans are well worth the price because they offer a vehicle and accommodation in one, as well as being very close to nature and minimalist. In the small interior you will find everything you need for a modern trip, including a galley. So renting a campervan in Bremen is something very special.