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Campervans in Karlsruhe

Campervan hire Karlsruhe: Discover Karlsruhe with campstar

The beautiful Baden countryside invites you to go camping and what better place to start your trip than Karlsruhe? There is a lot to see here, not only the castle and the city centre with its large market square, but also many sights in the outskirts of Karlsruhe. You can rent a campervan here at campstar. You will not only explore the city, but also the surrounding area. The castle is probably the biggest highlight that should be visited on a holiday in Karlsruhe. It is huge and there is a beautiful park directly in front of it. In winter, at dusk, many different lights burn in the most colourful colours. With a camper van, you can find a suitable spot outside the city. There are several campsites outside the city, especially along the river. So renting a campervan in Karlsruhe is the perfect idea for a well-balanced holiday. You can park your camper van and book a campsite right in front of the Zoological Garden. On a two-hour tour you will see the most exotic animals and afterwards you can have a coffee at the on-site kiosk. This is the ideal start to your holiday. Not only the animals, but also the rural feeling make for a nice contrast to the busy city.

Rent a campervan and explore the surrounding countryside

There are many beautiful destinations around Karlsruhe within a radius of 100 kilometres. If you want to rent a campervan, you can safely make a stop anywhere. Let's start with Heidelberg, the romantic city on the Neckar. Heidelberg has many narrow streets, beautiful restaurants and a huge castle high up on the mountain with a museum and restaurant. You can park your campervan outside the city centre on designated parking spaces. The boat trip to Neckarsteinau is very varied. It takes about an hour, and you can hire a boat, take part as a group or simply join a public boat trip, depending on the size of your group. If you come by campervan, you have to walk a few kilometres to reach the jetty. In Neckarsteinach there are 3 castles high up on the mountains. One of them has a beautiful lookout tower. From up here you have a wonderful view over the Neckar. A lunch in the town centre or an ice cream can also sweeten your holiday here.

Rent a campervan from Karlsruhe and head for Mannheim and Speyer

Not only Heidelberg is popular for a campervan holiday here, but also the cities of Mannheim and Speyer. They both lie on the Rhine. Mannheim with its squares is a relatively modern city with numerous shopping opportunities, beautiful shops and a great castle, similar to the one in Karlsruhe. The castle is right on the Rhine and from its gardens you can look across to Rhineland-Palatinate, to Ludwigshafen. The old water tower also rises majestically towards the sky and a small park right outside attracts many couples and young people in love. The Rhine is a connecting artery between Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. It also flows through the city of Speyer with its large cathedral, beautiful narrow streets, night watchman statue and technology museum. There are many things you can experience here with a campervan. Just outside Speyer is a large forest where you can go hiking. The landscape here is unspoilt and beautiful, and there are also numerous nature reserves in the area.

Holiday in Karlsruhe and off to the Black Forest

The northern Black Forest is also worth a visit if you want to rent a campervan. This is where your holiday in Karlsruhe really begins. In one day you can drive your campervan over high mountains and deep gorges down to Baden-Baden and on to Lake Mummelsee. The Northern Black Forest is an ideal destination for you and your campervan from Karlsruhe. One of the most beautiful lakes in the Northern Black Forest when you drive over the Hochstraße is the Mummelsee, which is shrouded in many legends. The Mummelsee is a small mountain lake, and you can easily park your campervan on its shores. Baden-Baden is a great spa town on the edge of the Black Forest and south of Karlsruhe. Here you can go to the casinos, sit in the spa gardens and simply relax. It's only an hour's drive from Karlsruhe, so campervan hire in Karlsruhe is ideal for a trip like this one.

France - crossing the border by campervan

If your trip takes you to France, choose the border crossing at Offenburg. This one is easy to drive through and you will come out near Strasbourg. France is very different from Germany. The French insist that you speak their language, they love baguettes and madeleines and have a bakery on every street corner offering their baked goods. Different from the rest of France, however, is Alsace, which you can reach very quickly and easily by campervan from Karlsruhe. Strasbourg with its huge cathedral is just one of the main cities here. Colmar with its narrow alleys and waterways through the old town is also always worth a visit. Many small towns lie between the two cities that you can visit. Saverne is another one of them. Marmourtier, on the other hand, is more of a quaint village with old brick houses. You might think it's a mountain village in the middle of the Apuan Alps and Tuscany. It certainly exudes a southern flair.

Rent a campervan and head for the Saarland

Saarland is also not far from Karlsruhe. Here in the farthest corner of Germany there are lots of beautiful places, not only Saarbrücken the capital, but also Neukirchen with its old industrial furnaces in the middle of the town and Kirkel Castle. Right behind it, a hiker's paradise stretches out in the nearby forest. St. Wendel is a quaint little town where you can park your campervan anywhere. It's about 100 kilometres from Karlsruhe and easily reachable on a day trip.

General information on campervan hire in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe is a relatively large city, so you can rent your campervan on campstar to be picked up at a station in Karlsruhe. It's only a stone's throw from the train station. The city is well connected to the German railway system, with connections to Frankfurt and from there on to other regions of Germany. There is also a small airport called Karlsruhe Baden-Baden. It is located between the two cities of Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden and is served by many low-cost airlines. So if you are travelling from further afield, feel free to book and plan a flight to this airport. Karlsruhe is also not far from France and Strasbourg. But you should discuss this with your campervan renter beforehand. Other guidelines and insurance structures apply when travelling abroad with a rented campervan. If you want to rent a campervan in Karlsruhe, you should consider all these things.