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Campervans in Limburg

Rent a campervan in Limburg: Discover Limburg with Campstar 

Limburg on the Lahn, the river is dominant as it flows right past the city centre. So if you want to rent your campervan, you can take a close look at the city centre and its sights after you have been handed over. High up on the hill is the cathedral, which looks very attractive with its red and white façade and can also be seen from the Lahn. It is surrounded by many half-timbered houses that crowd around it like dwarves around a giant. Numerous shops have settled in the town centre. Restaurants and cafés are also housed in the nostalgic half-timbered houses. If you want to rent your camper van, you can also spend your holiday here at the numerous campsites along the Lahn.  

Beautifully, you can park the campervan you wanted to rent right by the water. Other towns are also close by and meander along the river like buttons on a jacket. So renting a campervan can be quite an adventure.  

Rent a campervan in Limburg and explore the surroundings 

During a holiday in Limburg, it is also possible to explore many beautiful destinations in the surrounding area. With a campervan you are flexible and not only Limburg, but also Runkel, Wetzlar and Marburg, along the beautiful Lahn, are simply worth seeing. The Lahn meanders like a ribbon through Germany, in the north it rises in the Riesengebirge mountains, north of Siegen and finds its way to the border of Rhineland-Palatinate, where it flows into the Rhine in Lahnstein. If you drive along the course of the river in a campervan, you will get to know a lot of nature and culture. The half-timbered towns are worth seeing, but so is the riverbed with its scenic beauty. Limburg is a town with a lot of history, which is located directly on the half-timbered road, a tourist road in Germany, and which can combine culture and nature.  

Rent a campervan and head for the destinations beyond Limburg! 

But the towns north and south of Limburg are also unique. For example, you can drive your campervan towards Diez, Bad Ems and Nassau. There is a long mountain range here, but the valley of the Lahn is also beautiful. In Balduinstein you can park the campervan at the side of the road and rent a pedal boat. Experience the Lahn together - that's a highlight of your trip. When hiring a pedal boat, make sure you don't exceed one hour, as the price is charged by the hour. After an exciting ride, where you will see herons and many other animals that live directly on the Lahn, you can start up your campervan and enjoy a coffee in the in-house machine. This is pure holiday, surrounded by nature and cultural highlights. Diez is a wonderful town with a medieval centre and many small shops meandering along below the castle. A little further south of Diez you can visit the two rural towns of Bad Ems and Nassau. Bad Ems, as the name suggests, is a spa town and, in addition to the Russian church and spa architecture, also has a mountain railway. The town lies on both sides of the Lahn, hidden in a valley. The Lahn ends in Lahnstein and flows into the Rhine. So when you stand with your campervan on the banks of the Father Rhine, you see how the two different waters mix. Just like where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet in Denmark, the colours of the water are also different here. Above the Rhine, a castle rises romantically towards the sky. There's a great campsite for your campervan here, right on the waterfront. You can also enjoy your holiday in Limburg and the surrounding area here.  

Rent a campervan in Limburg and combine it with a canoe trip 

North of Limburg lies the romantic Lahn valley, which is characterised by places like Runkel and Weilburg. If the weather is sunny and warm, you can hire a canoe and park the camper van somewhere in the countryside. The canoe stations are usually not far away. By land and by water, you have a great connection to the small and romantic towns here. Weilburg is high up on a mountain, the Lahn meanders along in the valley. Runkel with its medieval castle in the middle of town is also worth a visit. There is plenty to see here. If you leave the campervan and rent a bike, you can experience the beautiful nature up close. The view from the left bank of the Lahn over the half-timbered houses to the castle is unique. The castle can be visited. It dates back to 1159 and has an ancestral hall, a vault and a torture chamber.  

Campervan hire for day trips 

If you want to take a longer trip with your campervan from Limburg, you can drive to Wetzlar, Gießen and Marburg, which are also only a day trip away from Limburg. The town centres have beautiful half-timbered houses, they are surrounded by wide fields and endless forests and yet they are quite centrally located.  

In Wetzlar, the cathedral is high up on the hill, and below it is the town centre with many small, quaint shops and cafés. The city centre of Marburg is similar, except that there is a castle at the top from where you can enjoy a wonderful view over the Lahn valley. The climb is difficult, but the view over town and country makes up for it. The town of Giessen also has a lot to offer campervan friends and campers from Limburg. There is a church that you can climb up to and here, too, the seemingly endless city centre is at your feet.  

General information about renting a campervan in Limburg 

Limburg is a beautiful city where you can rent your campervan. There is a train station that is accessible from all major cities. It is also only a good 100 kilometres from Frankfurt Airport, so it doesn't matter whether you arrive by plane or train. The journey to Limburg, where you can then pick up your campervan, is only about 1.5 hours from the airport. There is also a campsite in Limburg where you can stay overnight with your campervan. A restaurant, sanitary facilities and much more is available here and nothing can get in the way of your holiday in Limburg. However, you should prepare yourself very well to make your camping holiday as good as possible. How about a barbecue? You can also buy flushing agents for the toilet in your mobile home. You can dispose of it at the campsite, where there are various facilities. The gas bottle should already be available when you rent.  

Conclusion: Renting a campervan in Limburg is a good idea, because you can not only visit the city, but also explore the surrounding countryside. You will definitely find a variety of landscapes in Hessen, but also many green meadows, wide forests and stubble fields. Marburg, Gießen and Wetzlar are beautiful cities, and if you prefer a more rural setting, you can stay in Weiburg and Runkel.