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Campervans in Gera

Campervan hire Gera: Discover Gera with Campstar

Campervan holiday in Gera

Gera is a beautiful city in Thuringia and not far from the highlights of the state, as you can also reach Jena, Weimar and Erfurt within 90 minutes by Campervan. Gera itself has some great sights, such as the old trams that still chug through the city centre. The old town of Gera with its beautiful alleyways is also worth a visit. If you want to rent a Campervan here, you can do so at the Campstar station. But that's not all there is to Gera, because for young and old there is a wonderful zoo with a railway. The Waldzoo is the largest in eastern Thuringia and is located at the gates of the city in Martinsgrund. For this reason alone, you should start your holiday in Gera. The Campervan is large, spacious and offers not only space, but also a flexible home for the holiday season. You don't have to worry about making it back to Gera, just stop at any campsite where you can rent a plot for your Campervan. Flexibility is the best thing for a great holiday in Thuringia.


Rent a Campervan in Gera and then drive around

Not far from Gera, where you can rent your Campervan, is the small town of Weida, known for its Osterburg. The castle houses a museum, but you have a beautiful view over the small town of Weida, and all the way to Gera. The towns are in the former GDR and therefore still have a nostalgic feel. The sights are well preserved and offer guests all their charm. From Weida, which is barely 15 kilometres from Gera, you can also take a detour to Greiz. The former royal residence town with its three castles (Upper Castle, Lower Castle and Summer Palace in the Park) is known by everyone only as a jewel. As its name suggests, the Upper Castle is perched high on a hill, has a small museum and a castle tower that you can climb on special occasions. Another special highlight that you can hire is a tour with the Greiz night watchman. He leads groups through the town at later times of the day and tells the history that has existed here for many centuries. Greiz is a very old town, just like Gera. If you rent a Campervan, you can make a detour here and explore the many sights in one day. Besides the castles, there is a beautiful park with an oak leaf-shaped park lake. You can park the Campervan just outside the city centre.


Renting a Campervan for the most beautiful cities

If you don't want to spend the night directly in Gera at the Gessenpark Campervan port, but start a round trip, you can stay overnight in Pöhl. This is only 20 kilometres away from Greiz. The Pöhl dam is a recreational destination in the region. If you want to rent a Campervan, you can of course get an international rate and chug from Pöhl directly across the Czech border. Eger, Cheb in Czech, is one of the most beautiful towns just over the border. It is not far from the beautiful spa town of Franzensbad with its yellow and white spa buildings. Take a stroll through the pedestrian zone, go shopping and treat yourself to a delicious latte macchiato and a slice of cake in one of the high-quality cafés. These destinations are ideal as a day trip on a holiday in Gera. Just like Plauen, the town of Plauen lace, which has become internationally famous. In the centre of Plauen there is a beautiful large gallery that invites you to go shopping. There are also two railway stations in the town. The lower station is ideal for getting to the shops and the city centre with its large town hall.


Renting and experiencing adventures

There are also frequent trips in the other direction. Because from Gera you can also head west with your Campervan. The cities of Jena, Weimar and Erfurt are on the agenda. In Erfurt, in Hohenfelden, at the dam, you will find a suitable campsite for the Campervan. Jena is a university town with many beautiful buildings, a huge market square and the Intershoptower in the middle of town. Park your camper van outside the city centre and take public transport to the city centre, so you don't have to worry about finding a parking space. By the way, the Intershoptower has a platform that you can take the lift up to. So you not only have a gigantic view over Jena, but also over the surrounding towns and valleys, you can even see the Leuchtenburg on the horizon. Weimar, on the other hand, is characterised by Goethe. You'll see this in the romantic Goethe Park, whose highlight is the Goethe House. The Anna Amalia Library is also an attraction of the city, as is the Goethe and Schiller Monument in front of the theatre. For here, too, culture is writ large. As the capital, Erfurt offers many places and parks worth seeing. The cathedral, the Krämerbrücke and the former Ega grounds are just three of the highlights that the state capital has to offer.


Campervan hire and touring

If you want to take your Campervan out and see enough of Thuringia, turn south and leave Gera in that direction. Saalfeld and the Saale valley, as well as the Schwarza valley, are also well worth seeing. Saalfeld has a beautiful old town centre with a large market square and the Fairy Grottos, one of the most famous cave systems in central Germany. Rudolstadt with its Heidecksburg Castle and numerous beautiful suburbs is also worth a visit, as is Bad Blankenburg and Greifenstein Castle, which rises majestically above the small town. Behind Bad Blankenburg begins the Schwarzatal valley with its large hills. Places like Schwarzburg and Sitzendorf, as well as Oberweisbach, offer beautiful destinations for excursions with the Campervan. A ride on the Oberweißbach mountain railway is definitely worthwhile. You can park your Campervan anywhere in the car parks.


Campervan hire in Gera - General Information

You can get to Gera by IC or regional train from Erfurt. This journey usually takes about another hour, because you have to pass through Weimar and Jena to reach your destination. There you can easily rent your Campervan. You can also travel by plane to Erfurt airport and then take the tram to the main railway station and the regional express train. The landscape you can see from the train is particularly beautiful. Wide fields and small villages that you pass through before you reach the destination where the Campervan is waiting for you, the city of Gera. Renting a Campervan in Gera is a nice thing to do, but you have to make sure that if the Czech Republic is on the agenda, you insure the Campervan as well, because especially in the Czech Republic there should be all-round protection. Tolls are only charged on the motorways in the Czech Republic; here in Germany you can drive your Campervan without paying any tolls. The A 4 motorway connects the cities of Gera, Jena, Weimar and Erfurt and runs like a ribbon through Thuringia. On a holiday in Gera, you will use this motorway at least once.