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Campervans in Regensburg

Campervan rental in Regensburg: Discover Regensburg with campstar 

Regensburg is a beautiful city in the heart of Bavaria. It lies on the Danube and is just the right starting point for a campervan trip. You can combine a holiday in Regensburg with a campervan trip to the surrounding area and be enchanted by the beautiful nature, the unique cultural monuments and the history of the city. The Stone Bridge over the Danube is located directly in the old town, near Regensburg Cathedral. There is a Regensburg legend here in which the two master builders, namely the master builder of the cathedral and the master builder of the bridge, made a pact as to who would finish the building sooner. The master builder of the bridge was ambitious and made a pact with the devil that the first three souls to cross the bridge of Regensburg would be his. So the devil helped build the bridge and when the master builder sent a rooster, a hen and a dog across it, the devil became so wild that he kicked the bridge and it now has a hump. These and numerous other legends entwine around the old town centre of the city, which dates back to as early as the 11th century and has been preserved almost undamaged to this day. The castle of Thurn und Taxis is also a popular destination for summer visitors who rent their campervan in Regensburg.  

Rent a campervan and explore the surrounding area 

There are many beautiful places around Regensburg that you can explore from your campervan. That's why not only a holiday in Regensburg is something special, but also a trip to the surrounding towns. Along the Danube you can travel east and find Valhalla high up on the mountain. This is a temple built by the architect Ludwig I and rises majestically above the Danube. You can park your campervan in the designated parking area and use the footpath to the temple. The interior is clad in marble. 96 busts stand on the wall and memorial plaques to the creator of the temple hang on the walls. A trip here with your campervan is definitely worthwhile.  

Rent a campervan and head for the Altmühl Valley 

The Altmühl Valley, which is also close to Regensburg, is particularly attractive. Kelheim is a small town and the gateway to the Altmühltal. From here you can take a boat to the Weltenburg Monastery and the Danube Breakthrough. Rocks from times gone by rise up into the air. The Weltenburg Monastery is a special highlight here, because after a tour you can enjoy a delicious meal. You can park the campervan either in Weltenburg or Kelheim so that you can join the boat trip. Coffee and cake are served on the small boats. Kelheim has a beautiful wildlife park and the Liberation Hall is perched high on a mountain. This destination is also easy to reach with your campervan. The Befreiungshalle can be climbed, the stairs inside lead up high, and from the viewing platform you have a wonderful panoramic view of the town and the Danube. But Kelheim is not the only focus here. There is a fossil quarry near the town and a dinosaur park. There are many colourful houses in the centre of Kelheim and you can go out for delicious ice cream.  

Holidays in Regensburg and the surrounding area with campervan hire 

If you want to rent a campervan and drive from Regensburg to your destinations, then you should definitely make a trip to the Hallertau. Wolnzach is the centre of the Hallertau and only 100 kilometres from Regensburg. The small town has a hop museum and numerous hop fields in the surrounding area. From here, the tasty commodity is then transported to the breweries and processed into beer. In Wolnzach, the small "market", not small town, you will find a pretty town centre with a yellow church and a green town hall during your campervan trip. This is a wonderful setting. Other highlights of the Hallertau are Pfaffenhofen and Ingolstadt. The Danube flows through the large city. The new castle and the Bavarian Army Museum are highlights you can visit here on your campervan tour. Of course, you can also hire a boat and sail along the Danube. The numerous shops in the city centre are particularly attractive and invite you to shop and stroll. In the Museum of Important Art you will find many different buildings and paintings. In addition to permanent exhibitions and works of art, there are numerous temporary exhibitions by contemporary painters and sculptors. How about hiring an electronic guide at the museum? These explain everything very well.  

Rent a campervan and drive to the Bavarian Forest 

The Bavarian Forest is ideal as an excursion destination for campervan hire, as it is very close to Regensburg and offers many highlights. When you've visited the city and are longing for some peace and quiet, you can drive far out into the countryside. The Großer Arber is the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest. You'll find an ideal hiking trail along the Ilz River, but the Großer Falkenstein could also be your destination. A treetop path and the museum village are other great highlights that await you here. The Bavarian Forest borders directly on the Czech Republic, which you can also reach quickly from Regensburg in your campervan. Another natural destination is the Wildbachklamm gorge, where you can also go hiking. There are several animal parks with native animals. This is especially ideal for families with children to observe them in their suitable environment. Burg Weißenstein is a castle ruin high up in the Bavarian Forest. Here, too, there is a good way to get there with a camper van. You can hire a personal guide to take you on tours. Hikes lead through the endless forests, along the paths and past torrents.  

General information on campervan hire in Regensburg 

The city of Regensburg is ideal for a trip with a campervan. The Bavarian Forest is nearby, as are the Hallertau and the Altmühltal. If you want to go to the Czech Republic, that's no problem either, but you should remember to take out insurance for the country and let the campervan supplier know. This is the only way to avoid problems. If you want to explore the Czech Republic, you will have to use the country roads or buy a toll sticker for the motorways in the country. When renting a campervan in Regensburg, the campstar station is only a few metres away from the main railway station, so you can easily walk there with your luggage. Regensburg is easily accessible by train. An ICE train stops here and comes from every conceivable direction. IC and regional trains also pass through the station regularly. However, there is no airport until Nuremberg. This is about 110 kilometres away. Your campervan will be ready for you on arrival and you can move in immediately. An expert staff member will advise you on all aspects of renting a campervan. Then nothing can stand in the way of your holiday in Regensburg.