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Campervans in Constance

Holidays in the Lake Constance region: renting a campervan in Constance

Constance - the city is unique, it lies in the direct vicinity of Switzerland and yet still counts as part of Germany. A giant figure, the Imperia, stands in the harbour and welcomes its guests who reach the city by boat. The Seelife is one of the most famous local attractions. If you rent a campervan in the city, it makes sense to see as much of the Lake Constance region as possible. Constance Minster is one of the most beautiful churches to be found in the region. Architecturally, it is simply wonderful. Of course, you can take a walk through the huge church when the doors are open. It is located right in the old town, where there are numerous restaurants and street cafés. In Constance, the Rhine flows into Lake Constance, crossing the lake directly and then making its way across Germany and Holland. It is not called Father Rhine for nothing, because it is a mighty river. You can walk along its banks right through Constance. On the shore of the lake is a landing stage where boats to Friedrichshafen are on their way. You can sail across the lake to get to know the other towns. Of course, you can also take the camper van, but the route around the lake is longer, but also offers more surprises. A holiday in Constance is simply something special. From Constance, it is only a short distance to Mainau Island, the flower island in Lake Constance. Mainau Island has visiting hours and is open daily in summer. Beautiful flower formations have been planted here, a peacock, cats and many other figures. There is a butterfly house with numerous species and a Swedish restaurant in the harbour. A day trip to Mainau Island is one of the highlights you can experience on Lake Constance with your campervan. It is only a stone's throw from Constance. Renting a campervan is easy.

Rent a campervan in Constance and explore the Lake Constance region

Holidays in Constance can be quite varied, because this is the only place where you can really unwind. There are numerous campsites around Lake Constance where you can park your campervan. From Constance, Stein am Rhein in Switzerland and the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen are not far away. Here it is advisable to hire a boat and sail around the waterfall. The Rhine Falls are the most water-rich falls in Europe. Stein am Rhein has a wonderful town centre with quaint little streets. Houses from the 12th and 13th centuries characterise the townscape.

Holiday in Constance, rent a campervan and discover the surrounding towns and villages

If you rent a campervan in Constance, you can drive to the surrounding towns on Lake Constance. The Birnau church is a beautiful spot from which you have a wonderful view over Lake Constance. You can combine this trip with Überlingen and Meersburg. These two small towns are also close to the church. It towers majestically over the lake and is a popular destination for campervan enthusiasts and campers, but also for day trippers on a stopover. Meersburg is a very attractive little town. You can park your campervan in the Oberstand and walk down to the lake. There is a promenade with ice cream and delicious food in selected restaurants. As you stroll along the lake, you can let your mind wander. At a secluded beach at the end of the promenade, it's time to linger. Your gaze wanders up to the villas that stretch above. Meersburg is idyllic, with many beautiful houses, villas and small shops that invite you to stroll around.

Rent a campervan and visit the island of Lindau

Another highlight of Lake Constance and only a few kilometres from Bregenz is Lindau, with its quaint little harbour, the lighthouse that pushes up to the sky right in front of the Alps, and upmarket restaurants. In summer you can linger here and eat a delicious ice cream. You can easily park your camper van on the outskirts of the city in one of the large car parks. In the city centre you will find the famous Mangturm tower and on the outskirts of the city you can rent a boat and sail across Lake Constance. From here, it is only a stone's throw to Austria to the large city of Bregenz, which is very famous for its local mountain, the Pfänder. Bregenz has a beautiful beach and a small promenade. You can take the Pfänder cable car up to the top of the local mountain and enjoy an ideal view over Lake Constance. So a holiday in Constance is very eventful. There are plenty of places in the area to explore with your campervan. If you want to rent your campervan, then it is ideal to drive here once completely around the whole of Lake Constance.

Campervan hire and a trip to the Alps

The Allgäu Alps are also within a 100-kilometre radius. The town of Füssen is nearby, as are the famous royal castles of Neuschwanstein. They rise beautifully on a mountain on the horizon. Nearby is the Alpsee lake, which you can walk around on a circular path. Beautiful little dreamy shore beaches can be found around the lake. There is a car park directly in front of the lake where you can safely park your campervan for a small fee. During the trip you can also visit the town of Füssen, which is a typical Bavarian small town with its small town centre and delicious bakeries. The so-called Schneeball (snowball) is a popular pastry, puff pastry covered with various types of chocolate, which you absolutely must try there. Lake Forggensee is also a popular destination near the town. It has numerous bathing beaches and secluded shores to linger on. You will find a suitable campsite for your campervan to spend the night here.

General information on campervan hire in Constance

There are a few things to bear in mind when renting a campervan in Constance. It can often happen that you want to enter Austria and Switzerland, as you are right in the three-country corner. When booking, it is therefore important to take out certain entry insurances for both Austria and Switzerland. This is the only way to ensure that if you visit the respective countries and have an accident with the campervan from Constance, you are also insured. Switzerland in particular has its own conditions, as it is not part of the EU. You can easily visit Constance by train. Trains from Switzerland and Germany pass through here. You can easily get here from Frankfurt or Munich. You will only find a larger airport in Basel or Zurich, but then you will have to travel further by train to pick up your campervan in Constance. In Austria and Switzerland there are tolls on the motorways, so if you are not driving too far into the country with your campervan, it is advisable to stay on the country roads, as these can be used free of charge. Your campervan rental in Constance will therefore be a special challenge.