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Campervans in Nantes

Campervan hire Nantes: Discover Nantes with campstar

General knowledge about visiting Nantes by campervan

Nantes, the capital of the Loire Valley region in France, is the city where everything is possible. That's why you shouldn't miss the chance to rent a campervan here. The city's history goes back a long way, to around 500 BC. Today, inhabited by over 300,000 people, the city covers an area of 65 km². With a long history as a port and industrial centre, the city has long made a name for itself.

Today, Nantes has much to offer not only culturally, but also artistically and architecturally.

  • Magnificent castles where the city's past can be explored,
  • picturesque museums that reflect the artistic styles and cultures of France,
  • beautiful gardens in which to enjoy the wonderful weather,
  • and fragrant markets that offer a good insight into local traditions and specialities

are just a few of the destinations in Nantes that deserve a visit by campervan.

But Nantes is not just an important city in the west of France, it has also been named the "European Capital of the Environment". With over 100 gardens and countless green spaces, Nantes is taking an important step towards protecting the environment.

This is just one of the many parts of the city that make Nantes the special place that makes renting a campervan all the more exciting.

Popular campervan destinations in and around Nantes

Campervan hire in Nantes presents the perfect opportunity to visit the most beautiful and significant parts of the city.

The Château des Ducs de Bretagne reflects the history of the city. A drawbridge as the entrance, Renaissance-style buildings and an imposing wall make up the Dukes' Castle, which was built in the 15th century. While the campervan is waiting for you in front of the castle, you have the opportunity to stroll through the narrow streets of the old town of Bouffay or admire the stylish buildings.

The Pommeraye Passage is probably the most beautiful gallery in France. The old marble statues, classy boutiques and magnificent glass ceiling make up this impressive 19th century shopping street.

If you are driving around near the city centre after your campervan rental, you will most likely soon come across Talensac Market. This typically French market has over 200 stalls selling fresh and traditional food, modern clothing and a variety of handicrafts.

On the site of an old shipyard, you can conveniently park the campervan and marvel at the mechanical works of art of Nantes in the amusement park "Les Machines de l'île". In an interplay of Nantes' past, artistic thinking and creativity, the mechanical works of art were formed. Among them is the world-famous mechanical elephant, which can even be ridden.

The city's botanical garden is a good destination if you rent a campervan in Nantes. In the middle of the city centre, spread over more than 70,000 m², this beautiful oasis is laid out. Orchids can be seen in several greenhouses. With its countless species of plants and its refreshing ponds, the "Jardin des Plantes" offers some rest from the exciting hustle and bustle of the city.

If you would like to experience a little of the French flair outside the city during your campervan rental in Nantes, then it is worth driving your campervan upstream along the Loire. There you will come across the famous vineyards, and a drive with the campervan will reflect the beautiful, idyllic landscape. You also have the choice of some delicious wines, including the famous dry wines such as Muscadet.

Clisson, an Italian-style town, found its beginnings in the 11th century. Medieval and Tuscan influences combine to give the town, built on a rocky promontory by the water, a very special character. The Italian architecture with its splendid villas and artistic statues is worth the short journey to Clisson after renting a campervan.

After visiting the town, you will probably be drawn back to the campervan, hoping for new exciting experiences.

Travelling downstream along the Loire can be the start of an interesting road trip.

  • By campervan to St Nazaire, you can marvel at the largest port on the Atlantic and learn a little more about the art of France.
  • Further on in Pornic, also a small harbour town, you will then come across an admirable small castle, refreshing bathing opportunities and a wide range of gastronomic offerings.
  • The campervan road trip finally takes you to La Baule, a small town with one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Europe.
  • And further on in the Côte Sauvage, off the Guérande peninsula, the campervan can be left behind for a short while while you enjoy a walk along the coastal footpath or admire the old buildings of the seaside resort of Le Croisic.
  • In the last part of the road trip, you can admire the salt marshes of Guérande. The marshland is washed out by the tide with fresh seawater, warmer weather conditions eventually evaporate the water and slowly but surely the high-quality "Fleur de Sel de Guérande" is created here.

Finally, the road trip ends back where it started. In one of the most beautiful cities of France: Nantes.

Important information for campervan rental in Nantes

When renting a campervan in Nantes, some of the following information might come in handy.

  • With the "Pass Nantes", you can visit many of the city's destinations more flexibly and also for free by campervan.
  • 10 km from the city centre is the airport "Nantes-Atlantique", from where you can easily take the shuttle to the centre. There are also several other connections, such as the TGV train station or the A11 motorway from Paris.
  • There are many traditions and customs in France. One of the most classic traditions you should know about when visiting during your campervan rental is the lily of the valley sale, which enchants the population in large quantities every year.
  • Furthermore, the variety of fresh seafood sold in the markets is a custom that has been kept for a long time.
  • Nantes is known for its colourful, atmospheric festivals. These take place in large numbers every year and enchant all their visitors. While attending a festival, the camper van you rent can easily be left on one of the many available pitches.
  • Pitches for your caravan can be found at many locations and usually for only around €15 per night.
  • To avoid problems while renting a camper van, you can always visit petrol stations, which are mainly located in the city centre. Petrol prices may be a little higher than in some other parts of Europe, but essentials for the trip can still be obtained here in case of emergency!
  • You will always find the words "Section à péage" at the beginning of a toll road. Mostly the prices are around 0.10€ per kilometre and can easily be paid by credit card or also in cash. The cheaper option would be the country roads, which have a developed network in Nantes.

But the most important thing about renting a campervan and your adventure through France will only become clear during your trip: you never see enough of Nantes.